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Defending Senate Repeal Effort, Trump Trashes Obamacare

The Senate version of Trumpcare goes even further, according to the draft released by Sen. President Donald Trump is waiting, eager to deliver on a campaign promise to repeal the law. "We'll have to see". Sen. Ted Cruz (R., Tex.) said there are parts of the bill he supports such as the expansion of association health plans and the reform of Medicaid. Read More »

Syrian Minister Says US War on ISIS "Fake"

Iran's missile strike on the Islamic State on Sunday appears to have been a massive failure, after it only two of the seven missiles fired actually hit their targets. Adrian J.T. Rankine-Galloway said coalition aircraft would continue to conduct "operations throughout Syria , targeting ISIS forces and providing air support for Coalition partner forces on the ground", and that their operations would not be changed in light of the Russian threat. Read More »

Minnesota health care interests cool to Senate health bill

That was then, and this is now an entirely different era. The centerpiece of the Senate bill is a series of major reductions in federal aid for health care. Within three hours, his Facebook message had garnered more than 300,000 "likes" and 97,000 shares. This reinsurance fund would give federal injections to insurers to help them cover higher-cost enrollees. Read More »

Health care poses a test of Trump's work with the Senate

The bill also makes major cuts and structural changes to Medicaid, a health insurance program relied upon by almost 75 million Americans - primarily low-income, disabled, and elderly. "It'll be very hard to get me to a 'yes, '" Heller said. "And we'll see if we can take care of that", Mr Trump said, calling the group of conservative senators "four very good people". Read More »

Iran fires missiles at militant groups in eastern Syria

This is the first time since its 1980s war with Iraq that Iran has launched a major missile strike outside the country. On Tuesday, Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan said the missile strike was just a small part of the Islamic Republic's reaction to the "indiscriminate" attacks by the terror group on the Iranian soil. Read More »

Could The Stand's boss lead the SNP in Westminster?


SNP Westminster leader Angus Robertson was ousted by the Tories and hours later former first minister Alex Salmond lost his seat, in what has been described as the party's "Michael Portillo moment". Ms Dugdale said of Ms Sturgeon: "The one thing I would ask her to do is to shelve her plans for a second independence referendum". Labour's Lesley Laird took Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath from the SNP with 17,016 votes, while the SNP's Peter Grant held Glenrothes with a much reduced majority over ... Read More »

The official Brexit negotiations have begun


British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said Monday he still thinks that the Brexit negotiations will yield "a happy resolution that can be done with profit and honor for both sides". Despite this consensus, the issue is trickier than it looks. "This strongly suggests that it is the UK's weaker regions which are most exposed to Brexit ". Read More »

Franken Among Those Calling GOP Health Care Bill "Cruel"

He added that Nevada "is one of the most improved states in the country" in expanding coverage. "No argument against Trumpcare is more eloquent than the grave consequences it means in people's lives", she wrote colleagues. Fixing the bill to save Medicaid's expansion theoretically wouldn't convince any of them to change their vote, while further cuts could alienate other so-called "moderate" Republicans like Heller. Read More »

Republican Senator Vital to Health Bill's Passage Won't Support It

Well, North Carolina, for starters. "Page by page, this Republican plan forces Americans to pay more for less, less comprehensive health care coverage", said Sen. The Senate bill would phase out extra money Obama's law provides to 31 states that agreed to expand coverage under the federal-state Medicaid program. Read More »

Editor's Note: Anti-Trump isn't enough for Democrats

Some Democrats have blamed Pelosi for the party's loss in the Georgia special election on Tuesday. Pelosi also incorrectly predicted that Democrats were poised to take back the House previous year, leading some of her colleagues to feel that this time around, she needs to deliver. Read More »

EU's Tusk says British offer on expats' rights "below expectations"

Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron said: "These proposals are frankly too little too late, and leave millions of people still facing unanswered questions over their futures here". Britain's prime-minister Theresa May gave a statement in front of the European Union board of leaders this Thursday, her first official discourse on the issue since the approval of the Brexit process and plan. Read More »

Qatar agree to $12bn military jet deal

Security Council sanctions lists and therefore any work with Qatar Charity was unaffected by the Arab states' blacklist. It gave no reasons for the move, but Djibouti had earlier downgraded its diplomatic ties with Qatar after the Gulf move against Doha . Read More »

Some Flights Canceled Out Of Phoenix Due To Heat


The mercury also hit 100 degrees at 8:42 a.m., which was a few minutes earlier than Tuesday. Arizona is seeing the most stifling temperatures, but the wrath of the heat wave is being felt across Nevada and California as well. Triple-digit heat is in the forecast from Southern California up through the Central Valley. A couple of weeks ago, parts of interior ME had a heat wave and heat advisories were issued. Read More »

Walker supports Johnson opposition to health care bill

This 1973 act established a very weak but real form of universal coverage that enabled citizens without insurance to obtain care at any facility receiving federal funding. "It shifts the cost from healthy people to sick people, it shifts the cost from younger people to older people, there's a lot of cost-shifting going on but not cost-reduction, and that's the problem", he said. Read More »

New poll shows majority of Americans are unaware Trumpcare slashes Medicaid

The Better Care Reconciliation Act eliminates the individual mandate requiring people to purchase health insurance . Three other GOP senators did the same. Senate Minority leader Chuck Schumer appears at a press conference with a sign that he had personally edited to read "Mean-er" after Senate Republicans unveiled their version of legislation that would replace Obamacare on Capitol Hill in Washington , US, June 22, 2017 . Read More »

White House Confident Healthcare Bill Passes Before August Recess


They said the measure falls short, missing "the most important promise that we made to Americans: to repeal Obamacare and lower their health care costs". Early next week, the Congressional Budge Office will submit a report evaluating how many people would lose their insurance due to the bill as well as its impact on the federal budget. Read More »

Pelosi to critics: 'I think I'm worth the trouble'


In the most expensive congressional election in U.S. history, Republican Karen Handel , a former Georgia secretary of state, defeated political newcomer Democrat Jon Ossoff by 4 percentage points on Tuesday in a suburban Atlanta district that Republicans have held since the 1970s. Read More »

Amid criticism, Nancy Pelosi says she's 'confident' most Democrats have her back


It's about all they can do. She said she feels "very confident" in the support she has from her caucus, but claimed ownership over the "timing" for her role as minority leader. "I don't think people in the beltway are realizing just how toxic the Democratic Party brand is in so many parts of the country", said Ryan. What if Republican voters who don't particularly like President Donald Trump are also able to compartmentalize their votes? And as long as they remain so angry at ... Read More »

Nation needs Democrats to do more than obstruct


Democratic candidates also lost earlier races in Republican-held districts in Kansas and Montana. Handel, an establishment Republican and former state secretary of state, defeated Democratic challenger and political novice Jon Ossoff by about five percentage points, multiple U.S. Read More »

Senate healthcare overhaul: Hopes and hurdles

The bill would repeal much of the Affordable Care Act. Caroline Pearson, a senior vice president of the consulting firm Avalare Health, said the Senate subsidies would be smaller than Obama's because they're keyed to the cost of a bare-bones plan and because additional help now provided for deductibles and copayments would eventually be discontinued. Read More »

Indiana's ACA health insurance providers propose rate hikes


But, the threat extends well beyond that debate. "Under a block grant system, a predetermined amount of federal funding would be granted to states for their Medicaid programs", the report confirmed. Democrats said the GOP measure would take coverage away from people and raise their out-of-pocket costs, all in the name of paring taxes on the wealthy. Read More »

Some House Democrats says it's time for Pelosi to go


The special election to replace Tom Price, who is now the secretary of Health and Human Services, was also widely seen as the Democrats' best shot at flipping a House seat early in Trump's presidency. "Last night's results were far from a disaster for Democrats, and Republicans shouldn't be tempted to believe their House majority is safe", Wasserman writes. Read More »

Russians hit the bar as beer ban lifted for Confederations Cup

Portugal coach Fernando Santos speaks during a news conference in St.Petersburg, Russia , Friday, June 23, 2017. Saturday's match will mark the first time that New Zealand and Portugal's national sides have ever faced each other. KAZAN , Russia (AP) - Host nation Russia fought valiantly but could not avoid early elimination at the Confederations Cup after a 2-1 loss to Mexico on Saturday, a result that secured the Mexicans a place in the semifinals of the World Cup warm-up ... Read More »

What's in the Senate's new healthcare bill?

Well, now that Senate GOP rewrite has been released from the backroom secrecy in which it was drafted under the guidance of Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, it appears no one really paid any attention to what Trump had to say. A version of the bill, the American Health Care Act, passed through the House of Representatives in May . The Senate legislation also would reimburse insurers for billions of dollars in cost-sharing subsidies they'll pay to help low-income enrollees pay for ... Read More »

Syria conflict: Australia resumes anti-IS air raids

In an indirect reference to Iranian-backed forces that have been gathering in the eastern desert region, a US-led coalition statement cited a recent escalation of tensions and said it would not "tolerate any hostile intent and action of pro-regime forces". Read More »

ObamaCare Battle: Pro-Trump group previewing attack ads on GOP Senator Heller


People with pre-existing conditions: The Senate plan takes out the House provision that would impose a premium surcharge on those who lapse in coverage. The federal government would step down support starting with an 85 percent match in 2021 and ultimately lowering support to about 68 percent or 70 percent, the normal Medicaid reimbursement rate, after 2024. Read More »

Aaron Ramsey scores Panenka in same stadium it was first made famous

The host's unbeaten record against Wales was threatened again by Arsenal star Ramsey's nonchalant first-half penalty. Had Wales managed to hang on, or even find a victor after conceding the equliser, Ireland would be top of the group and one point clear of Serbia , but Wales would be sitting two points behind us. Read More »

US Election Meddling: Trump indicts Obama


The two men have not met in person since Trump entered office five months ago under a cloud of suspicion about his campaign's ties to Russian Federation. Other former officials are less confident that Obama went far enough in his response. Regarding the punishing of the Putin regime, this past week, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan stalled a Senate plan to pass additional Trump-proof sanctions on Russian officials in retaliation for last year's election meddling - though, there are several ... Read More »

Virginia shooter who shot Republicans was a Trump hater


Timothy Slater, head of the Criminal Division of the FBI's Washington field office, said Wednesday that the gunman's motives were still under investigation. Bill Schaumleffel reported that Hodgkinson was squeezing off five or six shots at a time and estimated that he fired about 50 shots total. But she maintained there was nothing she could have done about it. Read More »