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Trump friend: Mueller 'illegitimate as special counsel'


If Mr Trump instructs Mr Rosenstein to dump Mr Mueller, it would evoke memories of 1973, when two top Justice Department officials, Mr Elliott Richardson and Mr Bill Ruckelshaus, resigned rather than obey then President Richard Nixon's order to fire Mr Archibald Cox, the special prosecutor conducting the Watergate investigation. Read More »

Pelosi Is More Toxic Than Trump

Kathleen Rice, D-N.Y., on Friday. In 15 years, she's raised nearly $570 million for Democratic campaigns. Referring to the Senate draft of his health care plan that will be released Thursday, Trump said, "I've been talking about a plan with heart" - and he told lawmakers "add some money to it". Read More »

Iran Says Its Missile Strike in Syria Sends Message to the US

The strike was "revenge" for twin attacks in Tehran on June 7 that killed 17 people in the first IS-claimed attacks inside the Shiite-ruled Islamic republic, a Guards spokesman added. He billed Iran's retaliatory missile strike as a countermeasure of just a "very limited scale". Senior Iranian officials had also put the blame on Riyadh after the Tehran attacks, saying Saudi Arabia was "promoting terrorist groups" in Iran . Read More »

From Public Protests to Internal Opposition: Will GOP Health Bill Survive?


Senate bill: Tax credits primarily based on income, age and geography, but would cover a simpler plan. "There's still an opportunity to make this bill better", he said . Republicans held 52 seats in the 100-member chamber, which means it can not afford losing more than three of its votes. The Senate bill , which was negotiated by a handpicked group of 13 Republican men , does have a couple improvements over the House Republican bill. Read More »

Wash. Democratic Senator To Lobby Colleagues In Opposition of Healthcare Plan


Heller is facing one of the most hard re-election campaigns next year of any sitting GOP senator. Heller, a centrist, said he was concerned about the bill's phaseout of the Medicaid expansion. There are midterm elections next year, and a Presidential election in 2020. Jacky Rosen , who is reportedly announcing a campaign against Heller in the coming weeks. Read More »

Mueller And Comey Not As Close As Trump And Others Suggest


Three days later, Trump tweeted that Comey "better hope that there are no " tapes " of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press! ". The absence of recordings nearly certainly elevates in significance to investigators the notes made by Comey at the time. "I don't have the foggiest idea", Democratic Senator Mark Warner said on ABC News the following Sunday morning. Read More »

Eboni Williams: Democrats Are 'Delusional' If They Stick With Pelosi

Democrats are, well, blue because a loss is a loss. "There comes a time in every leader's life that they have to know it's time to leave and usher in the next generation of leaders". Her virtues, she insisted, outweigh the way in which Republicans have successfully made her a political pariah. "I need to step back and do what's best for this party'". Read More »

Pelosi Blows Off Calls to Step Down

She criticized reporters for focusing on criticism of her rather than the rollout of the Senate healthcare bill on Thursday. The only congressional leader who Americans disapprove of about as much is House Speaker Paul Ryan, who is viewed unfavorably by 45 percent of Americans. Read More »

Netanyahu warns Iran to not threaten Israel

Iran's Revolutionary Guard launched the missiles against the site in Deir al-Zour, according to the Tasnim news agency . ISIS fighters during a gun battle in Deir el-Zour in 2015 in a photo released by the terror group's propaganda wing. Read More »

Wolf, Casey call on Senate Republicans to save Medicaid

However, when they brought out what they claimed was a new bill and had it immediately passed in the House without waiting for an analysis, it turned out Trumpcare 2.0 was virtually the same as its predecessor . Earlier, the House of Delegates rejected a motion to dismiss a revenue bill passed by the state Senate. On Sunday Sen. Marco Rubio R-Fla., who was also on "Face the Nation" criticized his own colleagues and said, "The Senate is not a place where you can just cook up something ... Read More »

Kushner receives warm welcome in Israel

During a speech at Israel's Herzliya conference, aimed at discussing the country's national policies, ultraright Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman rejected the possibility of Palestinian refugees from historic Palestine , which Israel was built on, being able to return to their lands within the 1967 borders, a right that is upheld by United Nations Resolution 194. Read More »

Police illegally entering house, torturing supporters, claims GJM chief

Later in the day at a programme to honour journalists, Banerjee reiterated the unrest is a " deep-rooted conspiracy " and that "some people in the hills are trying to break up Bengal". GJM set fire to our vehicles. The Morcha - which is spearheading the statehood agitation in the hills - has refused to hold any discussion with the Bengal government, but says it is "comfortable" holding talks with the BJP-led government at the Centre. Read More »

Shiv Sena extends support, chief says Ram Nath Kovind a good man

After our support, I do not think it will be hard for the BJP to get him elected", Shiv Sena president Uddhav Thackeray told the media at his residence Matoshree here. "First India lost to Pakistan in the champions trophy final on Sunday and now see what happened, Shiv Sena supported BJP's presidential candidate", said one bookie who told us not reveal his identity while speaking to us. Read More »

Virginia Primary Election: Ralph Northam, Ed Gillespie Win Nominations For Governor

In the Republican primary, Gillespie beat Stewart 44 percent to 42 percent with Frank Wagner earning 14 percent of the vote. Republican candidate for governor, Ed Gillespie , right, talks with Republican Lt. Perriello had the backing of Vermont Sen. So was almost every Democratic member of the state's House delegation and statehouse and local-elected officials. Read More »

Another GOP Senator Says He Won't Back Health Bill

The Kentucky Republican aims to have a vote on the proposed legislation next week, prior to Congress' July 4 recess. Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst is suggesting Iowans would not be losing Medicaid coverage even as the Senate GOP health care bill would phase out financing to expand the low-income insurance program. Read More »

Di Maria strikes deal with Spanish prosecutor in tax case


The 70-year-old construction magnate's third term in charge of Europe's most successful club spanning 15 years - 2000-2006 and since 2009 - will be rubber stamped at a ceremony at the Santiago Bernabeu later Monday. The Portugal global was immediately linked with a return to Manchester United , with Paris Saint-Germain the only other side seriously in the frame after Bayern Munich dismissed reports of their interest . Read More »

Kansas health care experts critical of Senate GOP's 'repeal-and-replace' plan

None of the Senate's 48 Democrats are expected to support the package, meaning the legislation survives only if no more than two Republicans vote no. Brian Sandoval in Las Vegas. It would phase out Obamacare's expansion of the Medicaid program for the poor more gradually, waiting until after the 2020 presidential election, but would enact deeper cuts starting in 2025. Read More »

EU's Barnier assures Britons of compromises on Brexit

British Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union (Brexit Minister) David Davis (2L) and his delegation attend a meeting with European Commission member in charge of Brexit negotiations with Britain, Michel Barnier (2R) and his delegation at the start of Brexit negotiations at the European Commission in Brussels on June 19, 2017. Read More »

Dems turn against party leaders following losses

Pelosi added that Republicans have long sought to target Democratic leaders in their advertising, "and usually they go after the most effective leaders". In response to Ossoff's completely undebatable suggestion that many working people have a hard time making ends meet, she said, "That's the difference between conservatives and liberals; I don't believe in a livable wage". Read More »

Democrats and the losing politics of contempt

US President Donald Trump knocked Democrats on Wednesday for obstructing his agenda, one day after a fellow Republican won a congressional race in Georgia that was widely seen as a referendum on his young, turbulent presidency. Democratic Party divisions are on stark display after a disappointing spec. "I don't think anyone who is truly left-of-center would be in a situation where they would have had a hard choice to make over Ossoff or Handel", Owens said. Read More »

Special election results herald shift in thinking | Letters

The Georgia race featured a nail-biting finish , with the possibility of flipping a traditionally-Republican district. The House Democratic leader is seeking to reassure Democrats dejected after a loss in a Georgia special election where the party invested millions of dollars. Read More »

North Korea conducts rocket engine test, says US official


A midrange ballistic missile was launched from a test site in Hawaii, but an interceptor missile launched from USS John Paul Jones missed the target, the agency said . "We have come to a stalemate when it comes to North Korea ", she said in response to a question from Without this information, the USA could fail to completely eliminate North Korea's rapidly progressing nuclear threat in the first throes of a war, potentially unable to stop an attack on the U.S. Read More »

South Korea conducts missile test with warning to North Korea


Furthermore, if North Korea imploded, China would have to be directly involved in the creation of a buffer State to avoid both South Korea's contagion and the direct confrontation with the USA forces. First, THAAD is essential not only to protect South Koreans, it is also essential to our ability to protect the 38,000 American soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines stationed there. Read More »

Israel Mocks Iran's First Strike on ISIS in Syria As 'A Flop'

The launch of surface-to-surface, medium-range missiles into Syria's Deir el-Zour province comes as Islamic State militants fleeing a USA -led coalition onslaught increasingly try to fortify their positions there. President Bashar al-Assad's forces, aided by Iranian-backed militias, have engaged in a race with FSA rebels in recent weeks to seize areas in the southeastern desert vacated by retreating Islamic State insurgents. Read More »

Cabinet reshuffle under way at Downing Street


He will now head up the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) which over the past year has been run by Andrea Leadsom . Responding to the appointment, Ian Wright, director general of the Food and Drink Federation , which represents food and soft drink manufacturers operating in the United Kingdom, said: "It is a big boost that the Prime Minister has appointed one of the Cabinet's heaviest hitters to a ministry so significantly at the heart of Brexit ". Read More »

Pelosi Pushes Back: 'I'm Worth the Trouble'

With the president's approval numbers hovering below 40 percent, should the Democrats be anxious about their losing streak in what could be considered an election year's pre-season? Many are calling for new leadership. And Republicans say just narrowing the margins in red districts still spells a loss. She has been a great leader, but like every leader, time immemorial, it's time for people to know when to go. Read More »

Justices could consider fight over electoral maps

While the term is named for Gerry , redrawing districts was not his invention. And typically, they draw districts to protect their incumbents and give their party an edge. He can speak about the potential impact of a possible Supreme Court ruling on redistricting rules nationwide. "The number of Democrats and Republicans is about the same, but the state assembly leans heavily toward Republicans because of how the lines were drawn", he says. Read More »

Democrat Leader Blames Gerrymandering For Special Election Loss

Ossoff spent an unprecedented $23.6 million in his runoff campaign against Republican Karen Handel , who raised $4.5 million. There were some elections in Georgia and SC that we didn't quite get to the finish line on, but you know what folks? To me, all the 2017 elections have done so far is support what we can already know from Donald Trump's approval ratings and the general pattern of mid-term and off-year elections, which is that 2018 should be a pretty good year for the Democrats. Read More »

Best NHL expansion team ever?: Vegas might have the cards

This comes after the NHL 's newest team made its expansion draft selections during Wednesday's awards show. "I'm really pleased with what's available", McPhee told reporters in Las Vegas on Sunday. But the biggest victor had to be the Minnesota Timberwolves, who extracted All-Star Jimmy Butler from the Chicago Timberwolves in a trade that still saw them pick in the first round. Read More »

MP: 15 arrested for 'sedition', after celebrating Pakistan's Champion Trophy win


The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) also announced a cash bonus of Rs 2.9 crore (Pakistani rupee) to the team as part of the contract, besides giving a cash bonus of Rs 1 crore to every player. A Pakistani man was arrested past year for waving an Indian flag when his idol, Indian batsman Virat Kohli , made a match-winning century. "This is the moment we were waiting for..." India are due to stage the next Champions Trophy in 2021 but Richardson warned Monday it was by no means certain the ... Read More »

Pelosi defends herself as leader


Mrs. Pelosi has been her party's leader since 2003, overseeing losses in 2004, big gains in 2006 and 2008, then watching as her party slipped into its smallest minority in almost a century. "It's time for a new generation of leadership in the party". Handel also said that she would "absolutely" consider prohibiting gay and lesbian couples from adopting children. Read More »