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Saudi Seeks Israeli Military Help To Support New Crown Prince?


This AFP file photo taken on December 9, 2015 shows Mohamed bin Salman (L) talking with Mohammed bin Nayef during the 136th (Persian) Gulf Cooperation Council summit in Riyadh . "I think the Trump factor matters tremendously", he said. Top Saudi officials pledged loyalty to their new crown prince in statements carried by the official news agency, while many ordinary citizens tweeted their allegiance. Read More »

LSU beats Oregon State 6-1 to reach CWS finals


He wasn't as sharp as Friday, but former Liberty Christian Academy standout Zack Hess recorded the final out against Oregon State on Saturday to send LSU back to the College World Series final as the Tigers knocked off the No. P Michael Byrne took over on the mound for Faedo halfway through the eighth inning. Evan Skoug and Cam Warner hit as the tying runs, but Skoug struck out swinging and Warner flew out to right on a ball that looked like it had home run distance coming off the ... Read More »

Sen. Johnson: Senate bill doesn't address health care costs

The president said he thinks Republicans in the Senate are doing enough to push through the bill. Bernie Sanders went so far to call it " by far the most harmful piece of legislation [he's] seen in [his] lifetime ". Nevada Republican Dean Heller didn't mince words about the GOP's new health care bill in the Senate: "It's going to be very hard to get me to a yes". Read More »

We are facing undeclared emergency in India: Congress

Saying that Indians in America have not just helped India progress but also the US, Modi said that success and action of the Indian diaspora is still echoing in the world. While Trump likes to set the tone with a very firm handshake, the barrel-chested Indian leader breaks the ice with bear hugs. But even if he does not, he needs to leave Trump in no doubt that India values the USA as its most important global partner; that India supports the objective of increasing American prosperity and ... Read More »

Senate health care bill bad for Americans


In a way, Chandler said, Texas has the advantage here: It is one of 19 states that chose not to expand Medicaid , and so it will feel the sting of this cut less than other, more liberal states might. So much is at stake. Sen. Some Republicans argue that a Medicaid card or an "Obamacare" policy means little because either the doctor doesn't accept notoriously low Medicaid fees, or high deductibles under the health law keep patients from coming in. Read More »

'I think we are going to get there' on health care

Menendez held a news conference at Newark Community Health Centers where 53 percent of patients are on Medicaid . "That's not going to happen with us". Dean Heller within hours of him on Friday opposing the GOP's ObamaCare overhaul bill previewed its attack Saturday on social media. Two Republican critics of the Senate's health care bill expressed strong doubts Sunday that the legislation can make it through the chamber before the July 4 recess, as the GOP leadership wants. Read More »

Rep. Tim Ryan: Time to Change the 'Toxic Democratic Brand'


She acknowledged that the two special elections this week (in Georgia and South Carolina) were hard races to win but said negative ads contributed to the falsehoods. "They keep winning and we keep losing". The New York Times' Maggie Haberman shared a sampling of some of the tweets that were sent out to supporters. Read More »

GOP senators call for more time to debate, change health care bill


The 142-page bill , which includes cuts to Medicaid , would end the individual mandate set up by the ACA, which was a key component that kept the law functioning. It's no secret that the Affordable Care Act has flaws, but Sen. Menendez said that the wealthiest Americans will get a tax cut under the Senate legislation, paid for by "taking health care away from those who need it most". Read More »

US Supreme Court set to rule on religious rights


The 5-3 ruling involved the family's effort to sell part of its land along the scenic St. Croix River. After a failed appeals process, the Murrs sued Wisconsin and St. The Murr family's lawyers have cited another landmark Supreme Court decision , Lucas v. The case attracted significant attention from dozens of technology and media companies concerned that a ruling for the government could jeopardise the privacy of customers, and make them less likely to use cloud services if they ... Read More »

Escaped Georgia Prisoners Captured in Tennessee


The fugitives came across a home nearby, where they attempted to steal another vehicle. "I went out the back and started looking up the wood line and he ended up coming out at my neighbor's house he saw him coming out of the woods and called the cops". Read More »

Puerto Ricans vote overwhelmingly to apply for U.S. statehood


Puerto Rico's hazy political status, dating back to its 1898 acquisition by the United States from Spain, has contributed to the economic crisis that pushed it last month into the biggest municipal bankruptcy in US history. Michelle Sierra, a hospital patient who cast an early vote in the plebiscite, is in favor of USA statehood: "We deserve a better future and my children deserve a better future". Read More »

US officials underscore Russia threat to 2016 elections

The federal government offered cybersecurity assistance to state and local entities during the 2016 election , but they resisted the help, President Obama's Homeland Security secretary testified Wednesday. "One of the candidates, as you'll recall, was predicting that the election was going to be rigged in some way", he said of the political fears at the time . Read More »

John Huerta: Democratic Party is plagued with problems


Pelosi also incorrectly predicted that Democrats were poised to take back the House a year ago, leading some of her colleagues to feel that this time around, she needs to deliver. "It still moves voters", Ryan said . "If you stay mad, you stay angry, you're unproductive". "I really think their involvement was the difference maker", Salvesen, 52, said. Read More »

Attention aux pièges — Fin du roaming


Vous retrouverez tous les détails au sein de notre dossier consacré au sujet, mis en place depuis quelques mois. Et appliquent donc d'ores et déjà ces règles. Soit 3,84 centimes TTC par minute, 1,2 centime par SMS et 9 € par Go. Notamment parce que cela ne coûte quasiment rien à produire. Pour l'Internet mobile, les forfaits les plus généreux peuvent comporter des limites - relativement élevées toutefois. Read More »

Iran says missile strike targeting ISIS was warning to US, Saudis

The attack on Sunday was the first missile launch by Iran outside its own territory in 30 years, since the Iran-Iraq war which ran from 1980 to 88, media in the Islamic republic reported . military officials with Central Command, or CENTCOM, said in public remarks. Russian Federation and Iran both support Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in Syria's civil war. Read More »

Supreme Court To Hear Case That Could Set Seismic Precedent Against Gerrymandering


Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is pleased that the U.S. Supreme Court will hear the appeal of a circuit court's ruling that declared Wisconsin's legislative maps unconstitutional. The Supreme Court has repeatedly ruled that states can not gerrymander districts in an effort to reduce the influence of minority voters. The four more liberal justices, named to the court by Democrats, would have let the new line-drawing proceed even as the court considers the issue. Read More »

Gabe Vilardi selected 11th overall by Kings in NHL Draft

He also has a new team. Shero said the Devils determined Hischier was their guy in the final week to 10 days, opting for the so-called "Swiss McDavid" over Patrick for his upside and ability to make others better. "I can't describe it, but I'm so happy". NY got the No. 7 pick in a trade with Arizona and selected center Lias Andersson, whose father Niklas played in the league. Read More »

Is Trump's Bluff About Comey Tapes A Crime?

Mr Trump wrote on Twitter yesterday, a day before the deadline, that he did not know if there were recordings of his conversations with Mr Comey, but he did not make or have any such recordings. But that's not what Trump was saying to him, Comey said, explaining that he took the emphatic words as "a directive" from the nation's chief executive. Read More »

Trump reiterates "I didn't tape" James Comey

Yesterday, 42 days later, he finally did. Former FBI Director James Comey recently told senators during Congressional testimony that Trump never asked him about how to stop a future Russian election cyberattack. "To every veteran who is here with us today, I just want to say two very simple words: Thank you". Trump later acknowledged he took this step with the Russian Federation probe in mind. Read More »

IOS 11 Update Will Bring Camera Improvements To iPhone


However, it is worth pointing out that iOS 9 had a similar feature back in 2015 - although that was only for temporarily deleting apps while upgrading to a new operating system. It took three years for Apple to launch this new device. The new OS also includes a number of other new features that will be helpful in the workplace, including an improved Siri with translation capabilities, cross-platform iMessage syncing, and an easier-to-access iPhone control center, among others. Read More »

Begala: 'Dump Pelosi' plays right into GOP's hands

Nor have they identified a challenger. In over a decade leading House Democrats , into the majority and out again, Pelosi has beaten back all comers, including last fall when Democratic Rep. She said Democrats will have to put forth their "message". "I love the arena. I thrive on competition". Pelosi isn't in danger of losing the leadership perch she has long held, though she did fend off her toughest challenge ever last fall from Rep. Read More »

Five Republican senators now oppose health care bill as written

In his address, Trump went on to call for congressional Democrats to muster the political courage to support the measure, "instead of obstructing, always obstructing change". They could buy insurance with tax credits, based on income. "We have a few people that are - I think you could say modestly - they're not standing on the rooftops and screaming". Read More »

Dems Fired Up To Fire Pelosi?

Because Trump's victory was not overwhelming in Georgia , Democrats were hoping to convert the red state to blue and have a better chance at convincing anti-Trump Republicans to vote Democrat in the 2018 midterm elections, during which all 435 seats of the House of Representatives, including 33 or 34 seats of the Senate will be contested. Read More »

Iran and Israel Exchange Warnings


This strike marks the first time Iran has fired missiles as an act of war since the end of the Iran-Iraq war in 1988. The comments are in line with statements from other Iranian politicians and military officials during the past several days, following Iran's missile strike on several key areas in Syria , a move Tehran claimed was in reaction to a recent ISIS-backed terror strike inside Iran. Read More »

Democrats' disputes simmer after special election losses


The response from some: It better be. House minority leader Nancy Pelosi , a California Democrat, confronted her critics - both Republicans and Democrats - on Thursday after Democratic losses in Tuesday's House special elections brought new scrutiny to her leadership and fresh calls for her to step aside lest she drag down her party's candidates in the 2018 midterms. Read More »

Not 'That Far Off' From Passing Health Overhaul

He becomes the fifth GOP senator to say he will not back the bill as it is now written, and the first in Senate Republicans' so-called moderate wing. The CBO estimates that the House bill would leave 23 million more Americans without health insurance but cut the federal deficit by $110 billion over 10 years. Read More »

Trump urges Democrats to get on board with health reform

After hospital, doctors and advocacy groups lambasted the proposal released Thursday, the health insurance industry's main Washington lobby said it's concerned about its impact on states' finances and low-income Americans. "The protections around pre-existing conditions are still in place in the Senate bill , but the waiver authority gives states options that could include limiting coverage for people with pre-existing conditions ", says Pearson. Read More »

GOP senators now oppose health bill, enough to sink it


She said she's focusing on senators who previously said they didn't want to cut Medicaid . Montana nursing homes face even bleaker prospects under the Senate and House health care bills. On Thursday, four of the Senate's most conservative members said the new plan failed to rein in the federal government's role. Ted Cruz of Texas, Rand Paul of Kentucky, Mike Lee of Utah and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin. Read More »

Yuvraj, Dhoni mentoring Indian team, says batting coach Bangar


But leakage of communication exchanged between playing team members, coach and support staff is now being traced to officials and officers of the BCCI . Ultimately, this is just a story of two individuals that weren't on the same page, and had different visions for how they wanted the team to be run. Read More »

Implications For Texas As Supreme Court Considers Gerrymandering Case


In most states , the redistricting process is controlled by the state legislature and the governor, which is why state elections at the beginning of each decade are so important. Republicans can argue that rigging the maps is legal, but anyone who believes in a truly representative democracy knows it is not right. The Supreme Court has for decades forbidden racial gerrymandering, but it has repeatedly shied away from addressing partisan gerrymandering. Read More »