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Trump Spars With Australian Leader Over Refugees: 'I Hate Taking These People'

The only real difference, is that Trump's administration has a massive leak problem. It came just after the president had announced his travel ban on travellers from several Muslim-majority countries coming into the US. Trump said he was anxious that if he announced he would uphold the agreement, shortly after calling for a suspension on refugee resettlement, that would make him "look awfully bad", adding that in recent years, "the United States has become like a dumping ground". Read More »

Flake's approval rating in Arizona at 18 percent

And yet while Flake has persuasive things to say about what his party should stand for, he has less to say about whom it should stand with. I didn't think that was a very conservative thing to do. Flake , narrowly elected to the Senate in 2012, has always been a critic of Trump , and it's been rumored that Trump is itching to back a primary challenge to him next year. Read More »

China welcomes USA not seeking North Korea regime change


But Pyongyang's recent demonstrations of its capacity to launch intercontinental ballistic missiles, while worrying, are drawing shrugs from many in the region who reckon there's not much anyone can do about them. Korea missile launch: Take no action that'll escalate tension, China warns appeared first on Vanguard News . U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told reporters the previous day that the U.S.is willing to hold talks with the regime and added, "We do not seek regime change". Read More »

Governor Jim Justice to switch from Democrat to Republican

ET. Today, Governor Justice joins me and other Republican leaders in Congress and at the state level who stand for policies that will improve the lives of West Virginians. Five states have divided legislatures, and chambers in three of those states - Washington, New York and Alaska - are governed by bipartisan coalitions, The Hill reported . Read More »

British computer expert who stopped cyberattack arrested for creating another malware


The timing of the indictment of Hutchins raises questions as to whether insights mined from the AlphaBay probe lead to his arrest . Security architect Kevin Beaumont tweeted: " Kronos is a banking BOTNET ". The indictment also includes information on, but does not name, a second defendant. Hutchins found a clever way to stop the attack by registering an Internet domain that served as a " kill switch " for the malware, a secret that was hidden in its code. Read More »

Special counsel Robert Mueller impanels grand jury as Trump-Russia investigation accelerates


Clearly, his team is looking at all angles in this investigation. It was not immediately clear how or whether the Washington grand jury was connected to the work of a separate one in Alexandria, Virginia. SHAPIRO: How are the president's attorneys responding to this? Some lawyers said it would put pressure on potential witnesses to cooperate with Mueller's investigation. Read More »

Back-to-school tax-free weekend starts Friday


You can also buy Energy Star and WaterSense products without paying sales tax. He said his committee does not have plans to vote on its sales tax holiday bills. Items normally sold in pairs shall not be separated to qualify for the exemption. Any special clothing or footwear that is not normally worn and only used for protective use or athletic activity are not exempt. Read More »

Four Florida Schools Ranked In Football Preseason Coaches Poll


The Buckeyes picked up five first-place votes. Florida State leads the way among Sunshine State teams, sitting at No. 3. The Nittany Lions open the season at noon on September 2 against the Akron Zips. There's no surprise for me on this poll. Also of note, the Big Ten has four teams in the top 10, while the ACC and Pac-12 both have two, and the SEC only has one. Read More »

Woman Who Texted Boyfriend To Kill Himself Sentenced To 2.5 Years


Inside Taunton Trial Court, Bristol County Juvenile Court Judge Lawrence Moniz sentenced Carter to 15 months commitment before being eligible for probation and prohibited her from profiting off the crime. The case sets a legal precedent in MA, where the events took place, as there is no current state law to make the encouragement of suicide a criminal offence. Read More »

As expected, Tom Brady is the GOAT of chugging beer, too


Brady's better half wasn't the only one celebrating on Thursday, as the Patriots chose to treat the G.O.A.T.to a meeting with an actual goat at training camp . Five-time Super Bowl champ #Tom Brady celebrated his #40th birthday today. Every year, Brady's birthday rings in, and every year, he's still at the top of his game. Read More »

Senate to hold bipartisan healthcare hearings in September

Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-WI), who signed on to the Shaheen bill, told ABC she expects bipartisan discussions on shoring up insurance markets to continue over the August break, well before the hearings begin. Congress could appropriate the money itself through legislation. So what happens if Trump decides to end these payments? The president tweeted over the weekend that he might withhold the critical payments, which he called "bailouts". Read More »

Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8+: Daydream VR support rolling out now


Galaxy Note 8 has an enlarged size. This is smaller than that of the Galaxy Note 7 (3500mAh) and even the Galaxy Note 7 FE (3200mAh). The new render which Forbes has managed from Ghostek shows of the phones. Well, it appears that the wishes of many have been answered. Samsung didn't give up on its Note series after the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco. We are expecting to see an upgrade in the camera department though, with two sensors on the back. Read More »

Trump signs Russian Federation sanctions bill, Moscow calls it 'trade war'

If President Donald Trump wanted to lift sanctions , he would first have to get approval from Congress . Experts said this "congressional review process" is born of worries that Trump would try to act unilaterally. In his six months in the post, however, Spicer did stretch the truth a couple of times, including in an appearance in which he berated the media for what he said was unfair reporting of the attendance of Trump's inauguration - although aerial photos and National Park Service ... Read More »

Putin says US will have to shed 755 from diplomatic staff


The reductions, reminiscent of massive Cold War-era expulsions of diplomats, follow stiff, new sanctions against Russian Federation approved by the U.S. "Obviously, if such a slowdown in [the issuing of] visas takes place, the reasons would have nothing to do with staff cuts". As Congress negotiated the bill for weeks, Trump aides objected because of a provision that gives lawmakers 30 days to review and block any effort by the president to ease sanctions against Russian Federation. Read More »

Late Week Front Brings Higher Rain Chances


We're tracking the potential for a few storms later this evening along with some overnight and early morning storms for some locations. Saturday Night: A chance of showers before 9pm. Thursday night - Partly cloudy. Sunny, with a high near 89. Wind: SW/N 5-15. High: 88. It is worth noting that while medium and long range models indicate a chance of rain somewhere in northeast Kansas all day (albeit light rainfall amount), the short term models have nothing developing across northeast ... Read More »

Orrin Hatch: Senators too divided to continue healthcare overhaul push


An estimated 40 lawmakers from both parties support an outline of ideas to make fixes to Obamacare . In a Twitter comment earlier this week, the president said , "Unless the Republican Senators are total quitters, Repeal & Replace is not dead!" "Consumers' cost-sharing reduction benefit, which low and modest-income families depend on to afford their out-of-pocket medical costs, must be appropriately funded, or premiums will rise by about 20 percent", AHIP wrote . Read More »

Venezuelan Election Results 'Tampered With' According to Voting Tech Company CEO


Ledezma was still in his pajamas. Before first light, agents of Sebin, the state security agency, swooped into the houses of two opposition politicians and hauled them off to prison. The opposition has called a protest in Caracas on Thursday against what it calls the "fraudulent" Constituent Assembly. The US will hold Venezuelan President, Nicolas Maduro, "personally responsible" for the safety of two opposition leaders, President Donald Trump said in a statement. Read More »

Russian Federation says United States sanctions amount to full-scale 'trade war'


Trump said he was elected partly because of his successes in business, adding, "As President, I can make far better deals with foreign countries than Congress". Trump, in signing the bill Wednesday, called it "significantly flawed", and says his administration expects Congress to refrain from using this bill to hinder work with European allies or the work of American businesses. Read More »

Apple earnings jump, and the iPhone maker predicts more good times ahead


With 2017 being the year of the bezel-less smartphone , Apple is more than certain to release a device that will have an edge-to-edge glass and internals that are expected to put the competition to shame. However, China remains a problem, with revenues down 10% year-on-year to slightly more than $8bn. The Tame Apple Press went mental, and along with adverts for the coming iPhone sent the company's sales up six percent. Read More »

Trump aims at insurers in battle over healthcare subsidies


Read my full story here . The Kaiser Family Foundation has previously estimated that premiums under the ACA's silver plans - those eligible for cost sharing subsidies - could rise 20 percent if the payments end. The federal government sends about US$600 million a month to insurance companies to help cover the cost, and Trump is threatening to cut that off to allow Obamacare markets to collapse. Read More »

2 dead after gas explosion collapses school in Minneapolis


Barbara Carlson asked for privacy when reached by phone late Wednesday just before authorities announced they had recovered her husband's body. After police and firefighters arrived, "we kept digging and gas, gas was going". Initially, the department said that one person died in a collapse but later they tweeted that death was unconfirmed. Police say five people were taken to a hospital with injuries, including one who has since been released. Read More »

Trump's misguided rush to scrap the Iran deal


Cliff Kupchan, the chairman of the Eurasia Group, a consultancy, said, "If this nuclear agreement goes south, the Iranians want blame to lie squarely on Washington's front porch". But we're doing very detailed studies. When that happened in the Nixon and Reagan White Houses, one president was forced to resign when the White House tapes confirmed he had personally directed illegal actions; the other saved himself by convincing the American people that he was unaware of the illegal shenanigans ... Read More »

Scientists Correct Disease-Causing Gene Mutation in Human Embryos


The hope was that, by being given such template embryos could be purged of nascent genetic disease. So in order to further the science, Mitalipov and his colleagues wanted to test what happened when CRISPR was used in a human embryo. The disease in question is a type of heart condition - hypertrophic cardiomyopathy - that often kills otherwise perfectly healthy people. The disease can cause heart failure and sudden death in unsuspecting adults. Read More »

Brinkmanship no way to treat IL school students, Demmer says


Democrats involved in the talks described the closed-door meetings Monday afternoon as " friendly " and positive, and said they asked Republicans to continue to try to reach a compromise. Senate Bill 1 brings $ 5 million to Rockford Public Schools and puts our state's neediest districts on equal footing with the rest of the state. "All of our children should be treated equitably". Read More »

North Korean Submarine Activity "Highly Unusual"


Air Force Kunsan Air Base on the western coast of the South Korean peninsula about 150 miles south of Seoul. But it is not clear how the administration assesses the feasibility of these options. But analysts are sceptical that the strategy will work, saying that while it is in Beijing's interest to contain the Pyongyang regime, it is unrealistic for China not to have any business relationship with North Korea . Read More »

Lionel Messi takes to Instagram to bid farewell to Neymar


And Ribeiro, a representative of the Brazil global, has now confirmed that the Paris club will pay the clause and that he will be presented as a PSG player this week. If Neymar had left before that, Barcelona would have been under no obligation to pay his father the commission. At the very end of his message, the Argentine writes "TKM", short for " te quiero mucho " or "love you a lot". Read More »

Austin Jackson makes 'the catch of the year'


He lost a career-worst 15 games in 2015, his first season with the Red Sox after being traded to Boston by the Detroit Tigers . But, even with all the scoring, the biggest treat the game has given us is Austin Jackson's defense. Brandon Guyer tacked on a two-run homer in the second. The home fans had started applauding Ramirez for what looked to be an inevitable homer but ended up continuing the clapping for Jackson's athleticism. Read More »

Nitish Kumar is 'Paltu Ram,' says Lalu Prasad Yadav


Asserting that people of Bihar had given mandate to the alliance when Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) was rising to power in major parts of the nation, Yadav added that he is in grief with the breakup of the age-old friends. Nitish, by throwing in his lot with the BJP, just acknowledged the writing on the wall: that 2019 is a lost cause for the ramshackle opposition. Mr Yadav had held a meeting with these very MPs a day after Mr Kumar's resignation, sources said. Read More »

Apple Shares Surge to All-Time High After Dominant Q3 Report


Cook said the iPhone 7 - not the Plus - was Apple's "most popular" iPhone last quarter, but he noted that this quarter, "sales of iPhone 7 Plus were up dramatically compared to iPhone 6s Plus in the June quarter of previous year". Revenue for the quarter came in at $45.4b, above the consensus of $44.89b. However, China remains a problem, with revenues down 10% year-on-year to slightly more than $8bn. Read More »

Apple shares surge 6 per cent as profits and sales rise


Just recently Apple reported the third quarter earnings of the company. In a survey of potential iPhone buyers, analysts at UBS found the greatest level of interest was focused in the high-end model, noting that respondents were more interested in the " iPhone 8 " than they have been in Apple's last two iPhone generations. Read More »

Flake calls out Trump and puts political future on the line


The book isn't explicitly playing to Flake's 2018 reelection efforts , although it could be laying the foundation for a career outside of Congress. In 2008, at Reason's 40th anniversary gala in Los Angeles, soon after Barack Obama's and the Democrat's win over John McCain and the GOP Congress, Flake talked about how his party needed to get back to limited-government principles. Read More »

Apple Tops Wall Street Earnings Expectations for June Quarter


Apple's services revenue in its fiscal third quarter grew to $7.27 billion, higher than sales of all Apple products other than iPhone . One clue that Apple's expecting big things in the second half of its calendar year comes from the revenue forecast for the upcoming September quarter that it provided Wall Street. Read More »