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Faster-moving Hurricane Irma weakens to Category 3


It can occur far from the storm itself, and cause rapid, devastating floods, hours before or after the storm hits. Nearly every mobile home park in the Keys had overturned homes, according to the governor. "This is a deadly and devastating hurricane, and every part of Florida will feel the wrath of this storm", Silagy said . Warnings of hazardous storm surges remained in effect through vast swaths of peninsular Florida , where more than six million people had been ordered to flee ... Read More »

410000+ customers without power — Georgia Power


Unlike Hurricane Harvey, which shut down a dozen refineries on the Gulf Coast of Texas, causing gas prices to skyrocket around the country, Irma has had little impact on prices. But officials urged patience. "You will not survive all this storm surge", Scott said at a press conference. "Don't think just because this thing passed, you can run home". Read More »

Millions without power in Florida as deadly Irma plows north


Hillsborough County will remain in a state of emergency another week, a move created to remind residents to stay alert and to allow funding flexibility for relief efforts. By Monday afternoon, more than 800,000 Georgia Power and EMC customers mostly in coastal and south Georgia were without power. Some Florida utilities, including FPL, had warned customers it could take weeks to restore power in the hardest hit areas. Read More »

Sea surges may devastate parts of Florida: Governor Scott


Irma's winds also toppled a crane that sat atop a building. - As Irma barrels toward Florida , as many as 26 million people in the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Cuba could be exposed to destructive winds and torrential rain, the Red Cross said , with 1.2 million people already battered by the storm. Read More »

Irma seen weakening to tropical depression by Tuesday afternoon: NHC


Crews will wait until it is safe again for crews to work. There will be heavy rain accumulations into Wednesday in parts of Florida , Georgia , Alabama, South Carolina , Mississippi and North Carolina, forecasters said . Gusts topping 90 miles per hour whipped Miami on Sunday, knocking out power to most of the city's residents. No major storm damage was reported in Alabama. Read More »

Pelosi declines to back Bernie Sanders' health care bill


Taxes could rise for individual households, but might be offset by lower premiums and health-care costs overall. "This is something that's got to happen". "It takes an act of Congress to move us in the right direction on health care and sadly, we haven't seen that act of Congress yet". Bernie Sanders's forthcoming Medicare-for-all legislation are proposing ideas that would expand the government's role in health care. Read More »

Hurricane Irma's Destructive Journey By The Numbers


As damage assessments continued on the Keys, stories also emerged of the harrowing ordeal some residents experienced after ignoring a drumbeat of official pleas to evacuate. The director of emergency services for Collier County, Dan Summers, said "We have dodged a bullet with the storm's track". Some Floridians will likely wait weeks before power is restored, utilities officials have said. Read More »

Indian priest abducted by ISIS in Yemen rescued


The Secretary General then expressed deep gratitude to Bishop Paul Hinder, Apostolic Vicar of Southern Arabia, under whose jurisdiction Yemen is situated who he said kept in "constant hope" that the Fr Tom would be released. He was in the custody of ISIS terrorists but his whereabouts were not known. "I am very sad that nothing has been done seriously in my regard", Father Tom said in the video, adding "If I were a European priest, I would have been taken more seriously". Read More »

Hurricane Irma hits Florida with wind, flooding


Reed warned the power lines and trees could fall as winds grow stronger. The results: images and videos of intense flooding, building damage, the "negative surge" and downed trees. Irma, now downgraded to a tropical storm , ripped roofs off homes and caused flooding and power outages across the state. Gov. Rick Scott , who spent the days before the storm hit beseeching the islands' residents to evacuate, said Monday that he is flying down to the Keys to survey the damage. Read More »

Ted Cruz Blames Porn Tweet on a 'Staffing Issue'


In the brief, Cruz argued that banning obscene devices was in the public interest, and the government should be granted "police powers" for the purposes of "discouraging prurient interests in sexual gratification, combating the commercial sale of sex, and protecting minors". Read More »

Nintendo NES Classic coming back next summer


Retro consoles: Will Sega Genesis and Atari Flashback rival SNES Classic Mini? To be blunt, you're pretty much screwed. Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime gave a similar reason to the Financial Times previously, saying that managing a complex global supply chain is a big "challenge". Read More »

Apple iPhone X, iPhone 8, Apple Watch 3 launch


Apple iPhone , iPad, or iPod touch users with Safari on iOS 9.0 and people can watch the live streaming directly on their devices of this much-touted event. The new version - iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus - will have a similar look as the current models but will contain faster internal operators and an improved camera . Read More »

Le gouvernement défend sa réaction après l'ouragan — Irma


Mais Irma doit se renforcer en se rapprochant, avec des vents de plus de 240 km/h. Saint-Barthélémy et Saint-Martin, paradis tropicaux aujourd'hui dévastés, doivent maintenant affronter de nombreux problèmes dans un paysage de ruines: manque d'eau, de nourriture, pas d'électricité. Read More »

Fresh UN sanctions to help resolve NK's nukes: Seoul

Celebrations were held in Pyongyang on Saturday to mark the success of the test and the 69th anniversary of the founding of North Korea where Kim Jong-Un said the nuclear test was a "great victory won by the Korean people at the cost of their blood", Efe reported . Read More »

Irma Weakens After Hard Hits on Caribbean, Florida


However, with more than 6.5 million account holders sitting in the dark, the vast majority of outages are in the Sunshine State, according to Florida Power & Light, Florida's largest electric utility company. It has weakened into a post-tropical cyclone and was expected to further fizzle out throughout the day, bringing "generally moderate rain" to a wide area of the Southeast and Tennessee and OH valleys, according to the National Weather Service. Read More »

Brexit bill passes first vote in British parliament


Put simply, a three-line whip is an instruction given to MPs by the leader of their party to vote a certain way on a specific issue. Scotland's devolved government has recommended that its parliament at Holyrood withhold consent for legislation to withdraw Britain from the European Union , on the grounds that it could water down their powers, a document filed by the Scottish government said on Tuesday. Read More »

Drone footage shows major damage from Hurricane Irma in Naples


Currently Jose is not a local threat, but we will continue to watch its path and provide updates along the way. We will still see gusty winds this evening which may reach 30-35 miles per hour across the higher terrain to the east. But that doesn't mean all Floridians should try to go back home. Those investments have included replacing wood poles with concrete poles, shortening spans of wire between those poles, making it easier for trees and palm fronds to slide off when they hit our ... Read More »

UN Security Council steps up North Korea sanctions

The celebration for the scientists was a big one, in keeping with North Korea's tendency to have big "heroes' welcomes" for officials. The new sanctions ban 90 percent of North Korea's publicly-reported exports and cap the amount of oil the country is able to import, according to a US official familiar with the negotiations. Read More »

Counting on Congress, not courts, for Dreamers


This can be a time of major stress, and it was especially so in the days leading up to Attorney General Jeff Sessions' announcement that the program would be rescinded . There are requirements: Applicants must have been younger than age 16 when they came to the US, and younger than 31 at the time the program went into effect on June 15, 2012. Read More »

Local Schools Close Due To Weather Conditions Due To Hurricane Irma


The National Hurricane Center said it expects Irma to drop 5 inches to 8 inches of rain across SC and the northern regions of Georgia, Alabama and MS through Tuesday . Yet as Governor Rick Scott has warned , "We can not save you when the storm starts". The Emergency Management Division has increased its readiness to OPCON 4, the next highest level above normal activities. Read More »

Hurricane Irma: 6.5 million in Florida lose power, thousands sheltered


The National Weather Service declared a flash food emergency for downtown Charleston on Monday afternoon as heavy rain moved inland after a storm surge-fueled high tide swamped the city's downtown. In Hialeah, Irma knocked out power at the regional sewage pump station. As Paul Chapman looks out his window tonight, he says he has everything he needs to ride out Hurricane Irma in his 12th-floor condo in the coastal city of Naples, Fla. Read More »

Hurricane Jose: Do not think it is over just yet


The Cuban victims died from causes ranging from electrocution to drowning, building collapse and a balcony falling on a bus, authorities there said. "We feel that because this storm was not as bad as it could have been, that Citizens will not have to go into actual assessment mode, and to assess people who are not Citizens property holders", Flores said. Read More »

Richard Branson shares photos of damage on private island after Irma


The Foreign Secretary said there had been an "unprecedented" effort to deal with the aftermath of the storm. And going forward, I pledge to match your donations up to the first $1 million. DFID are matching every pound donated to the British Red Cross by the public. While dire predictions of the storm's destructive power in that state, as well as parts further north, have dominated the news in the U.S., Duncan and others have begun pleading for their already hard-hit part of the country not to ... Read More »

Irma spins up funnel clouds, tornado in Florida


The NWS says conditions will likely improve Monday evening as a weakening tropical storm Irma moves northward into central Georgia. Irma's sustained winds of 125 miles per hour and promises of torrential rainfall, tornadoes and widespread flooding prompted hundreds of thousands of Floridians to flee their homes, while many others huddled together in disaster shelters. Read More »

Brave reporter illustrates the monstrous power of Hurricane Irma's winds


While the most recent models for Hurricane Irma project the storm moving away from Tampa, officials are still advising caution and vigilance. Irma could be downgraded to a tropical depression on Tuesday . Look for his video forecasts right here every day at 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. WeatherTiger is also available for forecasting and consulting on a full spectrum of weather and climate issues. Read More »

Will iPhone X hint towards Apple's next decade ambition?


It's a two-hour-long event. Mac users will need to run Safari 6.0.5 or later on a device with OS X 10.8.5 or newer. Is the "X" actually the Roman numeral 10, or is it just the letter "X", one of the coolest letters and a word that's frequently used in product names like Microsoft's Xbox One X or Motorola's MotoX? Fortunately, even if you are not one of those lucky ones who have a pass to the show, there is hope. Read More »

Florida Hurricane Irma Evacuee Named Her Newly Delivered Baby 'Storm'


Florida has long dealt with hurricanes, including a stretch of eight hurricanes in two years while Jeb Bush was governor, but Irma's wide reach has proved daunting. "I will tell you in no uncertain terms - and I am not going to sugarcoat it - this is going to be a hard storm", Buckhorn said at the news conference. Read More »

Hurricane Irma Kills Ten In Cuba


Hurricane-force winds of 125 miles per hour whipped roofs clean off buildings, ripped trees from the ground and forced evacuations along the coast. "It took a week for Matthew", Jensen said, referring to a hurricane that past year did not make landfall in Florida but caused power outages. Read More »

The Meanness Isn't Just Trump — Banishing DREAMers

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee and Attorney General Bob Ferguson, both Democrats, called Trump's action cruel and outrageous, given that the decision was announced by Sessions rather than the president himself. That is not real protection. However, not everyone who turned out Wednesday morning was there in support of keeping DACA. "I filed suit against President Trump and his administration to protect DACA because Dreamers are just as American as first lady Melania Trump", New Mexico ... Read More »

Katia weakens after making landfall in Mexico


Hurricane Irma is churning west across the Atlantic, putting parts of the Caribbean on watch and prompting warnings for the USA mainland to be prepared should the storm head that way. Additional strengthening is possible over the next few days, as wind shear is expected to relax and it could become a hurricane before making landfall in eastern Mexico by this weekend. Read More »

North Korea may launch ICBM on Saturday: Seoul PM


The South Korean presidential spokesman quoted Putin as saying that Russian Federation was concerned that the blockage of oil supplies would hurt civilians including hospitals. But many countries do business with North Korea - especially China, a top US trading partner and economic behemoth. The United States is pushing China, the hermit kingdom's main trading partner, to support more severe sanctions against the North. Read More »

Irma weakens to tropical storm - NHC

This means tropical storm force winds (sustained winds of 39 to 73 miles per hour winds ) are possible in these areas . The city of Jacksonville, population 880,000, in northeast Florida ordered urgent evacuations Monday as record floods were set to rise even higher with the afternoon's high tide. Read More »