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Mourinho blasts Man United players over 'PlayStation football' against Basel

However, Mourinho insists that United are not among the front-runners to claim the Champions league crown ahead of the "big guys" in Kiev on May 26. It's a massive blow to United's chances in all competitions this season. After winning the Europa League in May they got their wish but before kick off they're already annoyed. Read More »

United Nations imposes fresh sanctions on N Korea


North Korea has apparently conducted six nuclear tests, including the September 3 one, and has tested several inter-continental missiles on which a nuclear warhead could be affixed. Back in August, the United Nations banned North Korean exports of materials such as coal and ore. China's official Xinhua news agency said in a commentary that the Trump administration was making a mistake by rejecting diplomatic engagement with North Korea. Read More »

United Nations unanimously backs new sanctions on North Korea


Peru said on Monday that it was expelling North Korea's ambassador over the country's refusal to heed the world's "constant calls" to end its nuclear program. The publicity stunt came as his envoy to the United Nations warned " forthcoming measures " will "make the USA suffer the greatest pain" it has ever experienced. Read More »

3 hurricanes are spinning simultaneously through the Atlantic


Gov. Miguel Angel Yunes says the two died in a mudslide. The quake, the strongest to strike the country in more than 80 years, killed at least 61 people. The Mexican government has discontinued all tropical storm warnings. On its heels is Hurricane Jose , which was upgraded to a hurricane from a tropical storm on the afternoon of September 6, the same day Hurricane Katia formed as a tropical storm, strengthening as the day went on. Read More »

Irma weakens but still wreaks havoc in Florida


Irma left millions of people in Florida without power . The hurricane center says the storm is still life-threatening with unsafe storm surge, wind and heavy rains. No injuries were reported in either case. After flying over the Keys on Monday, the governor described overturned mobile homes, washed-ashore boats and other damage. Read More »

Hurricane Irma Brings Chaos and Despair to Caribbean


Seven of the deaths occurred in the capital. The storm will also damage the livelihoods of many on the islands. She said it was not clear anyone would survive. "Sheets of zinc that came flying into our backyard also damaged the kitchen wall and we lost many roof tiles", said Angel Coya, 52, adding he was optimistic that Cuba's Communist government would help fix the damage. Read More »

SC officials watching Hurricane Irma's approach


Irma was initially expected to wallop Georgia's coast, leading Deal to order a mandatory evacuation for coastal communities. "This is a rapidly moving hurricane and the weather and the consequences of that hurricane can change dramatically within a short period of time", Deal said. Read More »

North Korea Threatens US After Sanctions Imposed By UN


Both China and Russian Federation, by far Kim Jong Un's largest trade partners, are concerned enough about his ongoing illegal missile and nuclear weapon development programs to side with the seeking to stop him. "We are not looking for war". At the same time, I'd like to note that any sanctions pressure has a limit of its own, and it has nearly been reached regarding North Korea . Read More »

UNSC hits North Korea with additional sanctions following nuclear test

Late Sunday, after a series of closed-door meetings, a revised draft emerged, setting a cap on oil exports to North Korea, but not blocking them altogether. "I think we've absolutely moved the needle on China", he said. The Security Council September 11 unanimously agreed to impose tighter sanctions on the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), imposing limits on oil exports, banning the country's textile imports and access to gas liquids, and more closely inspecting cargo ships going ... Read More »

Germany open to Iran-style talks on North Korea nuclear programme: Merkel


German Chancellor Angela Merkel will speak with Russian President Vladimir Putin as part of high-level talks aimed at increasing pressure on North Korea over its nuclear programme, her spokesman said on Monday. "The choice is theirs". China is North Korea's main ally and by far its biggest trading partner, including for oil shipments. The United Nations (UN) dropped North Korea with increased penalties for continuing to test their nuclear missiles. Read More »

Xi tells Trump Beijing firm on North Korea denuclearisation


North Korea's September 3 nuclear test was the country's largest and prompted global outrage. However, Russia's UN Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia has said this may be "a little premature". THAAD also became a topic of controversy after U.S. President Donald Trump said Seoul should pay as much as $1 billion to place THAAD on South Korean soil. Read More »

Minnesota, 3 other states sue to defend DACA

California's Attorney General, Xavier Becerra , says that he is planning to file suit against the Trump Administration too. University of Vermont President Tom Sullivan reassured DACA students that federal law protects them. Professors from Harvard University were arrested after they blocked traffic during a protest following the Trump administration announcement . To qualify, applicants must have entered the USA before age 16, have lived here continuously since June 2007, and have ... Read More »

FPL power restoration estimated by end of next week


As the remnants of Irma dissipate from Tennessee to the Carolinas, work is underway to restore power to 15 million people in parts of south Florida hit by the former Category-5 Hurricane. "That is consistent with what we expected to see", said Rob Gould, chief communications officer for the state's largest power company. More than 20,000 utilities workers from 30 states and Canada stationed at almost 30 staging sites across the state are assessing damage and restoring power. Read More »

Bluetooth flaws put billions of devices at risk


Blueborne doesn't require devices to be paired with the malicious device, or even be set in discoverable mode. You can turn off your Bluetooth to prevent attacks if you won't receive the patch, Armis advised. When it comes to the Blueborne attacks, the specific vulnerability in this case does vary depending on the system. Armis has released a white paper that describes the how the vulnerability works and how it can be exploited. Read More »

Boris Johnson welcomes new sanctions on North Korea


Merkel reiterated her call for a peaceful solution while speaking to supporters on Friday. The North Korean regime has pushed ahead with its nuclear weapons program, despite increasingly tougher sanctions in recent years. sanctions, but added that the administration has warned China that if it wishes to avoid further sanctions, such as the ones on its Bank of Dandong, the United States needs to "urgently" see action. Read More »

Japanese PM to Visit India, Kick Off High Speed Bullet Train Project


This will be the fourth annual summit between Modi and Abe, during which the focus of talks is expected to be on trade, defence and infrastructure. The BJP led government in Gujarat will set up an industrial park on a sprawling 1,555 hectare at Khoraj near Sanand in Ahmedabad district and it will be dedicated for Japan based companies. Read More »

The risk of nuclear war with North Korea


North Korea's state-run television on Sunday aired a video of its leader Kim Jong Un hosting massive celebration events to congratulate his nuclear scientists and technicians who steered the country's sixth and largest nuclear test a week ago. Read More »

UNSC unanimously approves new sanctions against North Korea


That's all in violation of past United Nations resolutions. The Trump administration has already targeted Chinese banks. MICHELE KELEMEN, BYLINE: Hi, Kelly. A Chinese state media editorial on Tuesday said the the USA should stop isolating North Korea and return to the table for talks. MCEVERS: The big question now is, how will this resolution be implemented? KELEMEN: I think it's likely to go through. Read More »

Red Cross in need of volunteers for Irma relief efforts


He explained just what the hurricane victims need now. That's just half the lifespan of 1994's Hurricane John, which holds the record as the longest lasting hurricane (31 days) and the farthest-traveled (7,165 miles). "You can help the Red Cross with a financial donation", said Wallace. "That's why we couldn't get into some of the assigned places we were supposed to be in". Read More »

Samsung to Launch a Fold-able Smartphone by Next Year

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 sports a huge 6.3-inch Infinity Display panel and is nearly bezel-less. Tuesday, Samsung Electronics Co. said its aim to unveil a Foldable Galaxy Note smartphone next year under the Galaxy Note brand. If you want to be sure that your device is running the new Android 7.0 firmware you can check it easily. Galaxy Note 8 camera features: The front selfie camera of the phone had 8MP and the dual-rear camera comes with 12MP each. Read More »

N/Korea threatens US with 'greatest pain' after UN sanctions


The world body on Monday banned North Korean textile exports, an important source of hard currency, and capped its imports of crude oil. The clampdown also caps imports of crude oil at the level of the last 12 months, and it limits the import of refined petroleum products to two million barrels a year. Read More »

US calls for Monday vote on new North Korea sanctions


After a week of intense negotiations, a unanimous Security Council vote against North Korea was viewed as politically more important than a strong us stand that risked division, diplomats said . SEX thimble Kim Jong-un was surrounded by adoring women as he threatened to heap more military misery and mayhem on the west. Those tools include more sanctions. Read More »

New Video Shows Downtown Miami Underwater After Hurricane Irma


Jizreel Plancher calls out from the back of a truck to see if people need help the morning after Hurricane Irma swept through the area on September 11, 2017 in Naples, Florida. The National Guard was assisting in the recovery, county administrators said. and the aircraft carrier USS Lincoln is headed to Key West, along with three other navy vessels, where they will anchor and provide emergency services. Read More »

Kim Jong-un celebrates success of H-Bomb test

Trump said the new sanctions are "no big deal" and pale in comparison to what "ultimately will have to happen" to North Korea . "So I don't think a legal issue is almost as important as getting now a diplomatic solution to this crisis". Chinese UN ambassador Liu Jieyi again called for talks "sooner rather than later". "If North Korea-bound oil, mainly coming from China, decreases through pressure by the global community, it will be hard for North Korea to operate its missile brigades". Read More »

Kobach voter fraud commission still can't find Bigfoot


Voting experts say there is no evidence of voter fraud. The Trump administration's Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity met in New Hampshire on Tuesday to take testimony on voter turnout and investigate whether widespread voter fraud exists. Read More »

On Rohingya Muslims, UN can't force India not to deport them


They have lived in Myanmar's Rakhine State for centuries but have suffered and repressed under Burmese government. These claims have been denied heavily by Myanmar officials, yet the Rohingya is considered a " stateless " minority and are illegal immigrants in this heavily Buddhist country. Read More »

United States begging for war, not North Korea


Instead, the resolution caps refined oil imports at 2 million barrels and crude oil imports at their current levels. Resolution 2375 also includes a ban on exports of North Korean textiles, a key source of revenue for the regime and restrictions on the use of North Korean workers overseas. Read More »

Muted backlash to Trump's bipartisanship signals warning for GOP


This poses a problem for Republicans, as there is now no such tax proposal in Congress . "Passing tax reform , which hasn't been done in 31 years, that is a win", he said . Corporate profits hit new highs a year ago, and the S&P 500 corporations are devoting a record percentage of their earnings to buy back stocks, pay dividends and buy up competitors. Read More »

Tutu implores 'beloved sister' Daw Suu to end violence in Rakhine


Some of those refugees have made it to Canada. Meanwhile, the United Nations Human Rights Commission (UNHRC) has reiterated its support to Rohingya refugees. But Madam Suu Kyi largely remained silent on the matter despite being awarded a Nobel Peace Prize victor in 1991 for her non-violent struggle for democracy and human rights. Read More »

Apple announces third generation smartwatch with LTE


If true, this could mean that the new Apple Watch could now carry on without an iPhone, with the new wrist-worn device having a cellular connection of its own. Oh, and Siri can now talk from the Apple Watch. The watch's antenna is built into the screen, and it uses a smaller electronic SIM card rather than a standard SIM. Read More »

United Nations imposes tough sanctions on North Korea


Russian Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia told the council it would be a "big mistake to underestimate this Russia-China initiative" for a so-called freeze-for-freeze, adding that Moscow would "insist on it being considered". North Koreans already working overseas can continue their work until their original permits expire. The UK ambassador to the UN, Matthew Rycroft, was asked why he thought the new sanctions would change North Korean behaviour considering the eight earlier resolutions had ... Read More »

Faster-moving Hurricane Irma weakens to Category 3


It can occur far from the storm itself, and cause rapid, devastating floods, hours before or after the storm hits. Nearly every mobile home park in the Keys had overturned homes, according to the governor. "This is a deadly and devastating hurricane, and every part of Florida will feel the wrath of this storm", Silagy said . Warnings of hazardous storm surges remained in effect through vast swaths of peninsular Florida , where more than six million people had been ordered to flee ... Read More »