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Apple is no longer selling its Series 2 watch

You'll navigate around the X (pronounced "ten", by the way) through a series of swipes and taps. Apple is also releasing a new AirPower mat in 2018 that will allow users to charge their phone, Apple watch and AirPods all at the same time. Read More »

Australia kicks off weeks-long same-sex marriage ballot


A Columbia Law School project collating conversion therapy research found there was "no credible evidence that sexual orientation can be changed through therapeutic intervention" and that there is "powerful evidence that trying to change a person's sexual orientation can be extremely harmful". Read More »

Nintendo teases Super Mario Odyssey + Switch bundle


A new Mario Odyssey Switch bundle was revealed , and includes the game, a pair of red Joycons, and a Mario Odyssey-themed Switch carrying case. Screenshots from Super Mario Odyssey for Nintendo Switch have been shared and the images show the plumber ditching his trademark dungarees, having fun on the beach and letting his nips feel the breeze. Read More »

American living on St. John: "We're totally devastated" after Irma


DigitalGlobe released images taken over the northern Leeward Islands, the Virgin Islands, parts of Puerto Rico , the Dominican Republic, the Turks and Caicos , and Great Inagua Island taken September 8-10. "It's going to take a little while to assess the situation and get in there, on every part of the island". I want to assure readers of The Voice that, at this moment, hundreds of British public servants, civilian and military, are working flat out. Read More »

Trump says 'fairly close' to clinching deal on DACA

A deal , the Democrats said , would not include Trump's proposed wall on the U.S. -Mexico border. "Would be subject to vote". In a series of early morning tweets on Thursday, the United States leader appeared to have softened his stance on young people known as "DACAs", or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals - young people brought to the USA to stay by illegal immigrants. Read More »

Hillary Clinton pounds NY Times for 'schizophrenic' email coverage


Hillary Clinton revealed in an interview Wednesday that she was not willing to grant "absolution" to women who told her that they didn't vote for her in 2016. " The Wall by Bob Staake". It's too bad that Willy Sutton's lawyer never thought of that defense. Rather than showing Trump inside the Oval Office, or his face at all, the cover was quite simply a wall of bricks. Read More »

5 million Georgians affected by data breach


Erdman urged people to monitor their accounts closely and frequently, match credit card statements with receipts and balance their checkbook monthly. "If you ever actually applied for credit in any way shape or form, this is data that's out there with Equifax , Experian or TransUnion ". Equifax discovered the breach on July 29, and announced it to the public September 7. Read More »

Number of Rohingya Muslims fleeing violence rises to almost 400000


On Thursday US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Myanmar's democracy was facing a "defining moment". He directed the blame toward Myanmar's powerful military, which is responsible for security operations that have seen almost 400,000 people flee to neighbouring Bangladesh in the past three weeks after Rohingya insurgents launched coordinated attacks on government forces. Read More »

USA citizen fighting for ISIS surrenders to US-backed forces in Syria


The progress of regime forces appears to have been temporarily halted by the Euphrates River, but according to local sources, they have started building pontoon bridges in a bid to cross the river. Asked earlier Thursday about the reports of an American captured on the battlefield, a spokesman for the USA -led coalition fighting ISIS said it is committed to combatting the group no matter what nationalities its members hold. Read More »

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 coming to the Indian market very soon


Xiaomi has announced a new Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 smartphone in the technology world. It will be available in China from Sept 15 and will make its way to selected global markets at a later date, according to Xinhua news agency. The Special Edition will have 8GB of RAM and 128GB storage options only (and of course the full ceramic unibody). The primary camera has 12MP sensor with f/1.8 aperture, dual LED flash, 4-axis OIS stabilization, 4K video recording capability and secondary 12MP camera ... Read More »

Mayor: 5 dead from nursing home that lost power


The ages of the victims ranged from 71 to 99. "The investigation into this tragedy and the circumstances that may have contributed to it continues, and it would be inappropriate to comment on details until it concludes", it added. In both instances , the nursing home corrected these deficiencies. Police say three patients died at the facility and three at a hospital. Firefighters evacuated 158 people from the nursing home. Read More »

Six dead in Florida nursing home after Irma power outage


In lieu of air conditioning, Sheridan recommends frequent cool baths and staying hydrated - assuming there is ample clean water available. According to a timeline released by the city, a fire official contacted a state agency to report their concerns about the nursing home, and not long after, a third call for help came from the nursing home. Read More »

Readout of First Lady Melania Trump's Visit to Florida


The deaths were discovered early Wednesday when a hospital across the street from the nursing home began receiving elderly patients suffering from heat exhaustion, which led to all 115 people in the home being evacuated. At least 31 people in three states were reported dead from the effects of Hurricane Irma , state agencies said Thursday. Residents of the island were warned only the day before. Read More »

Apple Event: Phone specs, Watch 3 series and more


Apple could've also gone insane with the pricing of the new iPhones in India, however, it kept things close to what were previous year. The iPhone X starts at $999 for 64 gigabytes of storage , with that price rising to $1,149 for those who want 256 gigabytes of storage . Read More »

'Firing Comey was Trump's biggest mistake'


After a Los Angeles-based photographer accused " 60 Minutes " of purposely altering the color to make former White House chief strategist Steven Bannon " look like a bleary-eyed drunk " in an interview , journalism experts were quick to throw shade on the colorful conspiracy theory. Read More »

Apple Unveils New Phones in "Biggest Leap Forward"


It's designed for specific machine learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms-hence, the facial recognition FaceID feature and the fun Animojis . Otherwise, the iPhone 8 has souped up specs - faster processor , better graphics, etc. The new iPhone's out, and it unlocks not with a fingerprint, but with your face. Read More »

Apple iPhone 7 & 7 Plus Lost A Color


Held at the Steve Jobs Theater, the keynote event was the first event to be conducted at the theater. Now, instead of using a finger, the iPhone user just has to peer into their shiny new gadget to unlock it. Leaving you with a 5.8-inch display that spans from corner to corner. Apple made a decision to launch this phone with a glass body as the one used previously in the iPhone 4. Read More »

Could they turn into war — Russia's military exercises


Russian forces are deployed to Belarus to help crush the rebellion. An additional cause for concern is that Russian Federation has previously used the fact of large numbers of troops being on the move for major exercises to launch real military operations - against both Georgia and Ukraine. Read More »

San Jose sues President Trump over DACA


If you really want to it, you have to go for it. Utah State University Political science professor Michael Lyons has his doubts. This included the $465 application fee, the regulations surrounding birth year, legal record, date of arrival, global travel, record of education, education status , work status , etc. Read More »

Yeah, Let's Get Rid of Electoral College — Hillary


The next stop on Clinton's book tour is in Toronto, Canada, at the Enercare Centre on Sept. 28. Would they have been receptive to such a message from Clinton in particular, a woman so vilified and mistrusted by some segments of the electorate that she was routinely portrayed as a witch ? Joining a line up of Pradafeather sandals and Helmut Lang's resurgence, Clinton's book has become a front-row favourite that editors, buyers and influencers alike are turning to after ... Read More »

Melania Trump Arrives in Florida Following Hurricane Irma


Trump had expressed worry about the path of Hurricane Irma last week, saying that the storm bearing toward Florida was "not good". "They're too small", Trump said, before picking up a banana and offering it to the workers. "This is a state that I know very well". "This is a state that I know very well, as you understand". The increasing temperature of the Earth's oceans and atmosphere super-charges these storms, scientists say, making big hurricanes even bigger. Read More »

Trump resumes Twitter feud with Hillary Clinton


Bush, despite garnering more popular votes. The former secretary of state will be joining the ranks of the London Literature Festival to promote her memoir What Happened , which came out a couple of days ago. Trump Jr. met last summer with a Russian attorney whom he had been led to believe was in possession of negative information about Clinton sourced from the Russian government. Read More »

British FM Johnson flying to Caribbean after criticism of Irma aid


Now parts of the islands look like a giant stomped on them and kicked the pieces across the landscape. They will assist Virgin Islands authorities and US military troops. Virgin Islands in Irma's wake. "We're going to get this state rebuilt". So we're just really trying to get support systems in place. Anguilla , Turks and Caicos and the British Virgin Islands do not qualify because as British Overseas Territories their incomes are too high. Read More »

Juncker träumt von einem neuen Europa


Wenn die EU den Schutz der Außengrenzen verstärke, "müssen wir Rumänien und Bulgarien unverzüglich den Schengenraum öffnen". "Wir wissen auf der anderen Seite, dass ein Beitritt zum Euro nur möglich ist, wenn die Beitrittskriterien - und die sind sehr hart - erfüllt sind", sagte Schulz "NDR Info". Read More »

Six die in Florida nursing home after Irma; millions still without power


The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, which regulates nursing homes , gives the Hollywood center a below-average rating, two stars on its five-star scale. He said FPL works with Broward and all the counties in its territory to plan ahead of hurricane season and find out what facilities should get power first, which is a county decision. Read More »

Multiple people injured in shooting at Washington high school


Even more troubling, Sharpe had a YouTube account under the username Mongo Walker (since removed), in which he posted videos of himself playing with and shooting guns. Area school districts, shocked and saddened by the events on September 20 at Freeman High School, have taken steps in hopes of avoiding a similar situation. Read More »

North Korea threatens to 'reduce the USA to ashes and sink Japan'

President Moon will fly out to NY next Monday, where he will deliver a keynote speech during the 72nd UN General Assembly, seeking the global community's consensus on North Korea's nuclear issues. Some of the work is outsourced to North Korea. It also attacked South Korea for its ties with the USA and Japan , describing the country's army as "traitors and dogs". Read More »

Apple unveils three new iPhones, hails 'biggest leap forward'

And it's not hard to see why. The iPhone X is the most advanced and ambitious smartphone to ever come out of Cupertino, and Apple has priced it accordingly. Instead, the chief concern about the iPhone X is the timing. The next, shiny iPhone is here, and users saddled with the now less-shiny iPhone 7 has a wrenching decision to make. Read More »