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Microsoft exec all but confirms that Windows 10 Mobile is dead


A senior executive said the company has no plans to release new features or smartphones , closing a chapter for the computer giant. But with one of the mobiles gone from Windows , Blackberry, a company that has less than 1 percent market share in the United States announced the Blackberry Motion , a brand new all-touch Smart Phone . Read More »

Curfew lifted in New Orleans following hurricane warning cancellation


Hurricane Nate's northern eyewall is moving onshore the MS coast. Tornado warnings remain in place as the remnants of the storm move north towards NY this week. The outer bands of the hurricane were expected to batter parts of the US Gulf Coast with tropical storm-force winds this evening, with the centre of the storm forecast to make landfall overnight, said US National Hurricane Centre (NHC) spokesman Dennis Feltgen. Read More »

Spanish unionists: Catalonia is Spain


However, he is under pressure to hold off from secession plans, which would escalate what is already the biggest political crisis Spain has experienced since a 1981 failed military coup. During the event, Vargas Llosa said that though nationalism is wreaking havoc in the region right now, Spanish democracy is here to stay, and no plot for independence can destroy it. Read More »

Las Vegas gunman earned millions as a gambler


The profile developed so far of the former accountant is of a "disturbed and dangerous" man who acquired an arsenal of 47 guns over decades, Sheriff Lombardo said. CBS news channel reported on Thursday that Paddock and Danley bought a Hyundai Tucson from a dealership in Reno, Nevada, on August 1. Law enforcement are also examining Paddock's finances. Read More »

Social media gives massive thumbs up to Hrithik Roshan


Nearly immediately after the 10 min teaser of the interview with The Republic was out, social media went into a frenzy witnessing a never seen before avatar of Hrithik Roshan . "The reason that we chose to live separately may have been an inspiring reason, how do you know?" "It's about time", Hrithik said. However, no one knows what Kangana will do after the interview premieres and all eyes would be on her sister, Rangoli Chandel, who'd just few days ago, leaked an email that was allegedly ... Read More »

Las Vegas shooter may have planned more attacks, including car bombing


Six days on to the worst massacre in the history of modern America which claimed the lives of 59 and injured more than 520, some quite seriously, the police are still groping for the shooter's motive. "That's the one in this one, and we are not there yet", FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe said. His arsenal also included tracer rounds that can improve a shooter's firing accuracy in the dark, a law enforcement official told the AP. Read More »

Dove apologises for 'racist' Facebook advertising campaign


A Facebook ad by Dove that aimed to represent "women of color thoughtfully" quickly disappeared this weekend after it instead incurred intense social media backlash. A screenshot of the advertisement was first shared by U.S. makeup artist Naomi Leann Blake which later went viral. "You can do better than " missed the mark ". Read More »

Track Hurricane Nate with webcams along the Gulf Coast

The storm started with maximum winds nearing 85 miles per hour earlier on Sunday , but soon it decreased to 45 miles per hour with higher gusts. The NHC forecasts Nate will degenerate into a remnant low by late Monday . The tail of the storm is still causing problems in the region, where thousands have been forced to sleep in shelters and some 400,000 people in Costa Rica were reported to be without running water. Read More »

Washington State vs. OR football


Falk has thrown for 19 touchdowns with two interceptions this season. Washington State ranked third in rushing defense, allowing just 134.2 yards per game. Honestly, he plugs gaps very well for always enduring a double team from opponents. The Cougars were also tied for fourth in tackles for a loss with 72. Read More »

Hundreds of new emojis are coming to your iPhone soon

New releases of iOS are often accompanied by a number of bugs and other problems as Apple starts optimising its code for the large number of devices out there. Among the new mythical creatures, there are a fairy, a mermaid and merman, a vampire, or a wizard. This new ability can also be helpful for people who make use of accessibility features, like those who may have difficulty squeezing buttons. Read More »

Nate downgraded to tropical storm as it lashes US Gulf Coast


It was the first hurricane to make landfall in MS since Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005. After making landfall, Nate is expected to quickly weaken to a tropical storm by Sunday evening. But US President Donald Trump said federal officials were ready for the fast-moving storm, urging residents of Alabama , Florida , Louisiana and MS to "listen to your local authorities & be safe!" Rainfall amounts in Charlotte will stay less than 1 inch, whereas the mountains will see several inches of ... Read More »

Georgia soldier among three Green Berets killed in West Africa


Five Nigerien soldiers were also killed, according to an official for the region of Tillaberi. The killing of the three commandos who were Green Berets raises questions of the efficacy of the force in Africa. "We are committed to that relationship, we believe that they are as well". The attack took place around 200 kilometres north of Niamey, near the border with Mali, where the terrorist group al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb is active. Read More »

IPhone 8 battery problems

Kuo previously said that Apple may have an 18 to 24-month advantage in 3D sensors. While the case of the Galaxy Note 7 explosives from Samsung is just beginning to be forgotten, that it would be the turn of Apple to have problems with the batteries of its latest models. Read More »

Madrid Braces for a Declaration of Independence in Catalonia


Borras, wearing a " Catalonia , we love you" sticker and surrounded by thousands waving Spanish flags, added: "I wanted to be here for unity, because I also feel very Catalan ". The competing rallies follow Monday's referendum in which Catalonians voted overwhelmingly for independence , but the national government has called the vote illegal. Read More »

Las Vegas gunman's vast arsenal included tracer bullets


NPR correspondent Leila Fadel joins us now from Las Vegas . Airport authorities declined to speculate on whether the gunman, Steve Paddock , was aiming to hit the cylindrical 43,000-barrel fuel tank or whether the vessel was struck by two stray rounds in the midst of the shooting spree. Read More »

Profession of 'mystery woman' seen with Las Vegas shooter confirmed by officials

On Sunday night, four police officers who breached Paddock's hotel room will appear on "60 Minutes" and confirmed there was indeed a note, CBS News reported. Media reports citing law enforcement officials said Paddock reserved two rooms in Chicago in August that overlooked the site of the Lollapalooza festival, which draws hundreds of thousands of music fans yearly. Read More »

Oakland Raiders want to get Amari Cooper's 'confidence rolling'


STREAKS, STATS AND NOTES - Raiders won previous two meetings with late TD passes from Derek Carr . "It hasn't been good enough and it's led directly to losses, two losses". It's not unfair, either - the criticisms coincide with the expectations of the 37-year-old offensive coordinator. Humphrey, who had a career-high four tackles in that game, could get his first career start at Oakland, as Jimmy Smith has been slowed this week by an Achilles injury. Read More »

NRA calls for regulations on 'bump stocks,' rapid-fire devices


But there are also less expensive legal products that can allow semi-automatic rifles such as the AR-15, which are much more widely available, to fire hundreds of rounds per minute. There are some controls, points out Laura Cutilletta, the legal director at the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence . Such rifles are easily obtained in many US states, including Nevada. Read More »

" Un match compliqué ", selon Deschamps — Bulgarie-France


Oui, je suis satisfait. Bien décidés à se montrer plus efficaces que face au Luxembourg (0-0), ils ont été cette fois été récompensés sur leur première occasion. Mardi, il ne faudra pas faire de blague contre la Biélorussie. On mettra tout en oeuvre pour l'emporter. Excentré, le milieu de terrain s'est fendu d'une belle reprise du gauche pour ouvrir le score, mettant fin à une disette personnelle de 22 matches. Read More »

Chances for Showers This Weekend; Wettest on Columbus Day

With that in mind, the best chance for rain, which could be heavy at times, will come Sunday night and early Monday morning before the storm quickly pulls away toward the Mid-Atlantic region later Monday . The rest of the week looks pretty nice with a mostly clear and mild pattern taking over. Daytime highs will heat to the mid 80s. South southwest wind around 7 miles per hour. Read More »

Remnants of Hurricane Nate to Impact Connecticut


The weather will begin to improve late Sunday morning as Nate quickly moves north at 25 miles per hour. Georgia's risk, though minimal early on, begins Saturday. "We're in the fight now", Mayor Mitch Landrieu said. Landrieu told a press conference on Friday he had ordered the Sewerage and Water Board (SWB) to boost staffing at pump stations during the storm. Read More »

Oil steady as talk of new OPEC deal balances United States exports

Trade volume between the two countries reached $2.8 billion previous year, according to official Saudi press. Al-Falih was optimistic that oil markets were continuing to rebalance, but added prices were not for him or his counterpart, the Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak, to determine. Read More »

US Republican senator seeks probe of gun devices at Las Vegas shooting


But they did discover semi-automatic rifles that had been modified - retrofitted with a little-known device called a bump stock . (We are declining to name stores that sell bump stocks because we don't want to give that kind of advertising.) Before the shooting , they were selling theirs at a discount for four years because no one was interested. Read More »

Google launches a label "Made for Google"

Even though this was expected to happen sooner or later, the latest development focuses on the Pixel 2 phones , which means more markets could start purchasing the phones via their local Google Store in the not-so-distant future. There are still some hardware oriented things that the iPhone 8 Plus does better than the Pixel 2 . For photography iPhone X sports a 12-megapixel primary camera and a 7-megapixel front camera for selfies. Read More »

Jack Butland to start for England against Lithuania

When he was substituted at Huddersfield, the home fans gave him a round of applause, despite scoring twice against the Terriers. "As a player, I think I've always been moving in the right direction". The decade from 1996 to 2006 at least looked something like that famous European championship . Kim Milton Nielsen sends off David Beckham for kicking out at Diego Simeone, in a match Argentina won 4-3 on penalties at France 1998 . Read More »

Des indépendantistes devant la justice — Référendum en Catalogne


Ces derniers envisageaient de déclarer unilatéralement l'indépendance dès lundi, au cours d'une session parlementaire qui a finalement été suspendue jeudi par la justice espagnole. Jeudi matin, la Bourse de Madrid reprenait quelques couleurs (+0,75%) au lendemain d'une chute de près de 3%. CaixaBank , première banque catalane et troisième au niveau national, entre exactement dans ce cas de figure. Read More »

Franken wants bump stock devices 'taken off the market'


Steve) Scalise shooting in June and the Las Vegas shooting last week", said Tom Hudson, general manager of CrossRoads Shooting Sports in Johnston. Congress is talking about banning this device after it was reported to of been used in the Las Vegas shootings on October 1, 2017. Twelve of the rifles found in Paddock's hotel room had bump stock attachments, according to the New York Times . Read More »

Peace Prize Awarding Seen as Message to Trump, Kim


Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, which was adopted by 122 nations in July this year. Several nuclear powers, including the US, UK and France, boycotted the signing ceremony. "We should not base our security on whether or not his finger is on the trigger", she said. Edwards says an "all-out nuclear war" would bring global starvation as the resulting smoke would block the sunlight in what's known as a "nuclear winter" for several years. Read More »