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US Congress set to vote on funding bill to avoid government shutdown


Just 11 Republicans, mostly conservatives and a pair of moderate Hispanic lawmakers, opposed the measure. Six Democrats voted for it. But it is unclear if there are enough votes to pass it in either the House or Senate. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says demands by Democrats for a deal on these so-called "Dreamers" has "crowded out" the rest of the Senate's business, including keeping the government open. Read More »

India reconsidering shelved missile deal: Netanyahu


The bilateral trade ties between India and Israel have thus been further strengthened. On February 10, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will land in Ramallah in what will be the first-ever visit by an Indian prime minister to Palestine. "I thank PM Netanyahu for taking time to our farmers and talking to them". Talks for a free-trade deal and the purchase of anti-tank missiles are now underway. Read More »

Rand Paul: Trump Name-Callers Are Killing Immigration Deal

It is the first time the president has responded directly to the racism accusations. "Following comments by the president, I said my piece directly to him yesterday". Paul said Trump was making a valid point. Just over half of those polled last Thursday and Friday said they'd heard about the comment. "People are driven here by poverty". Read More »

Trump says shutdown is 'up to the Democrats'


House passage came only after conservatives secured a promise from House Speaker Paul Ryan that he would soon advance some type of legislation to bolster US military readiness, said Republican Representative Mark Meadows . In a statement released on Wednesday, the Office of Management and Budget initially expressed White House backing for the GOP proposal. We made good progress last night. Read More »

Senate Democrats Will Now Decide if Government Shuts Down Friday

The bill, with the White House's support, is due to be voted on in the House as soon as Thursday afternoon. The House passed a spending bill Thursday to avoid a USA government shutdown, but Senate Democrats say they have the votes to block the measure in a bid to force Republicans and President Donald Trump to include protection for young immigrants. Read More »

Macron talks Brexit and single market


Macron and May started a hectic working day with a lunch in a traditional 17th century pub before heading to Sandhurst where they inspected a guard of honour by the Coldstream Guards as the French national anthem rang out. The French government started dismantling the camp in 2016 following controversies about the treatment of migrants seeking entry into the United Kingdom. Read More »

Embarrassing Instagram update broadcasts when you have been online


You can only see the activity status of those you follow and the ones you have messaged on Instagram Direct. Then scroll down and toggle off on the " Show Activity Status ". How do you turn it off? Instagram confirmed the feature soon after. Were still not 100 percent sure if we like this feature, but one thing we can say is, get your spy on. Read More »

House approves stop-gap government funding bill


Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell said the Senate would take up the short-term funding measure as soon as the House approves it. "We can pass a noncontroversial, bipartisan bill to keep the government open", the majority leader said. Read More »

House GOP leaders push short-term funding plan as deadline nears


Trump past year ended the DACA program that was created by his predecessor, former President Barack Obama, but delayed deportations to give Congress until March 5 to weigh in on the issue. The deportation of these young people will not be a priority of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service. Trump has said he is open to finding a solution to help the Dreamers . Read More »

Confusion Reigns As GOP Scrambles To Avert A Government Shutdown

Republicans sought to pin the possible shutdown on the top Democratic senator, Minority Leader Charles Schumer , N.Y., with the Twitter hashtag #SchumerShutdown . Democrats rejected previous plans to reauthorise the programme ahead of its expiration over Republican proposals on how to pay for it. But that number is likely even higher, as several Republican senators, including Mike Rounds of South Dakota and Lindsey Graham of SC, also said they're prepared to vote against the plan. Read More »

US House passes bill to avoid govt. shutdown


If Congress doesn't pass a bill approving more money by midnight on Friday, most federal agencies will be forced to stop operations. Talks on a budget deal to ease tight spending limits on both the Pentagon and domestic agencies are on hold, as is progress on a huge $80 billion-plus disaster aid bill. Read More »

Flagstaff to get 1-3 inches of snow Friday night, Saturday morning


Temperatures are forecast to rise into the low 30's. Troopers are advising several areas of the Interstates, U.S. roads and state toads are beginning to glaze over due to blowing snow and freezing temperatures. For the Wind Chill Advisory from 6 PM CST this evening to 9 AM CST Wednesday . The combination of cold temperatures and north winds of 5 to 15 miles per hour will lead to dangerously low wind chills of between 0° and -10° . Read More »

North, South Korea to march together under one flag at Winter Olympics


South Korean hockey coach Sarah Murray admitted to reporters Tuesday that she was "shocked" to hear of the plan so close to the Olympics, having not been kept informed by Seoul. "Basically, the IOC is the one that invites countries to the Olympics", he said at Incheon International Airport, according to the Yonhap news agency. Read More »

Donald Trump has incredible genes: doctor


Trump has never smoked, which removes one of the gravest preventable threats to his health , and does not drink. But some critics found parts of Jackson's presentation a bit too positive. "He has incredibly good genes, and it's just the way God made him". Jackson's results put Obama's level of LDL cholesterol - commonly understood as the bad kind - at 125 milligrams per deciliter, which is above what the CDC considers healthy (anything lower than 100 mg/dL is ideal, according to the ... Read More »

California couple arrested for torturing their 13 children


Authorities came and found the 12 others in very bad state. The children range in age from 2 to 29 but neighbors say majority appeared younger and they also rarely saw them outside. Their grandmother, said the entire family would go on vacation together and had yearly passes to Disneyland . "The mom, no movement at all", she said. Read More »

Lawmakers Work To Find Solution As Potential Government Shutdown Approaches

Whether the government shuts down or not, it seems certain that we're headed for at least a few more days of brinksmanship. On Friday at 11:59:59 p.m. A pair of Republican senators, Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas and Senator David Perdue of Georgia who were in the meeting, previously said they didn't recall Trump using that vulgar word. Read More »

White House insiders tussle over Donald Trump vulgarity


Do you think there's anything wrong with Donald Trump's mental state? Trump is accused of using a vulgarity to describe African nations and questioning why to allow more immigrants from Haiti, rather than countries like Norway. The reverberations kept coming Monday. "He's very sharp. He's very articulate when he speaks to me", Jackson said. The president's inflammatory comments left lawmakers struggling to find a path forward. Read More »

The Trump Administration Creates New Division to Protect Doctors' Religious Freedoms


And now, it seems, Trump's government is moving into a new, unsafe territory with its insistence that Christians shouldn't have to help LGBT people. Abortion rights advocates called the new division "incredibly unsafe". Already, the conscience division has drawn criticism from civil groups concerned that the protections will be used as a license to discriminate, particularly against gay or transgender patients, as well as from abortion rights groups. Read More »

What Grade Would You Give President Trump?


A poll conducted by the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research in December found that 91% of Palestinians opposed Trump's declaration on Jerusalem, and 72% of respondents said they did not believe his administration would submit any peace plan. Read More »

Bitcoin skids as traders worry that Korea will crack down

Cryptocurrency is a murky market with frequent swings. The option of completely banning the cryptocurrency trading is still open, the South Korean minister said in an interview. Cryptocurrency expert and author Chris Burniske indicated in an interview with CNBC that "the markets over the previous year have certainly appreciated more quickly than the fundamentals have, and this is a shakeout to hopefully draw the financial reality closer to the fundamental reality". Read More »

Miami makes shortlist for Amazon HQ2


It laid out particular preferences for the next prospective location, including: a metropolitan area with more than 1 million people (a choice that may vastly restrict its options ), "a stable and business-friendly environment", and "communities that think big and creatively". Read More »

Trump accuses Russian Federation of propping up North Korea


Trump reportedly said "what China is helping us with, Russian Federation is denting". Lost in the many US media freak-outs over this tweet , but probably looming large in the strictly controlled imaginations of Rodong Sinmun editors, is that Trump was specifically mocking a comment from North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. Read More »

Mitch McConnell Is Running Out of Time to Avoid a Government Shutdown


Republican lawmakers responded by drafting a compromise bill that would "keep the government open for one month, repeal several taxes, and renew the Children's Health Insurance Program (Chip) for six years", The Guardian says. If House Republicans can't get their own spending bill across the finish line, a whole new world of negotiating possibilities could open up. Republicans attached a six year extension to the Children Health Insurance Program, known as CHIP, as a way to ... Read More »

Government Shutdown 2018: What Happens Now?


Democratic votes would be needed for any budget extension, as 60 votes are required to get around any filibuster. Top Senate Democrat Chuck Schumer said Wednesday there's "very, very strong" sentiment among Democrats in the chamber to oppose GOP-drafted legislation to keep the government's doors open, comments that could indicate the chances are increasing that the government could shut down at midnight Friday night. Read More »

Nintendo Labo Toy-Con Workshop News Channel Opens


The Robot Kit lets you create a whole wearable robot suit. These new Nintendo Switch add-ons are unlikely to capture the interest of most adult gamers, but we bet they'll be a big hit with kids and parents. Both the Variety and Robot kits come out on April 20 . Labo works in conjunction with the Nintendo Switch , which you must buy separately for the Labo kits to work. Read More »

CNN Refuses To Accept Trump's Health Results


Jackson said he and the president both plan to address. Asked at the White House briefing if any additional cognitive tests should be performed on the president, Jackson said he didn't think so. "The President is mentally very , very sharp; very intact", Jackson told reporters."Absolutely, he's fit for duty". "We don't know whether the House will send us this bill, but the revulsion toward that bill was broad and strong", Schumer said. Read More »

Republicans unveil stopgap spending bill to avoid shutdown, but passage is uncertain


House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi said Republicans would take the blame for any shutdown , as they control the presidency and both houses of Congress. Be the first to know when news happens. The Democrats facing the most political peril in the vote are those who are up for re-election this year in states Trump won, including Claire McCaskill of Missouri, Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota, Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Joe Donnelly of Indiana. Read More »

White House backs short-term government funding bill


Mark Walker, R-N.C., and head of the Republican Study Committee, said . Both Democrats and Republicans are aiming to raise the caps on federal spending for the budget, but Republicans are advocating for an increase in defense spending, and Democrats want an equal increase in domestic expenditures, too, according to NY magazine. Read More »

Sen. Marco Rubio Says GOP 'Probably Went Too Far' With Tax Bill


Because outlets they trust are constantly lying to them. The cuts will apply to the taxes everyone will file in 2018. "One-Third of Middle Class Families Could End up Paying More Under the GOP Tax Plan" writes Time Money (they won't). But I strongly suspect that quite a few taxpayers will be more upset about losing deductions even if they wind up doing slightly better. "They proceeded toward a political victory rather than a policy victory, and they made a decision to go it alone because ... Read More »

Read President Donald Trump's full physical report


Trump. "The reason that we did the cognitive assessment is, plain and simple, because the president asked me to do it". "Did President Trump use this word or a substantially similar word to describe certain countries?" That's according to his White House physician, navy doctor Ronny Jackson . Read More »

Turkey ready for military operation in Syria's Afrin


Last week, the US-led Coalition announced the formation of a new " Border Security Force", tasked with protecting Syria's mostly Kurdish-controlled eastern and northern borders with its neighbors, Iraq and Turkey respectively. "The United States is in Syria to defeat ISIS, that is exclusively what it is for", Nauert told reporters. Turkey has reacted angrily to reports of a Kurdish-led border force in Syria , calling it an "army of terror" and vowing to crush it. Read More »