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United States says Turkey to explain Syria Force


He also indicated that "different opinions" within the Pentagon and between the military and the State Department over USA support for the SDF may have been responsible for "causing problems", according to comments quoted by Turkey's Anadolu news agency . Read More »

Vikings apply for trademarks after 'miracle' win against Saints


Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota on Sunday, Feb. 4, 2018 . "I am very humbled to win this game and to be a part of this team". Neither Nick Foles of the Eagles nor Case Keenum of the Vikings began this season as the starter for their team, both having signed with them this offseason knowing that they would not be competing for the number one job. Read More »

Trump touts 'unprecedented success' at one-year mark

Marches weren't limited to the United States. The anniversary weekend has marches and protests scheduled for both Saturday, January 20th, and Sunday, January 21st. "The Swiss have a deep love of American ideals", she said. She said she herself had been sexualized and seen her ability to make choices about her body taken from her. Read More »

Cognitive Tests Prove Mental Fitness Of President Trump


Those who accused Barack Obama of faking his birth certificate to prove his U.S. citizenship, which included the new president, were known as birthers - and one clever clogs has come up with a new name for the Trump medical theorists. "He's more enthusiastic about the diet part than the exercise part", Jackson said. "He had great findings across the board", but the thing that is most outstanding is his cardiac health, according to Jackson, who was quizzed about the president's fitness from ... Read More »

Both sides pointing fingers in government shutdown blame game


Mulvaney voted against legislation to reopen the government and was unapologetic over his role as a ringleader in 2013, saying the GOP's political beating - and eventual retreat - was the product of bad messaging. Marc Short, the White House legislative affairs director asked. "The conversation that needs to take place is the conversation at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, where the president of the United States brings in the four leaders from Congress", said Sen. Read More »

How does Trump's approval rating compare to other Presidents?


Like most people, I don't particularly like Trump's rhetorical style, juvenile insultsand intemperate disposition - on full display in recent days. The president has grown more fearful of leaks. The proposal to erect a border fence with Mexico is still alive and Trump stands by his insane hope that Mexico will pay for it. Read More »

Government shuts down after budget vote fails in the Senate


Barring that, the U.S.at midnight will encounter what's officially called a "spending gap", which triggers a carefully prescribed, but still disruptive, halt to Washington's work. Department of Agriculture employee. Some of these shutdowns did not have an actual effect on the working population, meaning workers were not furloughed. Read More »

Germany's Social Democrats Party Votes For Formal Coalition Talks With Merkel


Even if efforts to set up a formal coalition pact fail and lawmakers elect Merkel chancellor of a minority government , she could broadly count on SPD and Green party support for her European agenda. The result is far from clear, despite an appeal from SPD leader Martin Schulz for party members to back a re-run of their "grand coalition" with the conservatives that has governed Germany for the past four years. Read More »

Marches supporting women, criticizing Trump held in Texas


As scores of people took part in Women's March demonstrations across the country, United States President Donald Trump touts "unprecedented economic success". The record crowds seen last year, however, are not expected this year, CBS News' Paula Reid reports . "We are demanding women's equality, women's rights, immigration rights, and we are going to continue to uphold the values that we hold dearly". Read More »

Government shuts down on one-year anniversary of Trump presidency


As the shutdown took effect, talks among Senate leaders were still happening on the Senate floor after a procedural vote late Friday lacked the 60 yes votes needed to advance the House's four-week funding bill. "Dreamers aren't bargaining chips " has been the mantra of Democrats who demand a "clean" DACA bill. What's also different about this shutdown is that everything is more forgettable in the frenetic news cycle of the Trump era. Read More »

Trump 'mentally sharp', but needs to lose weight


On Saturday, thirteen hours into the government shutdown, Schumer made a flagrant attempt to peel Trump away from his Republican colleagues and White House aides, casting rhetorical flies to try to hook the President into a deal his party may not support. Read More »

CNN doctor Sanjay Gupta claims Trump has heart disease


He also points out that it can be tricked by someone with a very high level of education. However, Dr Jackson added that Mr Trump could benefit from a lower-fat diet and more exercise. White House officials tried to offer clarity on the two-hour period Thursday morning that saw Trump move from requesting a briefing on a potential immigration breakthrough to graphically rejecting the agreement reached by Graham and Democratic Sen. Read More »

Lou Barletta: Dems Put Illegal Immigrants over American Citizens with Schumer's Shutdown


His failure to win passage by the U.S. Congress of a stopgap bill to maintain funding for the federal government further damaged his self-crafted image as a dealmaker who would fix the broken culture in Washington . Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Sen. Republicans were saddled with the blame, but most Americans suffered relatively minor inconveniences such as closed parks and delays in processing passport applications. Read More »

Donald Trump insists he exercises after physician's concerns

Ruben Gallego of Arizona told CNN . The anniversary is being marked with a second women's march that day . But visitors were turned away from the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia and the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor. Trump is more lucky than clever. "It's time for the next generation to take charge", said one activist. However, it is still in effect after a U.S. Read More »

Apple has just promised to pay a very big $38 billion tax bill


Tech giant Apple announced this week that it is planning to build a new corporate campus in the us which will put an estimated 20,000 Americans to work. Cook confirmed that the new campus will not be located in California or Texas, two states where the company already has a massive presence. Apple's announcement doesn't refer to the new campus as a second headquarters, although numerous media reports characterize it that way. Read More »

Soldier killed in ceasefire violation by Pakistan


In Hiranagar (Kathua), sources said, nine civilians suffered injuries and five of them were nomads which included two women. Nearly entire International Border in Jammu , Samba and Kathua districts and Line of Control in the twin border districts of Rajouri and Poonch virtually faced war-like situation with intense shelling by Pakistani Rangers and army, retaliated very effectively by the Indian Army. Read More »

US Government shutsdown as senate fails to agree on new budget


But the talks fell apart nearly as abruptly as they started. Immigration "has to be part of the package", he said . Republicans countered by noting that Democrats were needed to get the Senate bill past a filibuster. Lawmakers of both parties continued to mill about the Senate floor after the vote, suggesting a possible last-minute deal was in the works. ( Chuck Schumer , the top Democrat in the Senate, is seen as the prime opponent to the stopgap budget). Read More »

Why this is the "Trump shutdown"


Bill Keating said in a statement . He said he wanted to include any deal for Dreamers in a bigger legislative package that also boosted funding for a wall and tighter security measures along the US border with Mexico. But Democrats want this programme extended permanently. But Schumer said on the floor that Trump earlier Friday had walked away from a bipartisan deal in which Democrats even put the border wall on the table, and called the shutdown the "Trump shutdown". Read More »

United States government shuts down as funding deal is blocked


Federal employee groups were quick to condemn the lapse in appropriations. They won't be paid, and non-essential federal entities will close, including national parks and museums. The 2013 shutdown, which lasted 16 days is estimated to have cost the United States £2bn (£1.4bn) in lost productivity. Political damage could grow quickly if the closure is prolonged. Read More »

5 big moments from Donald Trump's first year in power


Mr Trump suffered a backlash over the comments and was accused of being racist , but his son called the suggestions "total nonsense". What I was not expecting was that Nielsen would raise a question about whether Norwegians are mostly white. Read More »

Turkey wants OK from Russian Federation and Iran for airstrikes on Syria


The YPG, which advocates for a free Kurdistan, cooperated significantly with the United States in operations against the Islamic State and has minimal contact with the Syrian dictatorship of Bashar al-Assad. The Syrian Kurdish YPG militia in the Afrin region said Turkish air strikes killed six civilians and three fighters there on Saturday. The operation started at 14:00 GMT on Saturday and over 70 Turkish warplanes conducted airstrikes in seven districts of Afrin, where 108 targets were ... Read More »

Aly Raisman delivers powerful testimony against abusive Team USA doctor

At least 85 victims have spoken and more have signed up to speak on Monday when the session is to resume, officials said . "Adult after adult protected you ", Raisman said. "WOW", the 23-year-old said, before tweeting, "Army of survivors". Nassar previously was sentenced to 60 years in prison in December on federal child pornography charges. Read More »

US urges Turkey not to take military action in Syria's Afrin


The operation could spill into a wider Turkish-Kurdish confrontation inside Turkey . " Manbij will follow", Erdogan said . The Free Syrian Army has also started to support the Turkish military in Afrin, the official said. "We are closely monitoring the development of the situation", the statement said. The United States has around 2,000 military personnel in Syria, deployed as part of the US-led coalition's campaign against Daesh (ISIS or ISIL) terrorists . Read More »

Turkish operation in Syria's Afrin has begun with heavy shelling: minister


Turkey says it is planning for military intervention in Syria's Kurdish-controlled Afrin and Manbij regions in response to a "threat" posed by USA -backed Kurdish militia fighters. In a stark contradiction, however, the Pentagon and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Wednesday that the USA was not creating an army or conventional border guard force. Read More »

US Vice President Visits Middle East Amid Tensions Over Jerusalem


Today U.S. Vice President Mike Pence will start a trip to the Middle East including stops in Egypt , Jordan and Israel. On the embassy, Pence played a steady role in pushing for the shift in US policy. It is not surprising that Palestinians are refusing to meet with him. He will visit the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial and the Western Wall, the holiest Jewish site where worshippers can pray. Read More »

USA government goes into first shutdown in five years after Senate vote


The Senate will reconvene on Saturday at noon. A partial shutdown of the US Government has begun after an eleventh-hour effort to secure a funding deal failed, marking a chaotic close to Donald Trump's first year as President. Once the government is funded again, the issue will disappear and have no effect on the midterms in November, despite the confident boasts of partisan Democrats. Read More »

The Bubble: 'President Trump is a white racist,' liberals say


Alex Nowrasteh, a researcher with the libertarian Cato Institute who has written about the lack of correlation between immigration and terrorism, was immediately critical of the latest government figures. Asked on the UK's Good Morning Britain TV show about the President's vulgar remarks about African nations last week Ivana Trump said she did not believe they showed he was racist . Read More »

Demonstrators denounce Trump, march for #MeToo movement across the US

But many at the demonstrations still shared their broad concerns about the direction of the country under the Trump administration, especially as it related to women's rights, immigration, diversity and freedom of the press. We run and win elected offices, from the days of Shirley Chisholm's historic presidential bid to Keisha Lance Bottoms's Atlanta Mayoral win. Organizers are striving to empower and enable women to vote in the 2018 midterm elections and, per their website , "launch ... Read More »

Tom Brady listed as questionable for AFC Championship vs. Jaguars


But instead, word of a glove on Brady's throwing hand brought immediate money in on the Jaguars , and the line dropped from 9 to 7½ and briefly to 7. "He paid really close attention to all the lessons I taught him when he was there". "Well, it's always good to have everybody practice to get their preparation and to get it with their teammates". Read More »