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Abbas warns of painful steps against Palestinian rival Hamas

He told Mr Abbas: "We will get it done.' The US president went on to say that 'hopefully something terrific can come out between the Palestinians and Israel ". Israel rejects the 1967 lines as a possible border, saying it would impose grave security risks. However, Monday's documents outlining Hamas's "principles and general policies" mark a major departure from the 1988 charter and call for establishing a Palestinian state on the pre-1967 war borders. Read More »

Energy projects in question as Liberals win BC minority

In September previous year, the Greens banned corporate and union donations. But B.C. British Columbia voters denied the B.C. Liberal party a new majority government, instead the province has its first minority government in 65 years as the Liberals squeaked out a razor-thin victory over the NDP on Tuesday, with the Green party holding the balance of power for the first time in Canadian history. Read More »

Colbert has 'something special' in mind for Trump after Comey firing

She joined Trump in professing bewilderment that Democrats who had blasted Comey for his handling of the Clinton investigation were now blasting him for firing Comey. "It's an excuse by the Democrats for having lost an election that they should've won", Trump said. Apparently, the 56-year-old was at the Los Angeles Field Office speaking with agents when the news broke. Read More »

Hamas chooses Ismail Haniya as new leader


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu slammed two US media outlets - CNN and The New York Times - for disseminating false reports about a document from Hamas, the largest of several Palestinian militant Islamist groups. The contrast between the Palestine Liberation Organization's (PLO) own evolution from the 1970s onward, and Hamas' apparent shift toward moderation, can not be ignored. Read More »

North Korea to seek extradition of 'Kim Jong Un assassination plot criminals'

The electoral environment did not result in a surge of support for Moon as evident in comparing his performance in 2012, where Moon captured 48% of the vote in his loss to Park. Separately, the CIA said on Wednesday it had established a Korea Mission Center to "harness the full resources, capabilities and authorities of the Agency in addressing the nuclear and ballistic missile threat posed by North Korea". Read More »

No practice round, no problem for Mickelson at Players

From the middle of the fairway, Fowler blocked it so badly to the right that it hit a cart path and went deep into the pines. In the past, Pete Dye's host course was known more for its closing holes than anything else. He has missed the cut each of the last two years. "These greens get pretty crusty and, historically, whenever firm Bermuda greens are crusty to where it's tough to set the putter down, I just struggle with my alignment and it just kind of throws me off". Read More »

James Comey FBI chief 'nauseous' at thought he swayed US election


Hosts swarmed around her during the interview at a women's conference in a similar manner that a bunch of hosts did a night before on Trump's weekend Civil War comments. The persistent questions from senators, and Comey's testimony, made clear that the Federal Bureau of Investigation director's decisions of last summer and fall continue to roil national politics. Read More »

Senate Votes to Confirm Lighthizer as Trade Representative


Under Reagan, Lighthizer served as deputy trade representative. Trump indicated in an interview with The Economist published on Thursday that he wanted to get the U.S. Lighthizer's philosophy, Rosenthal suggests, essentially boils down to: "How can we afford to be unilateral free traders when the Chinese don't reciprocate?" Gary Peters (D-Mich.), who spent the previous eight years in Congress fighting a Democratic White House on trade. Read More »

Kapil Mishra's attacker works with Aam Aadmi Party, say cops — AAP crisis

Earlier, Kapil Mishra on Tuesday approached Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) as he also accuses Kejriwal of accepting a bribe of Rs 2 crore by minister Satyendra Jain. Mishra also accused the AAP of planning attacks on him and said: "When I was attacked (on Wednesday evening), Sanjay Singh held a press conference instantly and said that the attacker was a Bharatiya Janta Party worker". Read More »

SNP win the Scottish council elections

Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson has challenged her party to redouble efforts over the next month. Opinion polls giving May's Tories a lead of nearly 20 points over their main rivals, the Labour Party, could be wrong because United Kingdom surveys were misleading in earlier elections, she will say, according to emailed extracts of her speech. Read More »

Sally Yates Testimony Blows Trump Russia Scandal Wide Open


I think Sally Yates has a real future in politics if that's what she wants. "It could very well slow down the investigation". She followed up on the conversation in a January 30 phone call . Her appearance has yet to be rescheduled. The committee announced Wednesday afternoon that the FBI's acting director Andrew McCabe would attend the briefing in Comey's place. Read More »

Gillibrand urges Senate GOP to reject 'cruel' health care plan

On Thursday, the American Health Care Act (AHCA) made it over the first hurdle when it passed the Republican-led House. House Republicans voted to approve the bill before the CBO could conduct a review of the latest version of the bill. "I've already made clear that I don't support the House Bill as now constructed because I continue to have concerns that this Bill does not do enough to protect Ohio's Medicaid expansion population", said Republican Senator Rob Portman. Read More »

Pyongyang unveils satellite photos of Thaad in S.Korea

It has taken a series of moves against South Korean firms seen as economic retaliation. South Korea says it needs Thaad to defend itself from North Korea, but China believes its radars threaten regional security. "President Moon said he understands China's interest in the THAAD deployment and its concerns, and said he hopes the two countries can swiftly get on with communication to further improve each other's understanding", Yoon told a briefing. Read More »

Paul Ryan says Republicans are on health care 'rescue mission'

Republicans cheered after the final votes were passed. Promises of what political consultants call "air cover" helped House GOP leaders get to the finish line in last week's Obamacare repeal-and-replace vote. The House faced a recess next week and administration officials anxious their window of opportunity could be closing. "We haven't heard yet officially from the White House whether President Trump will be marking that, but he does most years and we'll now see the action and guest list ... Read More »

Sean Spicer absent from briefings during key week for Trump

Former FBI director James Comey said in a farewell letter to colleagues that he will "be fine", and won't dwell on how he was sacked by President Donald Trump, CNN reported on Wednesday (May 10). Mr McCabe said it was not typical practice to tell a person they were not a target of an investigation. "I expect that." Trump also insisted that he didn't collude with Russian Federation, and that he wants the new director to do an investigation to prove that. Read More »

Senate Rejects Resolution to Remove Methane Emissions Regulations


Methane is a greenhouse gas that traps heat in the atmosphere at nearly 30 times the rate that carbon dioxide does. The outcome of Wednesday's vote is being lauded as positive news, as the Obama-era rule requires gas drillers to limit leaking, venting or burning methane, which is responsible for fueling climate change. Read More »

ITunes and Apple Music Coming to Microsoft's Windows Store

At the center of Microsoft's vision for Windows 10 is the upcoming Fall Creators Update, which is expected to arrive around September. The update "is a recognition that the vast majority of their customers are using Android and iOS (Apple) devices on mobile and they have to accommodate that", Ross Rubin, a Reticle Research analyst, told AFP. Read More »

Jeremy Corbyn: Labour faces challenge on 'historic scale' to win election

One of the most detrimental council losses for the party was Glasgow, Scotland's biggest city and once the staunchest of Labour strongholds. Leader Tim Farron told supporters his party was now "breathing down Labour's necks" but warned that the Prime Minister was still heading for a "coronation" in the General Election. Read More »

China's Silk Road forum latest effort to boost Xi's stature

In a serial called Belt and Road Bedtime Stories released by China Daily four days ago, an American dad tells his daughter that he's going to attend a forum in Beijing on Obor. Previous Chinese overseas investments have also earned a bad reputation for not delivering for local economies, said Marro. A visitor walks past a Turkish booth during the 21st Lanzhou Investment and Trade Fair in Lanzhou, northwest China's Gansu Province, July 7, 2015. Read More »

Vehicle carrying UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn runs over BBC cameraman's foot

Labour's election manifesto has been "unanimously" agreed after the party held its "Clause V' meeting that, according to its rules, must take place to sign off its plan for government". A separate source denied the leak had come from party headquarters and insisted no one there had the manifesto. At the same time, he will condemn the "bomb first, talk later" policies of recent British and United States governments and will promise to pursue an independent foreign policy "made in London ", ... Read More »

Trump Contradicts White House Statements, Says He Planned to Fire Comey Anyway

Democrats - and some Republicans - have accused Mr Trump of making his decision first, and going to the Justice Department for a justification second. We'll see what happens'. You know that, I know that. McCabe told Burr that he could not comment on any conversations between Trump and Comey. Asked about media reports that Comey, in his final days, had sought additional resources for the FBI's Russian Federation probe, McCabe said he was unaware of any such request and added that the ... Read More »

Hamas elects Ismail Haniya as new political chief

Hamas controls the Gaza Strip while Fatah, through the Palestinian National Authority, controls the West Bank. He lives modestly in the Shati refugee camp. Hamas has ruled Gaza since 2007, after securing an overwhelming victory in legislative elections the previous year and ending 40 years of political domination by its rival Fatah party. Read More »

Valls Supports Macron's Movement

A four-way battle in the first round of the French election polls was reduced on 23 April to a final run-off between pro-European Union centrist Emmanuel Macron, representing the nascent En Marche movement, and the far-right Marine Le Pen, who temporarily stepped down from the leadership of the Front Nationale party after the first round of voting. Read More »

Xamarin Live Player lets developers streamline iOS app development from a PC

This move helps Microsoft deliver on its pledge to have greater acceptance of the open-source community. Microsoft killed this feature in early Windows 10 builds, much to the chagrin of testers. Files will be given new status icons which show at a glance whether they are stored locally (green tick icon), or if they're in OneDrive (cloud icon). Read More »

Trump and Putin to meet in July, Russian state media says

Before that, the foreign minister had met with U.S. Vice President Michael Pence. NEW YORK (AP) — The White House is facing criticism for a possible security breach after it allowed a Russian news service photographer into the Oval Office to snap photos of President Donald Trump and a pair of top Russian officials. Read More »

White House advisers struggle to keep Comey story straight

Mr Comey is only the second FBI director in the agency's 109-year history to be fired by a sitting president, following Bill Clinton's decision to dismiss FBI chief William Sessions in 1993 over the misuse of FBI funds. Acting Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation Andrew McCabe Thursday said ongoing investigation into alledged links between White House staff and Russian Federation will continue. Read More »

South Korea's leader willing to visit North, talk to US, China

The election of South Korea's new president, Moon Jae-in, has given fresh hope of a thawing in relations with China, which have recently been strained due to the deployment of a controversial missile defense system in South Korea. Moon was chief of staff for the last liberal president, the late Roh Moo-hyun, who sought closer ties with North Korea by setting up large-scale aid shipments and working on now-stalled joint economic projects. Read More »

Acting FBI Chief: Comey Firing Has No Impact on Russia Probe


We have a diversity of opinions about many things, but I can confidently tell you that the majority, the vast majority of Federal Bureau of Investigation employees enjoyed a deep and positive connection to Director Comey". On Tuesday night, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said Trump based his decision on Rosenstein's recommendation. He promised he would tolerate no interference from the White House and would not provide the administration with updates on its progress. Read More »

Dems, Human Rights Advocates Rip Trump Over Duterte Invite


Presidential spokesperson Ernesto Abella said Duterte has not said "yes" to Trump's invitation but likes to accept the gesture. "Things have changed, there is a new leadership". "I said, Mr. President, I do not think that you can scare Kim Jung Un with firepower", Duterte said. Senator Christopher S. Murphy made a statement that said that we are watching the American Human Rights pulpit disintegrate into ash. Read More »

Trump just conceded he was lying about why he fired Comey

Trump echoed that argument in an NBC interview Thursday - while also insisting he always meant to fire Comey, undercutting the White House explanation that he acted on Rosenstein's advice. According to multiple, deeply sourced accounts over the past 24 hours, the decision to fire Comey was driven by Trump, and Trump alone. Rod Rosenstein , a man more used to beavering away in obscurity over case law, has been thrust into the middle of one of the biggest USA political upheavals in years ... Read More »

Banks hit hard to fund increase in Australia's spending

Mr Shorten has accused Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull of giving millionaires a tax cut by ending the levy. The Medicare levy will increase by 0.5 percentage points to 2.5% to fund for the National Disability Insurance Scheme, Morrison said. Read More »