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Dr. Blasey Ford & The Kavanaugh Hearings: With Special Guest, Molly Jong


The second allegation stems from a complaint raised by a Rhode Island man with Democrat senator Sheldon Whitehouse's office concerning a "rape on a boat in August of 1985", according to CNN . Kavanaugh has categorically denied the allegations, while Judge has issued a statement saying he has no memory of the incident. Ford cautioned the committee that she could not "remember as much as I would like to". Read More »

OnePlus 6T coming to India on October 17, alleged launch invite reveals


So far, OnePlus is expected to globally launch the upcoming flagship for the second week October, but this is the first indication of an India launch date. OnePlus 6T price in India is not known yet, but it will be exclusive to Amazon India as per a teaser on the e-tailer's website. While OnePlus 6's physical dimension is 55.7 x 75.4 x 7.8mm, it seems like OnePlus 6T's dimensions will be 157.5 x 75.7 x 8.2mm. Read More »

Oculus Quest All-in-One VR Gaming System Introduced


Within Insight, there is also a feature called Guardian that is created to avoid users from bumping into walls or other objects that might be on users way when they used Quest . This figure is well under what many VR fans expected the standalone HMD to cost, particularly in knowing that the headset is aiming for Rift-quality experiences. Read More »

Donald Trump expects second summit with Kim Jong-un soon


A South Korean parliament source also anticipated that the declaration ending the war could be made during Kim's planned visit to Seoul later this year, possibly in November. Various reports suggest that North Korea retains an estimated 20 to 60 nuclear warheads and there are facilities to produce more . Under the revised FTA, the United States will extend a 25 percent tariff on imports of South Korean pickup trucks by 20 years to 2041, while Seoul will double the number of USA cars ... Read More »

Kavanaugh clashes with Democratic senator over yearbook entries


During a testimony that one senator described as "riveting", Ford said she was "100 per cent certain" that Kavanaugh assaulted her in 1982, and offered clear descriptions of the things she saw, heard and felt during the incident. His freshman roommate at Yale University, James Roche, told the New Yorker that he never witnessed Kavanaugh engage in any sexual misconduct, but that he does recall him being "frequently, incoherently drunk". Read More »

Murkowski Says She Supports One-Week Delay On Kavanaugh Vote


Flake did vote to move the nomination out of the Senate Judiciary Committee, but his explanation that he will vote against Kavanaugh without such an investigation means that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is likely short the votes he needs in order for Kavanaugh to be confirmed. Read More »

Apple saved on cost of display screen in newest iPhones


In this post, you'll find the five best-selling iPhone XS cases and five best-selling iPhone XS Max cases on Amazon . But it was the iPhone Xs Max - with a 6.5-inch display that uses so-called OLED technology for richer colors - that pushed new pricing boundaries, starting at $1,099. Read More »

New ANONYMOUS sexual assault complaint against Brett Kavanaugh emerges


Previously the pair had been friendly, she said, but that time Mr. Judge blanched at seeing her and appeared uncomfortable. "'What am I going to do with this secret?'" The nominee has vehemently denied all of the allegations ahead of the Senate Judiciary Committee that was to take place on Thursday where one of his accusers, Christine Blasey Ford , was to also testify to senators. Read More »

Brett Kavanaugh faces Senate committee vote


I didn't tell anyone, and you're telling all women that they don't matter, that they should just stay quiet because if they tell you what happened to them you are going to ignore them". Joe Manchin said he supported Flake's call to push off a full Senate vote until the FBI investigates Ford's allegation. Trump indicated he was sticking with Kavanaugh, saying he has not thought "even a little bit" about replacing him. Read More »

How Rachel Mitchell Interviewed Christine Blasey Ford During Senate Testimony


Mitchell avoided a high-decibel grilling Thursday and instead displayed a considerate, business-like manner befitting an experienced sex crimes prosecutor. He helped represent a priest who was prosecuted by Mitchell in 2004 for abusing a boy. She was named the County Attorney's Office Prosecutor of the Year in 2006; in 2003, she was recognized by then-Gov. Read More »

Christine Blasey Ford's attorneys release polygraph results on Kavanaugh allegations


The president made the comments in a almost 90-minute, often rambling press conference following his meetings with world leaders at the United Nations in NY. According to NBC, the latest complaint says the assault took place whilst Judge Kavanaugh was drunk. In Kavanaugh's opening statement, he will "categorically and unequivocally" deny Ford's allegations. Read More »

Facebook launches new standalone VR headset 'Oculus Quest'


The controller also resembled the one that came with the Gear VR, Oculus' Samsung headset that required a phone to be slotted in, which meant the games available couldn't be complicated. This headset will be launching with 50 games, many of which are Rift favourites. Oculus Quest will cost $399 (about £302, AU$550). Given its mobility (and thus its need to preserve battery life), it will probably not be as powerful as a Rift-ready PC. Read More »

Democrats Walk Out of Senate Judiciary Committee Meeting


Sheldon Whitehouse (R.I.), and Mazie Hirono - left after committee chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) began speaking ahead of a hearing to decide whether Kavanaugh, accused of sexual assault while in high school by Christine Blasey Ford , should receive a nomination. Read More »

Oculus hopes its $399 headset will bring virtual reality to the masses

The Oculus Touch controllers have also been slightly tweaked, and they are also compatible with Rift . The Oculus Quest will launch in the spring of 2019 for US$399 for a 64GB model. It utilizes the inside-out tracking method with the help of four ultra-wide cameras that scan all the objects within one's environment in order to deliver accurate real-time positioning capability to the headset. Read More »

Donald Trump Has "No Plans" To Meet Hassan Rouhani "Despite Requests"


Iran's behavior will also be a major focus Wednesday when Trump leads a meeting of the U.N. Security Council. It will happen. I believe they have no choice. In a blunt attack on China , the U.S. president told the council that China wanted to see him suffer an elections setback because of his hard line on trade. Read More »

Samsung Galaxy S10 will be available in three variants


Elaborating on the features, Sharma said that while the 24MP main camera will allow taking 78-degree wide snaps/videos in low light conditions, the 8MP ultra-wide camera will allow 120-degree wide view, that is, the same viewing angle as the human eye. Read More »

GOP bringing in Arizona prosecutor for hearing


Fred Thompson , who would himself become a Republican senator from Tennessee and a noted film and television actor, asked questions during the Watergate hearings on behalf of GOP members of the Select Committee on Presidential Campaign Activities. Read More »

See four months of Brett Kavanaugh’s calendar from 1982

Rambling and often incoherent, President Trump made his United Nations press conference mainly about himself and not about defending his Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh . She did not specifically claim Mr Kavanaugh took part or that he was aware of her rape, but said that he and other boys in his circle engaged in similar behaviour. Read More »

Russia to give Syria S-300 air defence after accusations against Israel


Russia's S-300 delivery shows Israel who's in charge, but not aimed at hurting relations - analysts Russia's decision to boost Syrian air defenses in response to the downing of an Il-20 plane amid an Israeli raid is meant to sting, but not pose a serious threat to Israel's national security, experts told RT. Read More »

Google changes search engine: appears new


A small slider on the lower-left corner of each card will let you increase or decrease the amount of news you choose to see in your mobile newsfeed. Tap on one of these videos and you can watch it in its entirety. Many might not know the answer, but here we tell you. The Discover feed will roll out to the Google homepage for all mobile users. Google loves renaming things over and over again, and today is a new example of that. Read More »

Jeremy Corbyn heads to Brussels to meet EU's chief Brexit negotiator


The government says it would prefer to establish a multi-lateral agreement with the whole of the EU but would be willing to negotiate flight rights with individual countries within the union. Corbyn is to meet Selmayr, the secretary-general of the European commission, who is in charge of no-deal planning, for an hour before an additional hour of discussions with Barnier. Read More »

Supreme Court's Ginsburg voices support for #MeToo on eve of Kavanaugh hearing


In evidence for the hearing, Kavanaugh acknowledges drinking in high school with his friends, but says he has never done anything "remotely resembling" the sexual misconduct alleged by his chief accuser. Lawyer Michael Avenatti sent the allegations made by his client, Julie Swetnick , to the Senate Judiciary Committee conducting Kavanaugh's confirmation hearing and demanded an FBI investigation into the claims. Read More »

Google now builds its own AMP stories for search


Today, the company announced a bunch of new features and updates to Search on several platforms. Those bubbly recommendations for alternative search terms already present on Mobile are also coming to Google Images on the desktop. Google is the most visited website in the world. "Providing greater access to information is fundamental to what we do, and there are always more ways we can help people access the information they need". Read More »

Christine Blasey Ford says alleged Kavanaugh attack ‘drastically altered my life’

Murkowski isn't the only prominent Republican who has expressed reservations about Kavanaugh or his confirmation process. Judge Kavanaugh has yet to respond formally to this specific allegation . There was no immediate response by the committee to the AP's request for comment. The woman, Julie Swetnick , detailed her allegations in a statement to the Judiciary Committee a day before the Republican-led panel is set to hold a high-stakes hearing in which Mr Kavanaugh and another ... Read More »

Third Kavanaugh accuser submits allegation to Senate panel

Said Trump: "They could have pushed it through two and a half weeks ago and you wouldn't be talking about it right now, which is frankly what I would have preferred". "I categorically and unequivocally deny the allegation against me by Dr. Ford", he said. When asked Tuesday by reporters in Washington if she would support an FBI investigation into the allegations, Murkowski responded "It would sure clear up all the questions, wouldn't it?" Ramirez's lawyer, John Clune, said in ... Read More »

Another woman accuses Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct

Donald Trump, asked about whether he might be persuaded to withdraw Kavanaugh's nomination, said: "If I thought he was guilty of something like this. But the third allegation is more serious than the other two. "They have predetermined the outcome by declaring that they're going to have a vote on Friday", one day after Ford's scheduled testimony, Robbin said. Read More »

Google is adding a slew of new features to Search


The main objective of revamping the search engine is to assist its users while they conduct long-term queries that can not be answered by a solitary search. Google is integrating Snapchat and Instagram type Stories into the Discover tab and Images that give more information on a topic. Similarly, you will see more Stories in the search results, including AMP Stories . Read More »

Senate Judiciary chairman: No delay to Kavanaugh hearing despite new allegations


Attorney Michael Avenatti provided a statement from his client to the committee. In the sworn declaration posted on Twitter, Swetnick alleges that from 1981 to 1983, she went to several parties that Kavanaugh also attended. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., angrily accused Democrats of slinging "all the mud they could manufacture" and promised a full Senate vote soon, but specified no date. Read More »