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Combien va-t-il toucher à la retraite — François Hollande


A 9 h 30, les 17 ministres et 20 secrétaires d'Etat se sont retrouvés autour de la grande table du Salon Murat, aux côtés du chef de l'Etat et de son Premier ministre Bernard Cazeneuve. Pas question d'imiter son prédécesseur Nicolas Sarkozy qui était sorti de son silence, dès l'été 2012, pour réclamer une intervention en Syrie. C'est donc déjà une première piste. Read More »

UK's health system recovering from attack


Laurent Marechal, a cyber security expert at McAfee, said: "We still don't know if this is worsening or easing". He said the main challenge was the fast-spreading capabilities of the malware, but added that, so far, not many people have paid the ransoms that the virus demands. Read More »

Cyberattack hits 200000 users in over 150 countries


This is already believed to be the biggest online extortion attack ever recorded, disrupting computers that run factories, banks, government agencies and transport systems in nations as diverse as Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, Spain, India and the U.S. Read More »

Trump acknowledges his White House may be 'combative'


Lavrov dismissed the idea that President Trump would consider it necessary to probe Russia's role in US politics. SIEGEL: Well, how usual or unusual is it for you to be only hearing about a meeting between, in this case, the Russian foreign minister and the president from the Russian side? Lavrov is the highest-ranking Russian official to visit Washington since Trump came to power in January, and earned a rare invitation to the Oval Office for a head-to-head. Read More »

Iraqi forces resume Mosul operation


Iraq's prime minister has said there will be no lingering U.S. combat troop presence in his country after the battle to remove Daesh is finished, contradicting earlier reports. "When the army came we raised the white flag", he said. The numbers were wound down eventually to 40,000 before the complete withdrawal in 2011 under Obama. Read More »

Trump says he will make 'fast decision' on Comey replacement

Turns out we didn't have to imagine - as Comey publicly disclosed in March, the FBI's counterintelligence investigation into the Trump campaign's ties with Russian Federation began last July . It is likely Mr Comey will be asked about the Russian Federation probe and possibly Mr Trump's claim on Twitter that there were recordings of the pair's conversations, a comment which the president has refused to elaborate upon. Read More »

Trump warns Comey over leaks to media — Federal Bureau of Investigation chief sacking

Comey declined, offering instead "honest". In her most extensive remarks since the divisive presidential election, Clinton says that Comey's email probe announcement in October contributed to her election defeat. William Brangham recaps the conflicting statements and Judy Woodruff gets an update from Lisa Desjardins and John Yang. Rosenstein wrote a memorandum - faulting Comey's handling of a probe of Hillary Clinton's emails - that the White House released Tuesday to justify Comey's ... Read More »

Syrian Kurdish forces say they will push on to IS capital

Felat spoke at a press conference in Tabqa, which the SDF captured from IS on Wednesday along with its nearby dam. In addition to the strategic significance of Tabqa because of its air field which was retaken by coalition-partnered ground forces on March 27 and the dam, which separates Lake Assad from the Euphrates River, the coalition claims ISIS had moved fighters from its de facto capital in Raqqa to Tabqa . Read More »

Microsoft shows off Windows 10 ARM update

Going forward, Linux foundation joined Microsoft as platinum member during Microsoft's Connect developer conference in NY late past year. SEATTLE-At Microsoft's annual developer conference here, we got a first look at the next major update of the Windows 10 operating system. Read More »

Shimkus calls vote for health care change a promise fulfilled

And the 150 million people with employer-provided coverage would be at risk of a return of annual and lifetime limits that stop their coverage when they need it most. Then there is Medicaid. For example: one easy trick could pay you as much as $16,122 more. each year! Those are separate from the tax credits that help pay premiums. Read More »

Conditions behind attack may be hard to mimic

The malicious software behind the onslaught appeared to exploit a vulnerability in Microsoft Windows that was supposedly identified by the US National Security Agency for its own intelligence-gathering purposes and was later leaked to the internet. Read More »

Activists say Kurdish-led forces advance on IS-held Raqqa


Erdogan, who is to meet with Trump during a visit May 16 to Washington, is expected to express his anger at the USA president's decision to arm Kurdish fighters in Syria in preparation for an attack on Raqqa, the Syrian city serving as the capital of the Islamic State (ISIS). Read More »

World's biggest cyberattack hits 150 countries and the threat is 'escalating'

Eleven regional health boards as well as NHS National Services and the Scottish Ambulance Service were affected in an unprecedented cyber attack that hit scores of countries on Friday. This one worked because of a "perfect storm" of conditions, including a known and highly risky security hole in Microsoft Windows, tardy users who didn't apply Microsoft's March software fix, and malware created to spread quickly once inside university, business or government networks. Read More »

We are not good in the penalty box, blasts Pep Guardiola


City produced an impressive all-round team performance but De Bruyne singled out David Silva for special praise. "Manchester United are looking to add more creativity to their midfield, and Monaco star Silva, who could fetch £70million, is on their radar". Read More »

Pens drop game 1 to Ottawa in OT


Nothing beats the trap like speed and instead of using that in Game 1, they allowed the Senators to muck up the ice surface and slow them down. Saturday's game was a odd one for the Penguins . Because they're basically conceding goals at the same rate they're scoring them, the Sens have been involved in a lot of close games: Nine of their 12 games this postseason have been decided by one goal, and six of those nine games have gone into overtime. Read More »

Syrian Kurds clear mines after taking town, dam from IS

Coalition spokesman Col. John Dorrian says the capture of Tabqa is "yet another victory" for the Kurdish-led forces - one that also averted a humanitarian disaster. Erdogan has shown no signs of backing away from his demand that the US break ties with the YPG, which is viewed in Turkey as linked to the PKK, or Kurdistan Workers Party. Read More »

The WannaCry ransomware attack has spread to 150 countries

A " patch " is a piece of software created to update a computer program or its supporting data, to fix or improve it. Pictures posted on social media showed screens of NHS computers with images demanding payment of Dollars 300 (275 euros) in Bitcoin, saying: "Ooops, your files have been encrypted!" "The impact is minimal as we also keep offline record of FIRs and other documents", Lakshmi added. Read More »

China to Take US Beef by July 16


China will speed up the approvals of bio-engineered agricultural products from United States companies, which are pending licences. The beef announcement came with another tasty morsel for the Bakken. Under the newly announced deals, China set a deadline for fulfilling its promises to allow American beef and said it would speed up consideration of pending American applications to offer bio-engineered seeds in China . Read More »

Ransomware virus hits Maha Police dept, real damage to be known today


The virus took control of users' files, demanding payments; Russian Federation and the United Kingdom were among the worst-hit countries. Hundreds of surgeries and chemotherapy sessions were suspended due to the attack, as health facilities are now relying on computer systems to schedule and monitor most of their processes. Read More »

Elgin-area congressman: If Trump has tapes, Oversight Committee should have them

Republican Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska, a critic of Trump in the past, said Comey's firing "exacerbates the erosion of trust" in public institutions. Rosenstein did not specifically recommend firing Comey in his memo. Trump campaign rallies were defined by regular, ritualistic violence, directed verbally against journalists and physically against protesters. Read More »

White House refuses to say if conversations are being taped

Comey wouldn't give that assurance, according to the account of the dinner provided by Comey associates the Times spoke with. Trump's tweet raised questions about whether or not his discussions with Comey were in fact recorded - and what Comey said to Trump during those conversations. Read More »

Cybersecurity experts braced for new wave of hacking victims

Monday was expected to be a busy day, especially in Asia which may not have seen the worst of the impact yet, as companies and organizations turned on their computers. Use a reputable security software to prevent attacks in the future. Europol provides free decryption downloads for most ransomware already detected, though not yet for this particular attack. Read More »

Tennis World Champion Serena Williams has some fantastic news


In January this year, Williams won the Australian Open which earned her her 23rd Grand Slam single title, and it just so happens that she was two months into her pregnancy at the time. Victoria Azarenka , a former No. 1 player and two-time Grand Slam champion, left the circuit in June and gave birth to a son, Leo , in December. The next Grand Slam tournament this year is the French Open, which starts in May. Read More »

Government Activates Response Mechanism To Prevent Cyber Attack

The NSA has also been held partly to blame for the attack because it had not alerted Microsoft about the weakness in its system until the NSA's software that exploited it had been stolen and leaked to the public. Renault halted production at some factories to stop the virus from spreading, a spokesman said Saturday, while Nissan's United Kingdom vehicle plant in Sunderland, in northeast England, was affected without causing any major impact on business, an official said. Read More »

E. Macron : passage de flambeau pour le 8-Mai


Ce dernier avait accédé à l'Elysée à 48 ans, devenant le plus jeune président élu de la Ve République. L'abstention est particulièrement élevée parmi les électeurs qui avaient voté Jean-Luc Mélenchon au premier tour: 24% d'entre-eux ne se sont pas déplacés ce 7 mai. Read More »

Hamas Elects New Politburo Chief: Haniyeh Replaces Meshal as Political Leader

Islamic Jihad's deputy leader, Ziad al-Nakhala said his movement rejects what he described as Hamas's new policy of easing its stand on the Zionist entity. According to the Protocol on Economic Relations, a.k.a. the Paris Protocol, signed by Israel and the PLO in April 1994, Israel collects and transfers to the Palestinian Authority the import taxes on goods that were shipped there, and the income taxes collected from PA residents employed in Israel and the Israeli settlements. Read More »

Kurdish fighters are not human, Turkey tells US

Its leaders have railed against any strategy that, in their view, would involve the US using one terrorist group to fight another. Ankara wants the decision reversed, concerned that the weapons will end up in the hands of Kurdish militants in Turkey. Read More »