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Guardiola: Vincent is so important for us


Sergio Aguero threatened twice in the opening few minutes as City started at pace, first volleying a hard half-chance wide from Kevin De Bruyne's pass and then turning his defender and sending a low, angled shot spinning wide. After that it wasn't easy, but we could use the counter-attack and had space between the lines. Guardiola won the Champions League with Barcelona on two occasions but failed to do so with Bayern Munich and faces a challenging task in attempting to get City to the ... Read More »

Trump Reverses Views on Russia, China


The UN Security Council has imposed six sets of sanctions against the North since its first nuclear test in 2006 - all of which have failed to halt its drive for what it insists are defensive weapons. "One thing I know for sure is that given the size of the USA and Chinese economies, the world is watching the two of us because everyone has a stake in our individual and joint success", Lew said. Read More »

Alabama lawmakers moving forward after Bentley resignation


He said he had confronted the governor about his relationship with a staffer. Indeed, Bentley pleaded guilty to failing to file a major contribution report and knowingly converting campaign contributions to personal use. Tuesday was a busy day for new Governor Kay Ivey, her first full day as Alabama's chief executive. Texts between Rebekah Mason and Robert Bentley . Read More »

Ecuador's Opposition Demands Recount As Moreno Declares Victory

Ruling-party candidate Lenin Moreno, the apparent victor in Sunday's tight race, said he would allow him to stay. Moreno, 64, won the first-round vote with 39 percent to Lasso's 28 percent. President Rafael Correa , who backs Moreno, immediately celebrated. Some 12.8 million voters were eligible to cast ballots in the election to determine President Rafael Correa's successor, who will take office on May 24. Read More »

Estes wins congressional seat in hard-fought election

Ted Cruz, in the flesh, at a rally for Mr. Estes. Thompson said he plans to run for Congress again in 2018. Estes, however, is set to prevail by less than 7 points, a warning sign for the House Republican majority less than 100 days into the Trump administration. Read More »

HRW: Insufficient church security in spite of threats in Egypt

The Patriarch, who was celebrating mass in the Cathedral of St. Mark at the time of the explosion there, narrowly escaped with his life. He said Sunday's attacks were not altogether unexpected given recent attacks against churches in Egypt , notably last December's blast at Ss Peter and Paul, in Cairo , the capital. Read More »

McCain: North Korea 'first real test' for Trump

There is evidence for both hypotheses in the way Trump now talks about military action. What I do is authorize our military. "Why would I call China a currency manipulator when they are working with us on the North Korean problem?" "The unlearned man in the White House is oblivious to the real world around him as it seems are the leaders in both U.S. Read More »

Japan PM strongly urges N. Korea to refrain from further provocative actions

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) indicated he would prefer a diplomatic solution, saying "China is the key", but added that the USA had the ability to take military action to eliminate North Korea's nuclear facilities. Pointing to the quarter-century since North Korea first obtained nuclear weapons, the Vice President said a period of patience followed. They included a new short-range missile and the country's latest submarine-launched missile. Read More »

Trump on protests demanding he release his taxes: 'The election is over'


More than 180 protests were planned across 48 states on Saturday - including in Montana. Trump tweeted Sunday morning, presumably talking about the Tax Marches that occurred in over 150 cities on Saturday. For the past 40 years, every US president and presidential candidate has released tax documents. Among other things, Trump's critics argue that the tax returns could reveal potential conflicts of interest with actions he takes as commander in chief. Read More »

Turkey referendum: Erdogan declares victory

Here's everything you need to know. The "Yes" campaign won 51.3 percent of the vote against 48.7 percent for "No", the election commission said in figures quoted by state news agency Anadolu, in a count based on 99 percent of the ballot boxes. Read More »

Tillerson: Assad used chemical weapons at least 50 times

Putin has now found himself in a trap: Abandoning Assad would amount to recognition that the Kremlin's policy was wrong, while maintaining support for the Syrian ruler could risk destroying any chance for a detente with the US and raise the threat of a military confrontation. Read More »

North Korea warns against U.S. 'hysteria' or else 'face retaliation'

It's true that North Korea is not an existential threat to the United States at this time. In the end, however, they settled on a policy that appears to represent continuity. He vowed North Korea will keep building up its nuclear arsenal in "quality and quantity". The dire warning comes amid fears that North Korea is readying another nuclear test, possibly as soon as this weekend. Read More »

Kompany scores as Manchester City climb to third with Southampton victory

But before next season City have a week to define this one. "The problem is the past two or three years where he has missed a lot of football". Last season, they went out in the (last 16) against Bayern Munich. City head into a huge week, which sees them face Arsenal in the FA Cup semi-final before hosting Manchester United in the league, on the back of a 3-0 victory over Southampton . Read More »

North Korea's Latest Missile Firing was a Dud


Hill said the threat posed by North Korea now was greater than in the past because of the country's recent successful missile tests. Another missile test from Sinpo failed earlier this month, when the rocket spun out of control and plunged into the ocean. Read More »

United States weighs options after North Korea missile test

Citing unnamed intelligence officials, NBC News reported Thursday that the USA was "prepared to launch a preemptive strike with conventional weapons" against North Korea in order to prevent an imminent nuclear test. Pence said that under Trump's leadership, "our resolve has never been stronger, our commitment to this historic alliance with the courageous people of South Korea has never been stronger and with your help and God's help, freedom will ever prevail on this peninsula". Read More »

WikiLeaks founder retorts to Ecuadorean opposition candidate

Earlier, a jubilant Lasso claimed victory and told supporters in Guayaquil that he would free political prisoners and heal divisions created by 10 years of iron-fisted rule by Correa. "Everyone will have a new opportunity and we will seek dialogue and harmony", said Moreno. Close to 12.5 million Ecuadoreans in the country, along with nearly 400,000 emigrants around the world, were eligible to vote in Sunday's election. Read More »

China, US working on 'North Korea problem'

US Vice President Mike Pence walks with Commander General Vincent K. Brooks as he arrives at Camp Bonifas near the truce village of Panmunjom, in Paju, South Korea. He is in South Korea as part of a 10-day tour of Asia. How North Korea would respond to even a limited strike is unknown, but it threatened on Friday to "ruthlessly ravage" the United States if Washington chooses to attack. Read More »

VP Mike Pence is in South Korea amid the North's provocations

Administration officials aren't ruling out the use of force and point to the president's decision to strike Syria as an example of his willingness to take action to advance US interests. McMaster said the launch "fits a pattern of provocative and destabilizing and threatening behavior on the part of the North Korean regime". "China is the key", Senator John McCain, chairman of the Armed Services Committee, said yesterday on NBC. Read More »

N Korea flaunts military might, warns US

The celebrations of the 105 birth anniversary of Kim Il-sung, the founding father of the reclusive state and the grandfather of incumbent North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, was also marked by warnings to the U.S. "Given the size, it looks like it contains a new ballistic missile with a range of 6,000 kilometers", Shin In-kyun, another military expert in the region, told the New York Times (paywall). Read More »

Macron favorite in French election, Le Monde poll says

France's presidential candidates have squared off in a televised debate ahead of elections set to take place later this month. "I don't want to be the vice chancellor of Angela Merkel", she said, referring to the German leader. But lesser-known rivals stood out in the debate - notably far left candidates Jean-Luc Melenchon and Philippe Poutou, with their rhetoric for the working classes and jabs at the frontrunners. Read More »

Wanted Isco seeks long-term Real Madrid stay

It's obviously a huge result for the team in the race for La Liga, and to do it like that with bench players is impressive. Isco's late goal helped protect Real's slender three-point lead over rivals Barcelona at the top of La Liga and Marcelo believes the European champions can take nothing for granted as the season nears its conclusion. Read More »

Vin Diesel Almost Wasn't Dom In 'The Fast And The Furious'

Cipher also remotely takes command of a submarine that winds up chasing down our F&F heroes over miles of ice, with the submarine chase sequence easily topping the ludicrousness of all past Fast and the Furious action sequences. The fact that Walker died while going 94 miles per hour in the type of souped-up speedster that is the signature and lifeblood of the FF series only made that reality more harsh. Read More »

Senate confirms Trump pick Neil Gorsuch to Supreme Court


Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, meanwhile, cast Gorsuch's confirmation as "another promise President Trump has fulfilled to the American people". "Our democracy simply can not afford a Supreme Court Justice who may bring his own political views into the courtroom". Some Republicans say that the vacancy on the Supreme Court was an important factor in Trump's victory in November, since the prospect of putting a conservative on the court helped evangelicals and other ... Read More »

Gorsuch heads for confirmation as Senate tears up own rules


The Senate's vote was mostly along party lines. "The only way he could be confirmed was in fact to wreck the rules", Connecticut Democratic Sen. His passing prompted a showdown between then President Barack Obama and the Republican-controlled chamber that confirms Supreme Court nominees. Read More »

South African President Jacob Zuma: Protesters racists


PETER GRANITZ, BYLINE: Today is President Zuma's 75th birthday. A group of EFF activists carried a coffin draped in the South African flag. Early Wednesday morning marchers started gathering at Church Square and are scheduled to march to the Union Building, which houses President Zuma's office at lunch time. Read More »

Senate Confirms Neil Gorsuch to US Supreme Court


Then-US President Barack Obama nominated Merrick Garland a year ago but the Republican-controlled Senate never gave Garland a hearing. Democrats had been filibustering Gorsuch's nomination for several days before the GOP voted to change the confirmation rules. Read More »

DHS chief: No wall from sea to shining sea

Kelly had few details about the size and scope of the wall when he testified in front of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, saying the administration would rely on the input of those working on the border for the specifics. Read More »

Amid Tensions, Pence Visits Military Camp Near Korean DMZ

The U.S. moves an huge warship to the waters off the peninsula in a display of military might. Korean and US military authorities confirmed that the missile test failed, exploding nearly immediately after it was launched. North Korea's military parade on Saturday included what looked like intercontinental ballistic missiles. A nuclear test, though, would be a different case, the official added. Read More »

Rouhani to run for second term as president of Iran


Ahmadinejad, who announced a few days ago he was running for a third presidential term, added the United States air strike would have occurred even if Hillary Clinton won the United States presidential election in November. The Iranian Defense Ministry has showcased its recent technological achievements, including a jet designed indigenously for training purposes and other items that were being made public for the first time . Read More »

Passover seders bring food, people, religion together


On the evening of April 10, 2017 , Jews around the world will begin the week-long celebration of the holiday of Passover (Pesach-פֶּסַח in Hebrew). The only redeeming feature of the whole ugly mess is that God does not exist, and that the story of Exodus , like most of the Bible, both Old and New Testament, is nothing but the irrational fever dream of ignorant and superstitious men. Read More »

'We can't have this relationship with Russia' amid tensions on Syria

And Putin , who USA intelligence agencies say tried to help Trump get elected, insisted that relations with the US had only gone downhill since Trump took office in January. The health minister in Turkey, which treated numerous attack's victims and conducted autopsies on others, said Tuesday that test results conducted on victims confirmed sarin gas was used. Read More »

North Korea missile testing has Sen. Fischer's attention

The news comes just a day after North Korea's latest launch of a ballistic missile, which flew 60 kilometers before landing in the East Sea. Most of North Korea's missiles use liquid propellant, which usually must be added on the launch pad before the weapon is fired. Read More »