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Trusts were told about security patch last month — NHS cyberattack

He added that the Cyber Swachhta Kendra - government's portal on information about cyber security - is being updated on regular basis since Saturday. Senior US security officials held another meeting in the White House Situation Room on Saturday, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the NSA were working to help mitigate damage and identify the perpetrators of the massive cyber attack, said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss internal deliberations. Read More »

Comey Should Testify in Public, Says Newt Gingrich

President Donald Trump on Thursday acknowledged for the first time that the ongoing investigation into Russian interference in last year's election was on his mind when he dismissed the man overseeing the probe. "No one has ever achieved anything significant without a chorus of critics standing on the sidelines explaining why it can't be done", Trump said. Read More »

Microsoft says ransomware attack should be a 'wake-up call' for governments

Microsoft's lawyer says governments should " report vulnerabilities" that they discover to software companies, "rather than stockpile, sell, or exploit them". "It won't be too late as long as they're not infected ". For Sophos customers, keep checking the Wana Decrypt0r 2.0 Ransomware Knowledge Base where we'll be issuing updates . Read More »

Reach of 'Ransomware' Attack Could Expand, Experts Warn

The new infections were largely in Asia, which had been closed for business when the malware first struck. "We should expect similar attacks regularly in the coming days and weeks", Giullaume Poupard, head of French government cyber security agency ANSSI, said . Read More »

Global ransomware virus 'Wannacry' found in Indian cyberspace

M - A global cyber attack leveraging hacking tools believed to have been developed by the U.S. National Security Agency has infected tens of thousands of computers in almost 100 countries, disrupting Britain's health system and global shipper FedEx, reports Reuters . Read More »

President Trump Cites 'Made Up' Russia Story in Interview on Comey Firing

But Trump's team recognizes that they've been forced on the defensive. Either the president is surreptitiously taping guests in the White House, or he's bluffing to get some retweets. Neither appearance garnered much news coverage. The Illinois lawmaker asked for confirmation of any taping system in any location, and any tapes or recordings of White House conversations, particularly with Comey, former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, whom Trump fired on February 13, and with Russian ... Read More »

You Can Continue Work On-The-Go Soon On Windows 10


Sometime around September (presumably), Microsoft will release the next major update to Windows 10, the Fall Creators Update. In fact, the company had some exciting news on their next Windows 10 update , their Mixed Reality headsets and the progression of AI at the company. Read More »

Comey was taken aback by Trump request for loyalty pledge

The Trump administration has been dealing with the political fallout from the decision to fire Comey for the past two days. The FBI has confirmed an investigation is continuing and a number of congressional committees are also looking into the Russian connection. Read More »

Trump say it's possible he could pick FBI head by next week

But the Kushner theory aside, what is perhaps most interesting about the decision to go nuclear this week on Comey was the pre-announcement calm inside the White House. Mr. Trump abruptly fired Mr. Comey on Tuesday, creating an uproar among Capitol Hill Democrats and the Washington news media. Also, it is telling that two of Mr Trump's most vocal critics within the Republican Party, Senator Susan Collins of ME and Senator Lindsey Graham of SC, both embraced Mr Comey's termination. Read More »

Celtics power past Wizards in Game 7, 115-105

Hopefully, the trend continues and team walks off the court Monday night as the next opponents of the Cleveland Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference Finals. But Olynyk then took over. In Game 1, Markieff Morris left the game with an ankle injury after landing on Al Horford's foot after a jump shot. "He was the difference today - a huge difference". Read More »

It's far from case closed on Trump, Russia

Rep. Joseph Crowley (D-Jackson Heights), the Democratic Caucus chairman. However, Trump rebuked any such claims and said that Comey was sacked because he was not doing a good job. Graham says that means ruling out former Rep. Mike Rogers of MI or Sen. Rogers chaired the House intelligence committee; Cornyn is the Senate's No. Read More »

WannaCry ransomware not to impact Indian ATMs much: RS Prasad


The state railway company and major telecoms firm Megafon were also hit. Europol chief Rob Wainwright said more than 200,000 victims had been hit in more than 150 countries. In Britain, the National Cyber Security Center said it is "working round the clock" with experts to restore vital health services. Probably nothing good. Read More »

North Korea blasts off 'new type' of missile in Kusong

If it were fired properly, it could have traveled about 2,500 miles, according to experts . The test "represents a level of performance never before seen from a North Korean missile", aerospace engineer John Schilling writes on the US-Korea Institute's blog 38 North . Read More »

Burr: No evidence so far of Trump campaign-Russia collusion

On Thursday, Trump contradicted that story, saying he had planned to fire Comey anyway, and The Washington Post reported that Rosenstein threatened to resign over the White House's inaccurate portrayal of his role. He said Mr Comey had requested the dinner because he wanted to keep his Federal Bureau of Investigation job. Mr Trump allegedly asked Mr Comey to "pledge loyalty" during a White House dinner, but the former FBI Director felt uncomfortable doing so. Read More »

International hunt to find culprits of global cyber attack

Russia, Ukraine, India and Taiwan were the most seriously affected countries, according to cyber security company Kaspersky Lab. "For users that are rightfully concerned about another WannaCry wave, updating their system to remove the vulnerability that it targets and blocking SMB traffic (Ports 139 and/or 445) to any system that can't be updated is critically important", he said . Read More »

Beware of the Recent Cyberattack and Protect Your Photo Archive

In China, "hundreds of thousands" of computers at almost 30,000 institutions and organizations were infected by late Saturday, according to Qihoo 360, one of China's largest providers of antivirus software. If you're on an older version of Windows, it's generally a bit trickier to reset your computer, often involving the original discs (remember those?!). Read More »

North Korea accuses Central Intelligence Agency of plot to assassinate Kim Jong


North Korea issued a rare direct criticism of China May 3, through a commentary saying its "reckless remarks" on the North's nuclear program are testing its patience and could trigger unspecified "grave" consequences. "They hatched a plot of letting human scum Kim commit bomb terrorism targeting the supreme leadership during events at the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun and at military parade and public procession after his return home", it continues. Read More »

Governments, businesses worldwide brace for new ransomware attacks

While the scale of this weekend's attack has been massive, authorities say it is just part of what will be a continuing pattern of ransomware attacks. Only a small number of Trust computers now remain switched off as a precautionary measure. "There's no guarantee that when you pay the money that your files will then be decrypted", said cyber security expert Patrick Siewert. Read More »

Amazon introduces Alexa Calling and Messaging

The Echo Show was leaked late last week with an image on Twitter , which has now been confirmed to be the real deal. The Amazon Echo Show will arrive with a 7-inch touchscreen display. You can then issue the command 'Drop in on...' to initiate a call. The Echo Show is basically a chunky tablet with a large speaker grille below its 7-inch display. Read More »

USA government 'under assault' by Trump after Comey firing

Former director James Comey was abruptly fired on Tuesday. "All previously scheduled", White House communications director Mike Dubke told CNN . So far 14 people - lawmakers, attorneys and law enforcement officials among them - have emerged as candidates. Read More »

U.S. should not stockpile cyber weapons, Microsoft says

Information on the vulnerability exploited in the WannaCrypt attack (also called WannaCry , Wana Decryptor or WCry) was reportedly stolen from the NSA in April. According to some experts, this might be because schools usually have older computers which do not have a good protection. "In India, no reports have been formally received so far regarding this ransomware attack". Read More »

White House 'moving rapidly' to select Comey's replacement, Trump says

President Trump wrote on Twitter , "s a very active President with lots of things happening, it is not possible for my surrogates to stand at podium with ideal accuracy!" Democrats are demanding appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate Russia's involvement in the 2016 election and ties to Trump's campaign, and have discussed trying to slow down the confirmation process or other business of the Senate as a way of drawing attention to the demand. Read More »

Most UK patients saw no change on Monday after cyber attack - minister

The indiscriminate attack was unleashed Friday, striking hundreds of thousands of computers worldwide by exploiting known vulnerabilities in older Microsoft computer operating systems. Apple is not invulnerable to ransomware attacks, "a common misconception", one expert tells CNBC . State media reported that digital payment systems at some gas stations were offline, forcing customers to pay cash. Read More »

Tillerson: Trump Concerned About Moving Embassy to Jerusalem

Israel's Channel 2 news first reported that Trump was considering a speech from the Negev wonder, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but it is yet to be confirmed whether the United States president will make any address during his visit. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday relocating the US Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem would benefit President Donald Trump's peace push. Read More »

Trump says wants to move quickly to nominate new FBI director

CNN said Comey is "not anxious about any tapes" Trump may have, citing an unnamed source familiar with the matter. "Honestly, they just want to stop things", he told Pirro of Democrats. Comey has not publicly discussed any conversations he has had with Trump. When the White House's defense of the move failed to meet his ever-changing expectations, Trump tried to take over himself. Read More »

Connectivity b/w Pakistan, China aimed at connect peoples and nations: PM


India skipped the summit as it voiced displeasure at the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, a Belt and Road project aimed at linking northwestern China to the Arabian Sea. "Globalisation is encountering some headwinds", Mr Xi told almost 30 state and government heads as well as delegates from more than 100 countries - including the United States and North Korea - on the final day of the inaugural Belt and Road summit. Read More »

Iran's Rouhani says upcoming election 'historical decision'


Although Rouhani was expected to easily secure a second term, "it is highly likely that Ghalibaf's voters will flock to Raisi", Taleblu said . The election is largely viewed as a referendum on the 2015 nuclear deal struck with world powers shepherded by Rouhani's administration. Read More »

Global Cyber Attack: British Security Officials Warn of Weekday 'WannaCry' Spread

Becky Pinkard, from Digital Shadows, a UK-based cyber-security firm, told AFP news agency that it would be easy for the initial attackers or "copy-cat authors" to change the virus code so it is hard to guard against. Earlier in the day, central transmission utility Power Grid said it has put sufficient firewalls to deal with the global cyber attack Ramsomware and consumers need not fear sudden outages on that account. Read More »

Experts warn of fresh cyber-attack Monday

Images appeared on victims' screens demanding payment of $300 (275 euros) in Bitcoin, saying: "Ooops, your files have been encrypted!" Ransomware is the malicious software used by hackers to block access to a computer system until a ransom is paid. Read More »

Massive Ransomware Attack Affects Organizations Worldwide

The head of the European Union's law enforcement agency Europol, speaking on British TV on Sunday, said Friday's attack was "unprecedented" in its reach, with more than 200,000 victims in at least 150 countries. "We see all the finger-pointing at the usual suspects, saying it's probably people in Russian Federation or China , but, to quote Sherlock Holmes, it's not really a good idea to guess without the evidence", Gazeley said. Read More »

With 'tapes' tweet, Trump evokes Nixon's White House

Trump, in an NBC interview on Thursday, said that he had been intending to fire Comey - whom he derided as a "showboat" and "grandstander" - for months and that it had nothing to do with an investigation into potential ties between his campaign and Russian Federation. Read More »