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Spend More, Tax the Rich: UK's Labour Stakes Election Turf

There is a very big assumption in Labour's figures: that when you raise taxes you get all the extra revenue that you would expect to receive. This caused controversy after it became apparent the draft was different to the version signed off by Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry, that was more similar to the last manifesto under Ed Miliband. Read More »

NZ government has no policy against paying software ransoms


There are several factors in play. The WannaCry global ransomware pandemic has a new wrinkle: After being stopped in its tracks over the weekend thanks to a built-in kill switch , new variants are popping up that don't contain that failsafe-meaning the scourge shows no sign of slowing. Read More »

Trump Today: President defends his information sharing with Russian Federation


Speaking at a press conference, Putin said the transcript could be provided "if the USA administration finds it appropriate". The Trump administration has come under fire over a meeting at the Oval Office with Lavrov and Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak last week, in which he shared security information that two sources described to CNN as classified. Read More »

Arsenal failure to make top four would be 'frustrating', Wenger says


Sanchez was the scorer again, heading in from close range. He has 26 goals and 15 assists in all competitions. Wenger said Sanchez was only cleared to play at 4 p.m., less than four hours before the game. "We perform every weekend to be in the top four and to fight for the title over the season". The England midfielder sustained a hamstring injury at St Mary's and will sit out Sunderland and Everton's visits to North London this week, although Wenger rates him positively as a ... Read More »

What is WannaCry and should you pay the ransom?


Microsoft President Brad Smith , along with numerous cyber security experts, acknowledged that the attack leveraged a hacking exploit created by the U.S. And while Microsoft said it had already released a security update to patch the vulnerability a month earlier, it would appear that the NSA hadn't told the United States tech giant about the security risk until after it had been stolen. Read More »

Sen. John Cornyn removes self from consideration for Federal Bureau of Investigation director role

On the Republican side, obvious potential candidates for appointment or election would be Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, Land Commissioner George P. Bush and U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer, the Senate minority leader from NY, told CNN's State of the Union that Comey's replacement should not be "a partisan politician - not in either party", and that it should be someone who is "experienced". Read More »

Trump Plans To Quickly Nominate New FBI Director

In total 11 people are reportedly being considered for the position, which requires further confirmation from the Senate. This comes after acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe took over for Comey's scheduled appearance to testify publicly about the investigation into the Trump campaign's alleged ties to Russian Federation on Thursday. Read More »

Global ransomware attack appears to slow in US


It locks the user out in order to prevent them from accessing any saved files until they pay a certain amount of money. "This "free-rider" problem - some manufacturers and users choosing to enjoy the benefits of the internet without taking the time and effort to maintain secure computing systems - is also unethical, and is a problem that will get much worse as the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to grow", Wicker said. Read More »

Israel was source for some of information shared with the Russians


With no notice, Trump last week fired FBI director James Comey, who had been leading an investigation of possible ties between the Trump campaign and Russian interference in the US presidential election. "The story combined what was leaked with other information and the insinuated about sources and methods ", he said. What's needed is for Republicans to impose on him a professional chief of staff - a Rob Portman or Mitch Daniels - and get rid of the amateur hour hangers-on, beginning with ... Read More »

Microsoft Blasts the CIA and NSA for "Stockpiling" Software Vulnerabilities


The software took control of the people's computer and files and demanded users to pay $300 (Rs 19,000 approx) in virtual currency Bitcoin to unlock the files and regaining access to their systems. The Windows vulnerability exploited by the ransomware is believed to have been first discovered by the NSA. Users of Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Windows 8 can defend against the ransomware by downloading the new patch from Windows . Read More »

Besieged White House denies, defends as new bombshells hit

The New York Times reported that Trump made the request during a February Oval Office meeting. "I hope you can let this go". The new controversy left White House staffers, already under siege following last week's botched handling of FBI Director James Comey's firing, on edge. Read More »

Trump's National Security Advisor comes up with the wrong defense

If Trump wasn't properly briefed on the intelligence, maybe some of his aides - including, presumably, McMaster himself - are partially responsible for the disclosure to Russian officials. There's no question, Republicans say, that the controversies of the last week have been a distraction at best - and have further discouraged Democrats from wanting to play a role in advancing virtually any element of a GOP agenda. Read More »

EU, US to meet Wednesday over in-flight laptop ban

A ban from Europe could affect 3,500 fights a week this summer and 65 million passengers per year. But aviation experts say storing large numbers of devices with lithium batteries in the cargo hold of a plane constitutes a fire risk. Airline and travel-industry groups are quietly expressing concern about a plan under consideration by USA security authorities to prohibit passengers from carrying their laptop computers into the cabin on flights from Europe. Read More »

22 million WannaCry ransomware attack attempts blocked by Symantec


Wainwright described the cyberattack as an "escalating threat". It demands users pay $ 300 worth of cryptocurrency Bitcoin to retrieve their files, though it warns that the payment will be raised after a certain amount of time. The software tools to create the attack were revealed in April among a trove of NSA spy tools that were either leaked or stolen. The ransomware is spread by taking advantage of a Windows vulnerability that Microsoft released a security patch for in March. Read More »

Here's a list of possible candidates for Federal Bureau of Investigation director


TSU did not immediately respond to a question about whether DeVos' reception at Bethune-Cookman influenced TSU's decision to cancel Cornyn's speech. Justice Department spokeswoman Sarah Isgur Flores said Sessions and Rosenstein are involved in the interviews because the Federal Bureau of Investigation director reports to them as attorney general and deputy attorney general. Read More »

Let Joe Know: Your computer may still be vulnerable to cyber attack

Smith's blog post did not address another factor in the ransomware's spread, one that hints at the difficulty of uniting against a hacking attack: Users of pirated Microsoft software are unable to download the security patch , forcing them to fend for themselves or rely on a third-party source for a solution. Read More »

Microsoft Releases Windows Ransomware Patch, Blasts NSA for Malware Stockpile


Seven of the 47 affected trusts were still having IT problems Monday. Researchers recorded infections in tens of thousands of machines, and Europol estimated Sunday that the attack had spread to about 150 countries. Federal Trade Commission, which has previously sued companies for misrepresenting their data privacy measures. Over the weekend the company took the unusual step of releasing a similar patch for Windows XP, which the company announced in 2014 it would no longer support. Read More »

Microsoft Slams Governments For Global 'WannaCrypt' Attacks


You may have heard: a globe-spanning ransomware attack known as WannaCry (and "WannaCrypt" and "WannaDecryptor") started on Friday, ultimately encompassing some 200,000 computers in 150 countries. The number of infections has fallen dramatically since Friday's peak when more than 9000 computers were being hit per hour. WannaCry exploits a vulnerability in older versions of Windows, including Windows 7 and Windows XP. Read More »

Emmanuel Macron appoints centre-right Edouard Philippe as Prime Minister of France

Macron is seeking to attract members from both the right and left to his new political party, La République en Marche (Republic on the Move), in time for next month's parliamentary elections. He concluded his brief telegram by invoking the Lord's blessing on President Macron and on all the inhabitants of France. In this way, the new president will try to reduce the gaps between the French right and left, who have dominated French politics for decades, through the Republican support that ... Read More »

Microsoft was hoarding patches for WannaCry exploit


However, personal computers could also be at risk. After decrypting a few files to prove what happened, it then presents a ransom demand: "Pay now, if you want to decrypt ALL your files!" "The Maharashtra police department is partially affected due to the ransomware and the cyber experts have rushed to fix the systems in time", a senior police officer said on the condition of anonymity. Read More »

UK's Labour pledges new Brexit strategy if it wins election


ICM interviewed 2,024 adults between April 21 and 24. "What we've seen today from Labour is, I think, their seventh Brexit plan", she said on a visit to Wales, a Labour stronghold where the prime minister is shoring up support. Starmer said freedom of movement will have to end when the United Kingdom leaves the European Union but wants to try to negotiate a way to retain access to Europe's single market. Read More »

Trump threatens to cancel all future news briefings


President Donald Trump's reasons for firing FBI Director James Comey are changing. In a series of early morning tweets , Trump assailed critics and the media over their response to Comey's ouster, and threatened to cancel daily news briefings at the White House. Read More »

North Korea link seen in ransomware

But officials say they are now not discounting the possibility of North Korean involvement, although emphasising the evidence so far is fragmentary. Data-wiping malicious software wrecked thousands of computers at Saudi Arabia's state-run oil company Aramco in 2012 in one of the most destructive attacks in the private sector. Read More »

Netanyahu first reaction: Abbas lied to Trump


Abbas demanded that Israel recognize a Palestinian state "just as the Palestinian people recognize the state of Israel", but he pointedly did not define Israel as a Jewish state - something Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has been calling for since a landmark 2009 speech in which he conditionally endorsed Palestinian statehood. Read More »

Ransomware attack again thrusts US spy agency into unwanted spotlight

Security wonks are calling it the biggest cyberattack ever. The virus tried to infect more computers in Russia than anywhere else, according to an analysis by Kaspersky Lab, a Russian antivirus company. The communication and information ministry said the malware locked patient files on computers at two hospitals in the capital Jakarta. After taking computers over, the virus displayed messages demanding a payment of 300 dollars in virtual currency Bitcoin to unlock files and return them to ... Read More »

Local security experts weighs in on worldwide cyber attack


The NSA is still reeling from the leaks from Edward Snowden, the contractor it hired, who was able to smuggle out millions of top-secret files detailing the extent to which America was spying on its own people as well as close allies. Microsoft also recommends running its free anti-virus software for Windows. If you are a hospital trying to save critical patients, you have a different set of priorities than most. Read More »

Turkey Painting Itself Into a Corner in Syria

The decision was announced last Tuesday as Turkish officials, including the commander of the Turkish Armed Forces, the head of Turkey's intelligence agency, and one of Erdogan's top advisers were still in Washington laying the groundwork for the meeting between the two presidents. Read More »

Trump allegedly asked Comey to shut down Flynn investigation, White House disputes

Following his firing of Comey, Trump last week threatened the former Federal Bureau of Investigation director, saying on Twitter that he "better hope that there are no "tapes" of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press!" Comey wrote the memo detailing the conversation from the February 14 meeting, the day after Flynn resigned , according to sources. Read More »

Hospitals no longer diverting patients — NHS cyber attack


In a letter to The Times, Sir David said: "Should Microsoft have stopped supporting Windows XP so soon, knowing that institutions had invested heavily in it (at the urging of the company at the time)?" Also enjoying strong protection from liability over the cyber attack is the U.S. Read More »

Stocks rise with oil, cyber attack; weak data knocks dollar

U.S. bank Goldman Sachs said the deal "will likely further extend the oil price rebound... although the rally so far... has remained modest compared to the move that occurred previous year when the OPEC cuts were first announced". With a nine-month extension now the minimum expectation for the OPEC meeting, the group has a lot of work to do to persuade its members and some non-OPEC producers to back the move. Read More »