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U.S. official denies Western Wall is Israel's

A move would also be costly: the us doesn't own a facility in Jerusalem large enough to house its embassy, and would have to build a secure compound at considerable expense even as Trump seeks money for a military buildup, a border wall and infrastructure development. Read More »

States of Jersey 'remain unaffected' by global cyber attack


It runs in the background and saves every file that is added to the computer or is changed. "Anybody and everybody you must update your software when your manufacturer tells you to because they've already had these patches out". We have learned that the bitcoin accounts have been abandoned, and there never was an automated decryption process, so victims should not pay the ransom. Read More »

Mattis 'Not Worried' About Trump Sharing Intel

In March 2004, Comey, then deputy attorney general, was summoned to the hospital bed of his boss, Atty. Gen. "At worst, he has obstructed justice". Only the U.S. Any investigation would pay close attention to the timeline. And he adopted a skeptical tone toward the reports that have the White House in chaos and lawmakers scrambling to respond. Read More »

Iran's Rouhani congratulates South Korea's Moon on presidential victory

That contrasted with its one-sentence Korean-language report of the election of Mr Moon's conservative predecessor Park Geun-Hye in 2012, which did not mention her name or her support. "President Moon accepted the invitation", the statement read . His stance could create friction with officials in Washington. The hurried deployment of the THAAD batteries last month, literally in the middle of the night, "lacked democratic procedure", Moon complained in an interview last week with the Post's ... Read More »

Judges Will Again Decide Fate Of Travel Ban

Is there any justification for that part of the order, he asked Katyal? Because of how the courts chose to proceed, a full slate of 13 judges heard the 4th Circuit arguments last week, while just three, all appointees of President Bill Clinton, will sit in Seattle. Read More »

Trump willing to use engagement on North Korea crisis - South Korea envoy


The reclusive state claimed to have successfully conducted a missile test proving it has the capacity to carry a "large scale nuclear warhead". Defense experts say that North Korea's Taepodong missile resembles Iran's Shahab missile. Again, the olive branch Moon extended to President Kim came as a surprise, given North Korea's threats for decades to reduce Seoul , the capital of South Korea , to a "sea of fire". Read More »

Putin: 'Stupid' Trump critics are creating 'anti-Russian sentiment'

It is extraordinary for a president to share such information without consent of the country that collected it, apparently violating the confidentiality of an intelligence-sharing agreement with Israel. On February 13, Flynn resigned from his post, acknowledging that he had provided White House officials with "incomplete information" over a phone call he'd had with the Russian ambassador to the U.S. Read More »

Sean Spicer Refuses to Answer Questions About Trump Tapes of Comey


I'll be working hard for people running for Congress and the people running for the Senate. Indeed, during the campaign, Trump praised Comey for his announcement about Hillary's emails that darkened her chances for winning the election, and Trump said that Comey "showed guts" for having made his statement. Read More »

The NSA told Microsoft about EternalBlue hack used in WannaCry


In addition to that, stealing patients' data is relatively easy since healthcare has been slow in adopting proper security mechanisms, especially when compared to other sectors like banking where customer information is also sacrosanct. While organisations still struggle to reinstate normal service, there are fears that the vast spread of the ransomware will inspire more versions - and that many systems remain unpatched. Read More »

Republicans Are Worried that Trump's Scandals May Hurt Their Legislative Agenda

At this point, the bigger problem may be that there are too many very real stories to keep up with. But, second - and most especially - it turns out it was Comey's obdurateness in refusing to shut down the FBI's ongoing investigation (running since last July) of that problematic Russia connection for Flynn and the others, the Russians' election interference in the U.S., and all the rest of it. Read More »

Russian Federation foreign minister still trolls about Trump classified info

Reacting to the appointment of a special counsel to probe his campaign's ties with Russia, US President Donald Trump on Thursday said a thorough investigation will prove that no such collusion took place. The Senate Intelligence Committee's Republican chairman and Democratic vice chairman sent a letter to Comey "seeking his appearance before the [committee] in both open and closed sessions", the panel said in a statement on Wednesday. Read More »

US Embassy to Stay in Tel Aviv For Now

The two officials also agreed to improve accounting and auditing and accuracy of providing the Palestinian side with accounting information, in a manner that ensures Palestinian interests. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, in preparation for next week's visit by Trump, is known to be hoping to gain support for the USA embassy move, as it would be interpreted as validating Israel's 1967 annexation of the eastern section of Jerusalem , and a slap in the face to Palestine's original claims on ... Read More »

President Trump assails 'witch hunt' after naming of special counsel

Tim Scott, R-S.C. "I do think that the special prosecutor provides a sense of calm and confidence perhaps for the American people, which is incredibly important". His tweets undercut the more measured official statement that the White House had issued the night before and illustrated the degree to which the investigation may distract and damage his presidency. Read More »

Online speculators increasing bets on early end to Donald Trump's presidency

Senate are worlds apart), but basically, Trump's ownership of businesses in foreign countries puts him in violation of a Constitutional clause that prevents him from earning money from foreign sources while he's President. So even though this country has historically shown a willingness to give its chief executive a lot of latitude, let's assume this Comey thing (or something else) qualifies. Read More »

Political parties, media should refrain from doing politics on ICJ's order

Jadhav was arrested in the southwestern Pakistani province of Balochistan in March 2016. United Nations court orders Pakistan to stay the execution of Jadhav, a retired Indian naval officer, in a setback to Islamabad . Meanwhile, Pakistan adviser on foreign affairs, Sartaj Aziz said Islamabad would decide about the consular access to Jadhav in the light of "national security dynamics". Read More »

Surprise tax increases in 2017 Australian budget

Well, apart from an incredibly optimistic set of economic predictions, Morrison picked one huge fight on Budget night, slugging the biggest five Australian banks with a levy worth more than $6 billion. The budget deficit has widened to $37.6 billion for 2016/17 from the $36.5 billion estimated in the mid-year update. A$75 billion to be spent over 10 years on rail, roads and runways, including A$5.3 billion for a second airport in Sydney. Read More »

Senate Judiciary Committee Wants FBI's Comey Memos

Curbelo, one of the most threatened GOP congressmen, is a frequent Trump critic who had been facing stinging criticism in his Democratic-leaning district for voting for House Republicans' healthcare legislation. Whether Republicans can dust themselves off may depend on what the Comey memos and other documents show. A pair of Senate committees, meanwhile, wants more information about Comey's interaction with President Trump. Read More »

Does US believe Western Wall is in Israel?

Also, a key intelligence source that was stopping airplanes from being blown up might be compromised, so there's that. Trump appears to have spoken without Israel's consent, which would mark a severe violation of their intelligence-sharing agreement. Read More »

HTC launches HTC U11: Snapdragon 835, no headphone jack


That means it's metal and glass - a departure from the all-aluminum unibody designs of past HTC phones - with curved panels that blend into the metal frame and vibrant, pearlescent colors. The latest device sees HTC push artificial intelligence, with the inclusion of an "industry first" packing Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant into the software . Read More »

Fact Check: 'We Don't Have Health Care In This Country,' Trump Says


The law makes hundreds of billions of dollars of federal aid available to states to extend Medicaid coverage to poor adults, a population that had been largely excluded from the government safety net program. Those include a lack of young, healthy enrollees, too many sick plan members and an exodus of insurance carriers from certain areas of country. House GOP leaders say the amendment prevents insurers from denying coverage to people with pre-existing conditions. Read More »

Lawmakers demand swift action for Turkish Embassy violence


He warned that Brett McGurk, the USA diplomatic envoy to the Operation Inherent Resolve coalition, should not "poison" the administration by backing Kurdish groups in a continuation of Obama-era policies. Nine people were transported to the hospital, one with serious injuries. It is unclear if they worked for the embassy or were members of the counter-protest. Read More »

Why did Trump want a private conversation with Comey?


Veterans of past presidential scandals say working in Trump's White House is about to take a turn for the worse. "As long as the clouds hang over a presidency it becomes much more hard to get anything else done". The Wisconsin Republican says Congress will want to know if Trump asked Comey to end the probe, "why didn't he take action at the time ". "I think we'll have director Comey come back to the Congress in fairly short order to testify before one committee or another", Schiff told ... Read More »

Lookin At Lee eyes Preakness glory after strong run in Derby


He did race his first six career races with them and those were some of his best efforts, so I'm not surprised to see connections return to what worked. And Pletcher has never won The Preakness, although he's only tried 8 times. But he still made up ground late in the race to finish seventh. Too often, a great horse gets knocked around in the chaos of the start, unable to recover. Read More »

New French President Announces His 1st Government


French right wing politicians reacted angrily today after new president Emmanuel Macron named 11 women in a politically and gender-balanced cabinet. Francois Baroin, head of the Republican campaign for next month's legislative elections, said he regretted losing Philippe, Le Maire and Darmanin. Read More »

White House: Blame cyberattack on hackers, not spy agencies


You can't access anything. Britain's NHS was one of many major global organisations affected, with 47 trusts hit. This particular program, called WannaCry , asks for about $300, though the price increases over time. Instead of developing hacking tools in secret and holding them for use against adversaries, governments and intelligence agencies should share weaknesses they find with Microsoft and other software makers so that vulnerabilities can be repaired, he said. Read More »

United Nations Security Council vows sanctions over North Korea's missile test


China is the linchpin of Trump's strategy for halting North Korea's pursuit of a nuclear-tipped missile that could strike the US mainland. The rocket, "newly designed in a Korean-style", flew 490 miles and reached a maximum altitude of 1,310 miles, the North said , and "verified the homing feature of the warhead under the worst re-entry situation and accurate performance of detonation system". Read More »

Democratic candidate for governor urges impeachment of Trump


Pressure has built on Trump since he fired FBI chief James Comey last week amid an investigation into Russia's alleged meddling in the United States electoral process. "There's no requirement that the president must have been indicted" for a crime, Ohlin added. Today on the floor of the Congress of the United States of America, I will call for the Impeachment of the President between 9am & 10am CST. Read More »

LaVar Ball: Lonzo only working out for Lakers


The New York Knicks (31-51 in 2016-17) had a slight chance to finally get lucky at the NBA Draft Lottery last night with a 5.3% chance of being awarded the top pick in the upcoming draft. It is hard to see them passing on one of the fantastic guard prospects with their first pick, meaning they will definitely target a forward/center with at least one of their three second round picks. Read More »

Beware: Worldwide Ransomware Attack May Be Far from Over

Regardless, the experts agree that Wannacry was serious enough that it warranted immediate patching. He had recently been warned that hospitals were using obsolete computer systems.Meanwhile, Russia and China, so often accused of cyber malfeasance by the United States, pointed to the NSA. Read More »

Rouhani warns Revolutionary Guards not to meddle in Iran election

Mr. Rouhani's signature foreign-policy achievement over the course of his four-year rule has been signing a multilateral agreement that lifted economic sanctions in exchange for the destruction of thousands of centrifuges, increased monitoring of Iran's nuclear facilities, and limits on future uranium enrichment. Read More »

Trump willing to use engagement on N.Korea crisis -S.Korea envoy

Moon's envoy, South Korean media mogul Hong Seok-hyun, said Trump spoke of being willing to use engagement to ensure peace. North Korea said the range of the test was 787 km and the maximum altitude was 2111.5 km. In his 40-minute talks with McMaster, Hong underscored that Korean conservatives and liberals all stand in unity in terms of security issues. The successful test Sunday highlighted the North's growing missile and nuclear threats. Read More »