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US AG issues new criminal charging policy


Sessions however, is working to punish and imprison offenders to the fullest extent possible and working to include minimum mandatory sentences. Senator Rand Paul , a medical doctor, said in a statement that "mandatory minimums have unfairly and disproportionately incarcerated too many minorities for too long". Read More »

No politician has been treated more unfairly: Donald Trump


Sen. Dianne Feinstein, the top Democrat on the Judiciary Committee, says she was assured by White House officials that "the transition would be done in an orderly fashion to preserve continuity". "I hope you can let this go". "I guess that's why we won", he said. Indeed in his own speech, Trump sounded nearly giddy at times about the more glamorous aspects of life aboard ship, interdicting illegal drugs, and saving lives. Read More »

Trump denies asking Comey to end Flynn investigation


Comey or anyone else to end any investigation, including any investigation involving General Flynn", a White House statement said. The memo has not been made available to the public. The Justice Department declined to comment. The turmoil spilled over into financial markets, as the S&P 500 Index slumped to a three-week low, the CBOE Volatility Index spiked the most since January, and Treasuries rallied with gold. Read More »

White House: Trump interviewing 4 FBI candidates


Joe Lieberman is the leading contender to be named Federal Bureau of Investigation director. White House press secretary Sean Spicer says Trump will be meeting later Wednesday with Lieberman, former Oklahoma Gov. That firm's founder, Marc Kasowitz, is a longtime personal attorney to Trump. He served as Connecticut's attorney general in the 1980s before launching a 24-year career in the Senate. Read More »

WannaCry Ransomware: Indians Report Spike in Cyber-Attacks, Government Says Damage Contained

Following the detection of the WannaCry attack on Friday, "researchers at Proofpoint discovered a new attack linked to WannaCry called Adylkuzz ", said Nicolas Godier, a researcher at the computer security firm. Microsoft talking about WannaCry ransomware attack points at government's carelessness. "We need governments to consider the damage to civilians that comes from hoarding these vulnerabilities and the use of these exploits". Read More »

Seoul raises possibility of war in Korea as missile crisis builds


North Korea launched its tenth missile this year Sunday. Pyongyang carried out two atomic tests past year, and has accelerated its missile launch programme, despite tough United Nations sanctions aimed at denying leader Kim Jong-un the hard currency needed to fund his weapons ambitions. Read More »

Bad luck for the Suns or is the NBA Draft Lottery rigged?


Most top-picking teams were coming off dismal seasons. 76ERS: The winners of last year's lottery will really "Trust the Process" if they win even bigger Tuesday. Reid Forgrave of has Jackson going fifth to the Sacramento Kings, behind surprise No. 1 Jayson Tatum of Duke, Ball, Fultz and Kentucky point guard De'Aaron Fox . Read More »

Chelsea Manning Posts Photo of Pizza After Release From Prison

Manning, who was arrested in 2010, filed a transgender rights lawsuit in prison and attempted suicide twice previous year, according to her lawyers. March 13, 2011: Manning is held in solitary confinement 23 hours a day, stripped naked each night and given a suicide-proof smock to wear to bed. She remained housed at Fort Leavenworth, an all-male Army prison, despite her request to transfer to a civilian women's prison. Read More »

GM to end sales in India, manufacturing in South Africa


GM Executive Vice President and President of GM International Stefan Jacoby said that after exploring many options the company determined that the increased investment originally planned for India would "not deliver the returns of other significant global opportunities". Read More »

Chinese, S. Korean officials meet in attempt to repair ties


But a South Korean civic group erecting a "comfort women" statue outside the Japanese Consulate General in the port city of Busan last December led to Japan recalling its ambassador to South Korea for three months by way of protest. "The Chinese public has no interest in the complexities of missile defense systems". Zhao said this was likely meant to force Moon's hand. "We now need to apply pressure on North Korea , and Japan and the United States need to coordinate closely so as to ... Read More »

U.S. envoy vows to call out countries backing North Korea


Before leaving for Beijing, Lee told reporters that summit talks between Moon and Chinese President Xi Jinping could take place on the sidelines of a Group of 20 meeting to be held in Germany in July and then again in time for August 24 when both countries mark the 25th anniversary of building diplomatic ties. Read More »

Health Care Bill Likely to Spend More Time in Senate


Collins' absence from the working group is particularly surprising, since the ME senator has taken a leading role in crafting one of the few fully fleshed-out alternative proposals to the House's bill. The new plan eliminates that requirement and gives the decision to the states. Capito also could not support the bill in its current form, a spokesman said . Read More »

Russia's Putin says ready to give transcript of Trump meeting with Lavrov


After the report came out, US National Security Advisor H R McMaster appeared before the media to push back on the allegations. But she hints it will be discussed further. The latest drama has rattled already shaky confidence in the president in Washington. Later, during a news conference, when asked if he had concerns about Mr Trump's ability to handle classified information, Mr McConnell only replied: "No". Read More »

Pelosi: Special Counsel Not Enough, White House Needs 'Adult Supervision'

Much has changed since then. "The Justice Department is required to appoint an independent Special Prosecutor because it has proven itself to be really, sadly a political arm of the White House". Rosenstein would have taken Mueller's past employer into consideration when selecting him. "Let the intel take you to the facts and the facts will take you to the truth". Read More »

S. Korea president warns high chance of clashes with North


The system was deployed earlier this month, days before South Korea elected Moon Jae-in, who had been critical of the system, its new president. North Korea said the missile it had tested on Sunday was a "newly developed ballistic rocket" capable of carrying a large nuclear warhead. Read More »

Syrian Kurdish official praises US decision to provide arms


With the Trump administration's decision to supply Syria's Kurdish fighters with heavier weapons, USA troops inside Syria are in the crossfire between Turkey, a powerful North Atlantic Treaty Organisation ally, and the Kurdish fighters that Ankara deems as terrorists. Read More »

Iran heads to polls that tip Rouhani for second term


The withdrawal of other conservative candidates turned Friday's election into an unexpectedly tight, two-horse race between Rouhani, 68, and Raisi, a 56-year-old protege of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran's ultimate authority. Read More »

Trump slams Comey, once more dismisses Russian Federation probe as "witch hunt"

Because it was a closed briefing, it's unclear exactly how Rosenstein described how he knew Trump would fire Comey. The president said Wednesday in a written statement that he did not attempt to waive Comey off of Flynn, his fired national security adviser who took money from the Russian Federation and Turkey that he did not report to the USA government. Read More »

Trump says appointment of special counsel 'hurts our country terribly'

President Donald Trump has categorically denied he asked then-FBI director James Comey to drop his investigation into Russia's alleged involvement in the Trump presidential election campaign. During the press conference Thursday afternoon, Trump also categorically denied media reports he asked former FBI Director James Comey to shut down an investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn, whose business ties to Russian Federation have come under close scrutiny since ... Read More »

US official reportedly says Bennett the reason for not moving embassy

They are sincerely frustrated and angry". The city is claimed as a capital by both Jews and Palestinians, however, and relocating the US embassy - essentially declaring Jerusalem to be Israeli territory - would raise tensions. With Trump backing away from his earlier support for hard-line Israeli positions and talking about a peace deal with the Palestinians, Israeli officials say they have no idea what ideas he may bring or concessions he may demand. Read More »

Sean Spicer Wants You to Know That the Tweet Speaks for Itself


White House spokesman Sean Spicer said on Tuesday that Mr Rosenstein drafted the memo raising concerns about Mr Comey on his own accord. "No", Spicer said unequivocally. "Did the president tell Comey he could keep his job if he ended the investigation?" He later stated that he had long planned to fire the director, and accused Comey of being a "showboat". Read More »

Britain worked through night to counter cyber attack on health service: Minister

The spread of the virus slowed over the weekend but the respite might only be brief, experts have warned. The latest virus exploits a flaw in Microsoft Windows first identified by USA intelligence. This week NHS bosses and the Government were facing questions over why hospitals and Global Positioning System had been left vulnerable. Smith's blog post did not address another factor in the ransomware's spread, one that hints at the difficulty of uniting against a hacking attack: Users of ... Read More »

Cyber chaos may grow at workweek's start


NZ cyber security officials say they'll be staying vigilant with the working week starting tomorrow. Europol, the European Union's police agency, said the onslaught was at "an unprecedented level and will require a complex worldwide investigation to identify the culprits". Read More »

Toomey says GOP striving for middle ground on Medicare expansion

Pay careful attention. Your health care may need you to pay attention and actually learn the facts. Toomey, a member of the select 13-senator group working on a compromise bill, said reducing the funding in 2020 is "probably too sudden and problematic for some state budgets". Read More »

Senators: Deputy AG knew of Comey firing before writing memo


The remarks echo sentiments conveyed by Trump in a pair of tweets Thursday morning. Also via Twitter , Trump accused former president Barack Obama and his 2016 rival, Democrat Hillary Clinton , of unspecified "illegal acts". "We want to be careful we don't interfere with any criminal investigations", McCaskill said. Assuming he is given true independence, this appointment will remove some of the clouds that have hung over our system of justice during this deeply troubling situation. Read More »

Ransomware: WannaCry cyber attack may attack Indian banking system soon, says expert


Currently, the perpetrators behind the attack are not known. Internationally, China reported of 40,000 organisations being impacted, while the National Health Service of the United Kingdom was also hit badly. However, computers, operators and networks that didn't update their operating systems were still at risk. And, while the company did issue early fixes for its newer operating systems, patches for older Windows systems were only issued free of charge over the weekend, after the ... Read More »

Trump visit draws country singer Toby Keith to Saudi Arabia

Mr Trump benefits by bringing about a more "fair" deal; he has claimed several times that North Atlantic Treaty Organisation is unfair to the U.S. because of the amount of contributions and support provided by the United States compared to countries like Germany. Read More »

Wannacry crisis: hits over 40000 Indian computers


So what can people do to prepare themselves for malware attacks of the future? A wide range of actors-spanning from nation-states, to criminals, to individual hackers-could have been responsible. You also want to test your backups, ensure they are functioning properly, and know that you are able to quickly restore the data in the event of a cyberattack or an emergency. Read More »

Australian conservative government to raise taxes on five biggest banks

Despite boosted outlays, the Treasurer promised a $7.4 billion surplus in 2020-21 with no borrowing for recurrent spending, which cover the day-to-day bills from running the government. "This represents a fair contribution to the community from our major banks, is consistent with other advanced countries and helps foster competition from smaller banks", according to budget papers. Read More »

Android Device Manager is now Find My Device

To download Find My Device on your Android device, hit this link for the Google Play listing. Lenovo and HTC (which already makes a rival headset, the HTC Vive) are working on these products with Google; the company did not announce an official release date. Read More »

Microsoft and NSA face off over cyber attack


Computer Emergency Response Team of India (CERT-In), the nodal agency to tackle hacking phishing, and secure defences of the Indian internet domain, issued a red-coloured critical alert on Saturday to all organizations, asking them to take necessary precautionary measures against the malware . Read More »