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LeBron and Cavaliers embarrass Celtics for 2-0 series lead


Throughout this season, he has revealed himself to be a cool-headed, intelligent young player, a guy who grasps the game mentally as easily as he does physically. BOSTON - The Cleveland Cavaliers are as hot as any team in postseason history, and a third straight trip to the NBA Finals appears to be a foregone conclusion. Read More »

Google Lens Ready To Make Your Smartphone Camera Unbelievably Interactive

It does not mean that Google Play would only feature light apps, it will feature all the apps, but the home page shall showcase lighter version of apps. Artificial intelligence is being woven into Google's free Gmail service, used by more than a billion people, for features such as suggesting replies to messages. Read More »

Google Assistant Launched on iOS to Tackle Siri and Alexa


Industry experts and analysts said unlike the failed Android One system, Android Go doesn't dictate hardware standards, allowing Google's partner handset makers to differentiate their devices from products of rivals on price and experience even while using the same OS. Read More »

Congressman Al Green calls for Trump Impeachment


Green also pointed to a petition calling for Trump's impeachment , which already has more than a million signatures and is continuing to gain momentum. The White House has denied the report . At least one Republican has said impeachment is a serious possibility at this point. Carlos Curbelo of Florida, who is in a swing district, and Justin Amash of MI - talked openly about the possibility of bringing charges against Trump. Read More »

Vermont senators praise special prosecutor appointment

At a news conference Thursday, Trump angrily denied that he had asked Comey to end the investigation, which is now in the hands of new special counsel Robert Mueller. Zero. I think it divides the country. "As I have stated many times , a thorough investigation will confirm what we already know - there was no collusion between my campaign and any foreign entity", he said. Read More »

Is Your Firm Vulnerable To The Recent Ransomware Attack?

According to Subhendu Sahu, Acting Country Manager for India, FireEye, the ransomware poses high risks to organisations using potentially vulnerable Windows machines. Microsoft offered software patches to protect against the ransomeware, and over the weekend released security updates for Microsoft XP and other operating systems versions it no longer supported. Read More »

NCSC outlines ways to protect against WannaCry ransomware

Previous attacks targeted one machine at time. However, the real test is expected to come on Monday, when professionals start turning their computers on and commence engaging in communications with each other. To those who don't know, when a PC is hit by a ransomware attack , all the Files, data, documents etc is locked (encrypted) and can not be accessed unless the owner pays a RANSOM (Money). Read More »

Trump Claims Witch Hunt, Says He's Most Hounded Leader Ever

Mr Comey is said to have declined, and only offered his "honesty". "No", Trump told a reporter during a joint press conference with his Colombian counterpart, before trying to shut down the line of inquiry with this: "Next question". Trump then pivoted to discussion of the economy and jobs, touting recent gains and new growth. In the memo, Rosenstein wrote that the FBI director had violated long-standing Justice Department practices in his handling of the bureau's investigation of ... Read More »

Microsoft slams the government for stockpiling software exploits

First and foremost, let's clarify exactly what WannaCry is. "McAfee has subsequently provided DAT (that contain data in text or binary format) updates to all its customers and provided them and the public further analysis on the attacks", Ian Yip, Chief Technology Officer, Asia Pacific, McAfee, told IANS. Read More »

Justice Official Knew Trump Planned to Fire Comey, Senators Say

Earlier, Mr Trump had taken to twitter to vent his frustration at the appointment of former FBI director Robert Mueller to oversee an investigation into Russian Federation. This news fire hose, a result of errors forced and unforced for Trump, can have consequences - for the president, for his party and the country. During his late afternoon press conference in the White House he took a slightly more measured approach. Read More »

Microsoft Corporation Intentionally Withheld Free WannaCry Patch

Cybersecurity experts say the unknown hackers who launched this weekend's "ransomware" attacks used a vulnerability that was exposed in NSA documents leaked online. Microsoft blamed the US government for "stockpiling" the software code that was used by unknown hackers to launch the attacks. However, WannaCry didn't just affect the public sector . Read More »

Korea's Moon warns high chance of clashes with North


The most recent example of this support for Pyongyang is the plan to open a ferry route between North Korea and the Russian Far East port of Vladivostok, although the proposal has been delayed by strong protests from Japan. In all, six sets of sanctions have been imposed on North Korea since it first tested an atomic device in 2006. Advancements in satellite technology are making it easier for an elite research team to track North Korea's missiles, nukes, and even the young dictator ... Read More »

Trump greeted by King Salman in Riyadh


Getting ready for my big foreign trip. Trump's nine-day trip will be daunting. Melania Trump's decision not to wear a headscarf upon arrival in the Middle East is drawing attention on social media. The two leaders exchanged pleasantries and Trump said it was "a great honor" to be there. Indeed, Mr. Trump's flight to Saudi Arabia had just begun on Friday afternoon when The Washington Post reported that a White House official is a significant person of interest in the probe into ... Read More »

Sean Spicer Denies Trump Tweet Was a Threat to James Comey


Trump told NBC News that Comey is "a showboat, he's a grandstander". White House press secretary Sean Spicer repeatedly refused on Friday to deny that Donald Trump is secretly taping visitors. Meanwhile, Fox News is reporting one of the candidates also being considered is former NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly. Lindsey Graham has some advice for President Donald Trump: Stop tweeting about the Russian Federation investigation. Read More »

Unaffordable health care for many

The bill they voted for will cost Karla her insurance coverage. A 13-member Senate panel has been tasked with writing a healthcare bill, and at least five of its senators are from states from the Republican governors' group, including Portman, Orrin Hatch of Utah, Mike Lee of Utah and Lamar Alexander of Tennessee. Read More »

How to protect yourself from Ransomware

At the same time , Smith tried to deflect criticism of Microsoft in the disaster, noting that the software giant issued a patch for the vulnerability earlier this year that many organizations ignored. The software giant compared the severity of the attack with "the USA military having some of its Tomahawk missiles stolen". The WannaCry worm has affected more than 200,000 Windows computers around the world since Friday, disrupting vehicle factories, global shipper FedEx Corp and Britain's ... Read More »

Ways To Become A Smaller Target For Ransomware Hackers

That's why it's called ransomware. The Windows vulnerability in question was purportedly identified by the NSA for its own intelligence-gathering purposes. The company issued a new patch for older Windows versions on May 12 after reports emerged of the far-ranging WannaCry attack, an unusual step. If you're using Windows 7 you can download Microsoft's free Windows Security Essentials software. Read More »

Senators take 2-1 series lead

But we're playing against a serious opponent and maybe they were off a bit the last game. The unit hasn't scored even one in the last nine games, going 0-25. Hoffman stuffed the shot, standing to the left of the goal, just between the post and right pad of Fleury. While his initial shot was stopped, the rebound bounced off Penguins defenseman Ian Cole and into the net. Read More »

Mixture of old and new faces in Macron's first government


Meanwhile, French Polynesia's president Edouard Fritch has given his full backing to the new president, saying there is a shared vision of how Tahiti can help Mr Macron's new strategy for Europe. Members of civil society without government work on their resumes were appointed to some ministerial posts. Environmentalist Nicolas Hulot, takes charge of ecology, and publisher Francoise Nyssen became culture minister. Read More »

Rouhani set to win Iran presidential polls

If no candidate wins more than 50 percent of the vote, the top two, presumably Rouhani and Raisi, would face each other a second time in a run-off in a week. Conservative cleric Raisi is a hardliner who advocates protecting the conservative values of the Iranian revolution. But Rouhani won't necessarily benefit. Read More »

Vietnam urges prevention of WannaCry ransomware

The organization's files will remain encrypted unless it pays ransomware in bitcoin ranging from $300 to $600. If you don't have any Bitcoin, no problem, you can convert some of your own currency into Bitcoin to pay them off - through a service which they recommend - which is probably fraudulent, and now has your credit card or (worse) your bank account ACH information. Read More »

Microsoft criticizes governments stockpiling software vulnerabilities following WannaCrypt ransomware attack

Because of those successes, the software is already inspiring imitators , as the Bleeping Computer site reports . Patched computers carry a much lower risk of being infected by malware or ransomware than those without an update. And that's for a simple reason: Individuals and organizations alike are fundamentally awful about keeping their computers up-to-date with security fixes. Read More »

Counting Of Votes Underway After Iran's Polling Stations Close


Rouhani swept into office four years ago on a promise to reduce Iran's global isolation. "I'm voting for Rouhani to try to save my dignity". We won. Oscar-winning director Asghar Farhadi, a vocal Rouhani supporter, voted in Cannes, France where he was attending the film festival. Rouhani, known for decades as a mild-mannered establishment insider rather than a gung-ho reformer, had adopted the mantle of the reform camp in recent weeks, with fiery campaign speeches that attacked the human ... Read More »

Trump willing to try engagement with N. Korea "under right conditions"


But bilateral relations plunged to their lowest level in many years after Seoul's announcement last summer that it would host the U.S. Terminal High Altitude Area Defense missile system, or THAAD. "And we're going to continue, whether it's sanctions, whether it's press statements, anything that we have to do", she continued. It also tested the North's capability to carry a "large-size heavy nuclear warhead", KCNA said. Read More »

US willing to engage with N. Korea


In that regard, the regime in Pyongyang is moving forward at full speed with the development of nuclear weapons. The summit, the first between the two leaders, will be held in Washington D.C. Trump's comments could not immediately be independently verified. Hong will spend the rest of his four-day trip to the USA meeting with senior government officials and North Korea experts to lay the groundwork for Moon and Trump's much anticipated one-on-one meeting next month. Read More »

Nearly every PC hit by WannaCry ransomware runs Windows 7

The China Daily added that the link that clearly exists between some USA computer programs and the latest global cyber attacks is adding urgency to China's effort to replace foreign computer software with its own. Good antivirus programs are also updated frequently, so even if the initial wave of attacks slip through, later attempts should be detected and halted. Read More »

US President Trump arrives in Saudi Arabia

US President Donald Trump and Saudi Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman shake hands at the White House on March 14, 2017. Administration officials believe Trump's decision to begin his trip in Saudi Arabia sends a powerful message to the kingdom: the strained ties that marked U.S. Read More »

Assistant finally lets you type to ask questions on your phone

A small dot will appear on the apps with active notifications. Siri is one of the quickest ways to turn on Airplane Mode, or Do Not Disturb, or create alarms. Exploits are now more hard for malicious apps to reach, Google said , and the Media Server - the software component of Android N that handles audio and video playback - has been split into individual components with "much tighter" control over permissions. Read More »

Pogba to return for Manchester United on Sunday


He is likely to miss Michael Carrick's testimonial at Old Trafford on June 4 if he is called up by England for their games against Scotland and France next month. Bosz went on to say that he doesn't care about Mourinho's record in finals and their 100% win rate against Ajax , "I never look at coaches from other teams". Read More »