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Former senator Joe Lieberman said to lead pack for new Federal Bureau of Investigation director

Trump reportedly indicated that he was leaning toward Lieberman but would officially announce his pick for the new leader of the bureau on May 19, shortly before leaving for his first trip overseas as president, notes Politico . And of course Comey had been leading the FBI's investigation into Russian meddling in last year's election and possible ties to the Trump campaign. Read More »

Noida cyber cell gives tips on preventing WannaCry attack

What versions of Windows are affected? According to the company, "customers who are running supported versions of the operating system ( Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012, Windows 10, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016 ) will have received the security update MS17-010 in March". Read More »

Results show Iran's Rouhani headed for re-election

With almost all the votes counted, Rouhani won well over half of the votes among the four candidates. For voter Hassan Rahmani, 34, in northern Tehran, maintaining good relations is key to Iran's future. The rest of the candidates trailed far behind Rouhani and Raisi, with Mostafa Mirsalim getting 455,211 votes and Mostafa Hashem Taba 210,597 votes at the latest count. Read More »

Trump denies collusion with Russian Federation but says he 'speaks for himself'

Jay Goldberg, a longtime private attorney for President Trump, says he has advised the White House that Trump should hire a personal lawyer to help him navigate the waters Mueller's expedition will likely visit. Former FBI officials who worked under Mr. Mueller say members of Congress may have to adjust their expectations when it comes to the matter of public disclosures about the status of the investigation as it's in Mr. Read More »

French researchers find last-ditch cure to unlock WannaCry files

However, a bug in WannaCry code means the attackers can not use unique bitcoin addresses to track payments, security researchers at Symantec found this week. "There is this stream of liability that flows from the ransomware attack", he said. "In the ministry of defence, the credentials of service men were breached", he said. Read More »

Frenchmen claim cure for WannaCry-infected computers

State IT officials say they often don't have enough money to effectively fight sophisticated cyber threats. That is what the WannaCry attack, and the likelihood that it will only be the first in a string of similar incursions, offers. But if it's been almost a week since you were infected by WannaCry, and the ransomware is threatening to delete your files, then it couldn't hurt to try this. Read More »

Liberal Democrats pledge to ban sale of diesel cars by 2025

He said by regulating the sale of cannabis, they could make it safer. Asked whether the party would ban abortion, Davey said: "No. Tim has made it very clear he has changed his mind". They say the budget would be balanced for day-to-day spending by the following year - though the United Kingdom would still borrow cash for major one-off capital infrastructure projects. Read More »

Iran :Hassan Rouhani reelected, President for second term

I humbly bow down before you. "Of some 41.2 million total votes cast, Rouhani got 23.5 ... and won the election", Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmanifazli said in remarks carried live by state TV. Mr Raisi is a protege of Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Rouhani presided over an expansion of the country's 3G and 4G networks, used by smartphones. Read More »

How to protect yourself against WannaCry ransomware

Once your files are encrypted, your options are limited. Good luck, and hope this helps you a little. But upgrade from XP to Windows 10 as soon as you can. The worst is not quite over, the virus is set to return in a variant . "Despite appearing to be criminal activity meant to raise money, it appears that less than $70,000 has been paid in ransoms and we are not aware of payments that have led to any data recovery". Read More »

Senate Considering Tweaks To Medicaid Per-Capita Caps


But the push for more aggressive Medicaid cutbacks indicates that if a bill ultimately passes both chambers, it could significantly scale back the federal-state insurance program that covers 73 million low-income or disabled Americans. Finally, Congress will take up pieces of legislation that conservatives have advocated for over the years to further bring down costs through proposals such as allowing insurance competition across state lines and health care portability. Read More »

Global ransomware threat: Cybersecurity Alert

However, MalwareTech added, the kill switch that was activated doesn't prevent the actors responsible for the ransomware from removing the domain check in their code and re-launching an attack, "so it's incredibly important that any unpatched systems are patched as quickly as possible". Read More »

WannaCry ransomware: Cash crunch hits ATMs in Bengaluru

Anyway, download this patch from Microsoft and install it. No federal systems were affected. The newspaper said that the role of the U.S. security apparatus in the attack should "instill greater urgency" in China's mission to replace foreign technology with its own. Read More »

Ransomware prevention has been hindered by U.S.: Chinese state media

On the other hand, instead of telling them to Microsoft to patch up those vulnerabilities, it could bring forth a tumultuous situation as far as online security is concerned. The newspaper said that the role of the US security apparatus in the attack should " instill greater urgency " in China's mission to replace foreign technology with its own. Read More »

Wannacry cyber attack compromised Russian banks in isolated cases

Other tools from the presumed NSA toolkit published by the Shadow Brokers have also been repurposed by criminals and are being sold on underground forums, researchers said. "That's liability to individuals, consumers and patients". Some organizations disconnect computers as a precautionary measure. Crackers used the loophole present in Microsoft SMB Protocol to spread this program to other computers. Read More »

Ransomware cyber attack hits Bangladesh too, 30 cases reported so far

John Riggi, former FBI Section Chief for the Cyber Division Outreach Section and now head of services firm BDO's Cybersecurity and Financial Crimes Unit, believes that because the WannaCry ransomware started out in Europe and spread to the rest of the world-including Asia-the sequence of attacks in other countries worked to the advantage of USA organizations. Read More »

Android O 2017 Top 5 Features, Changes, Release Date

In the blog post , VP of Payment Products Pali Bhat writes that more countries will have Android Pay soon. The search giant has announced Android "O" public beta program along with highlighting some of its key features. Chrome will enable Android's data-saver feature by default. Picture-in-picture mode will allow smartphone users to be more productive on the go (imagine watching a video while texting about it with a colleague), and battery life will get a boost with some underlying ... Read More »

What is Google Lens?

Instead the Android O emojis adapt to the new times with a necessary facelift. The tool will include jobs across the spectrum, said Pichar, to purposefully list gigs for retail, the service industry and other non-office options that often aren't easily searchable. Read More »

North Korea links nuclear advances to hostile U.S. policy


He said North Korea would never abandon its "nuclear deterrence for self-defense and pre-emptive strike capability" even if the US ratchets up sanctions and pressure "to the utmost". Hecker estimates that Pyongyang has enough plutonium and highly enriched uranium to produce 20 to 25 nuclear weapons and said there is " no conceivable way " the USA could destroy them all with a preemptive strike. Read More »

NSA hackers threaten to sell secrets

Six analysts and intelligence officials spoken to by the Financial Times said they were beginning to piece together the origins of the WannaCry attack, although the perpetrators were still unknown. Researchers say new variants of the software have a similar kill switch, but they refer to different domains. EC3 advises any organizations affected to use the unlocking tools provided at, a free resource developed by Europol in partnership with the Dutch police and other ... Read More »

McCaskill among the more vocal Senators on investigation of Trump

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein leaves the U.S. Capitol following a closed-door briefing with members of the House of Representatives on Friday. And The New York Times reported that the president had told Russian officials he felt the dismissal of his Federal Bureau of Investigation director had relieved "great pressure" on him. Read More »

No second spike in cyber attacks is "encouraging"-British minister"

More than 75,000 similar attacks reportedly happened in nearly 100 countries, with Russia, Ukraine and Taiwan hardest hit, according to the cybersecurity firm Avast. The hackers remain anonymous for now, but it appears that they are amateurs. However, a 22-year-old United Kingdom security researcher - who goes by the online name "MalwareTech" - discovered a "kill switch" in the software's code, according to BBC . Read More »

Trump Tells Russians That Comey Firing Relieved Pressure

Trump was offering his advice at the academy's commencement in CT, telling the graduates that they will find that "things are not always fair". Trump told senior Russian officials, in the Oval Office, that he fired Comey to relieve the pressure of an investigation into whether their government was colluding with his campaign. Read More »

Don't click: What is the 'ransomware' WannaCry worm?

Some chemotherapy patients were even sent home because their records could not be accessed. He said most people "are living an online life", and these agencies have a duty to protect their countries' citizens in that realm as well. "Obviously, robust backups are a foundational best practice to prepare for ransomware attacks, but they are no panacea". Experts are concluding that WannaCry appears to exploit a bug found earlier this year by the U.S. Read More »

Australian Treasurer Unveils Near Universally Popular Budget Measure

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission would be watching them "very, very carefully indeed". Australia's treasurer on Tuesday promised a budget for the next fiscal year that would be fair and rein in mounting debt. Labor will describe it as "Labor lite". "It's $8 billion. A tax increase which affects nearly every working Australian", he said. A $1.2 billion skills fund to provide new apprenticeships will be paid for by a foreign worker levy. Read More »

NSA warned Microsoft about vulnerability connected to 'Wanna Cry'

In order to decrypt the files and regain access, WannaCry demands that $300 in bitcoins be paid to an anonymous account. A Microsoft spokesman reached Sunday said the company had no comment. That could saddle the company with the XP albatross for many years past when it hoped to be free from having to maintain the software. The malicious software is gradually gaining control over other computer systems too. Read More »

Berks lawmakers react to appointment of Robert Mueller as special counsel

A spokesman said on the same day that "the president's economic agenda of serious tax reform, slashing burdensome regulations, rebuilding our infrastructure and negotiating fairer trade deals is adding jobs". "My takeaway is everything he said is you have to treat this as if it's a criminal investigation", Graham said. Mueller's investigation is only to see if criminal wrongdoing occurred. Read More »

Trump welcomes Colombia's president to the White House


USA conservative media has noted that US presidents have broad legal authority to classify or declassify any intel they want to. The newspaper is citing unidentified people familiar with the investigation. The committee said Thursday it sent a letter requesting material from the FBI and Justice Department related to its ongoing counterintelligence investigation. Read More »

This is how Google intends to end the Root on Android

These devices will be available in 2018. Google made a number of updates to Assistant's capabilities, including an interesting tie-in with yet another new Google product called Google Lens . It does let you input calendar appointments, set timers, jot down shopping lists, look up contacts, and get reminders, but all of that functionality works only with Google's own services. Read More »

'Hero's welcome' for missile developers in North Korea


South Korea is highly appreciative of China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative, and expects it to bring prosperity to countries and regions along its routes, including South Korea and China, Moon said . Choe was returning from Oslo with a North Korean delegation after holding talks with former US officials there. He further took aim at Washington for test-firing intercontinental ballistic missiles on May 3 and April 26 at a time when the situation on the Korean peninsula "has reached the ... Read More »