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Voucher standoff could doom major Texas school finance fix


The CBO specifies that these people would have difficulty getting affordable coverage "despite the additional funding that would be available". She left open the possibility of passing a bill to keep funding the Legislature. In a Wednesday interview with Reuters , the Republican leader began by telling his interviewers not to bother with questions about the ongoing health-care negotiations. Read More »

House intel panel to issue subpoenas for Flynn material


But Coats did not deny Trump had made such a request. If Flynn fails to respond, he could be charged with contempt of Congress. At the hearing, one House Republican, Rep. The form asked him to list "any contact" he or his family had with a "foreign government" or its "representatives" over the past seven years. It is unclear, however, whether Russian officials actually tried to directly influence Manafort and Flynn. Read More »

Trump pledges to 'get to the bottom' of leaks


Britain's political parties suspended campaigning for the June 8 election after Salman Abedi killed 22 people , including children, when he blew himself up on Monday night at the Manchester Arena indoor venue after a concert by USA singer Ariana Grande . Read More »

Trump Israel Trip: Two-State Solution Conspicuously Absent


President Donald Trump called the perpetrators of a deadly bombing at a pop-music concert in the United Kingdom "evil losers", told Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas he'd do "everything I can" to hasten peace in the Middle East and arrived in Italy on the latest leg of his overseas trip. Read More »

Republicans seek extension for Obamacare subsidies

Senate Republicans have been holding closed-door meetings to try writing their own health care overhaul. Sen. Lamar Alexander wants to save the ACA before killing it. He's right. ObamaCare is not popular now, and it definitely was not popular in 2014 when Republicans took control over the House and Senate for the first time in eight years. Read More »

Trump in Bethlehem highlight of dailies — Newspapers Review


He said that if Christians, Muslims and Jews join forces, "peace in this world is possible, including peace between Israel and the Palestinians". In what may concern peace advocates, he did not specifically mention the two-state solution, long the focus of worldwide efforts and US Middle East diplomacy. Read More »

White House says no evidence of Trump team collusion with Russians

Brennan's testimony is the first time he publicly commented on concerns about the relationship between the Trump campaign and Russian Federation, though he declined to name or describe the role of the Trump associates. US intelligence agencies concluded in January that Moscow tried to tilt the election campaign in Trump's favor, including by hacking into and leaking the emails of senior Democrats. Read More »

Tillerson: Trump won't apologize for sharing Israeli intel with the Russians


Politico reported that State Department spokesman R.C. Hammond said there was "not enough time to alert or make arrangements for US media to participate". He is in Israel on Monday and will visit Vatican City, Brussels, and Sicily before returning to the United States . "We must practice tolerance and respect for each other once again-and make this region a place where every man and woman, no matter their faith or ethnicity, can enjoy a life of dignity and hope", he said. Read More »

Preparation key to United's Europa victory, says Mourinho

Around 20,000 United fans were in the Swedish capital for the game and security had been stepped up following the suicide bombing on Monday (May 22), which killed 22 people at the Manchester Arena. - Late substitute Wayne Rooney made his fourth appearance in a major European final for Manchester United (also the 2008, 2009 and 2011 Champions League finals), equalling the record held by Ryan Giggs. Read More »

Ohio's Sen. Brown Condemns Alleged Attack by Montana Congressional Hopeful


Gianforte was charged with misdemeanor assault after Ben Jacobs , a political correspondent for the USA edition of the Guardian newspaper, said the candidate "body-slammed" him during a campaign event in Bozeman. "Yeah, I think he should apologise", US House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan told a regular news briefing. Gianforte's own statement , drafted by press secretary Shane Scanlon, cited " aggressive behavior from a liberal journalist ". Read More »

Mueller Approved By Justice Dept. Ethics Team, Despite Former Law Firm's Ties

Citing current and former intelligence officials, the Post said neither Rogers nor Coats, who was appointed by Trump , complied with the request. While the allegations of obstruction of justice and collusion with the Russians to affect the electoral process could, if proved true, constitute grounds for impeachment, we believe, guided by our commitments to the rule of law and the presumption of innocence, that the facts as we know them to this point warrant investigation, but not ... Read More »

White House: no evidence of Trump collusion with Moscow

Coats also declined Tuesday to say whether he and Rogers discussed reports of possible efforts by Trump to stifle federal investigations into Russian interference in last year's USA presidential election. But the bureau told him Thursday it could not yet turn them over because of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's probe into Russia's meddling in the 2016 election . Read More »

Did Melania Trump smack Donald's hand away at Israeli Airport?


In exchang, Melania discreetly avoided the gesture, by "choosing" to remove her hair from her face. . As the US President along with wife Melania landed in Rome, the former's hand was ignored yet again by the first lady. Melania Trump standing next to members of the Christian clergy during her visit with her husband, President Donald Trump, to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem's Old City on May 22. Read More »

Polls open after candidate charged with assault


Others at the event corroborated the version of events - including a crew from Fox News , the most-viewed United States cable news channel and a favorite of conservatives. "It's unfortunate that this aggressive behavior from a liberal journalist created this scene at our campaign volunteer BBQ". According to the Washington Post , Gianforte was later cited for misdemeanor assault . Read More »

Trump Asked Intel Chiefs to Disavow Russian Collusion With His Campaign


Those suspicions lingered but proof was lacking. "And it raised questions in my mind, again , whether or not the Russians were able to gain the cooperation of those individuals". Coats was called to testify before the U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee on Tuesday, where Sen. "Mr. Comey did not want to come testify publicly because of the presence of a special counsel", Chaffetz, a Utah Republican, told Wolf Blitzer on "The Situation Room". Read More »

More than 100 civilians killed in Iraq bombing in March

The U.S. military looked at more than 700 separate video feeds covering 10 days of airstrikes in Mosul to determine the credibility of the civilian casualty reports. Prior to the March 17 strike, Iraqi forces were about 100 meters (328 feet) away and could see two snipers on the second floor of the building. Read More »

Bomb-making workshop reportedly found in Manchester bomber's home

Rudd said Britain's increased official threat level will remain at "critical" as the investigation proceeds and won't be lowered until security services are convinced there is no active plot in place. British security services are also upset that Abedi's name was apparently leaked by United States officials while British police were withholding it - and while raids were underway in Manchester and in Libya, where the bomber's father lives. Read More »

Trump handshake showdown: France's Macron just won't let go


The two world leaders got seemingly stuck in a handshake - possibly the most awkward in history - for nearly 10 seconds when they met in Brussels ahead of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit. Trump's latest handshake with the newly elected president of France today is seen as rather odd and it has spawned some rather weird headlines. In Trump and Macron's case, the two gripped their hands with such powerful strength that their knuckles turned that pasty white color. Read More »

Can Trump solve the Middle East conflict?

Bush's 2002 roadmap to peace which brought the worldwide community into the equation. But they said that his team is quietly having substantive conversations with both sides - and keeping those conversations private as a way to build trust. Read More »

Trump, Abbas Call for Revival of Palestinian-Israeli Peace Talks


He did not specifically mention the two-state solution, long the focus of worldwide peace efforts and US Middle East diplomacy. " Israel , Saudi Arabia and the Middle East were great". In solidarity with captives, Palestinians in Jerusalem announced a strike on Tuesday. The biggest hurdle he has to cross is, who does the territory of Old Jerusalem belong to? While Palestinian Authority officials seem willing to cooperate in Trump's effort to revitalize negotiations, much of ... Read More »

Media watchers blame hostility toward reporters on Trump

The Guardian said the incident happened at Gianforte's campaign headquarters. Border tax proposal at death's door Sasse: Mont. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi , D-California, on Thursday called Gianforte a "wannabe Trump " at her weekly press conference and said the president is his model. Read More »

Soldiers Try to Restore Order in Besieged Philippine City


The Philippine president has threatened to impose martial law nationwide to combat a serious threat in the southern region of Mindanao after fighters there beheaded a police officer and took churchgoers hostage. "Even before the Duterte administration's declaration and imposition of martial law in Mindanao, the AFP (Armed Forces of the Philippines ) has been carrying out a dirty war through occupation of civilian communities, extrajudicial killings, abductions and detentions under its ... Read More »

Ariana Grande suspends tour following bombing at Manchester Arena concert


The rebuke raises the risk that key allies could become more reluctant to share vital security information with the world's superpower. The newspaper did not disclose the source of the information. "If that is something we did, I think that's a real problem", he said. He criticised media for publishing such material. A cafe owner who spoke to CNN said that the city's sense of community was helping people come together during the hard time . Read More »

GOP leaders praise Trump's balanced budget plan


Trump's proposal could have a disproportionate effect on Republican-leaning states - seven of the 10 states with the highest food stamp participation supported Trump. Sen. Edward Markey quickly rapped Trump's proposal. By contrast, the plan seeks far fewer reductions in the departments of homeland security, interior and justice - and accompanies major increases in defense spending. Read More »

Empire State Building goes dark for Manchester victims


In this photo taken on Tuesday, May 23, 2017 the lights are off at the ancient Colosseum in Rome. The Manchester attack has caused revulsion across the world because it targeted children and teenagers, who make up the bulk of Grande's fan base. Read More »

Presidential spokesman: Netanyahu's remarks on Jerusalem obstruct peace efforts


Trump initially expressed openness to alternatives to a two-state solution in February, during a meeting with Netanyahu at the White House . The two global leaders, vastly different in temperament and views of the world, talked seriously and extensively in a 30-minute private meeting about terrorism, the radicalization of young people, immigration and climate change, officials said . Read More »

GOP health bill: 23M more uninsured; sick risk higher costs

Three weeks ago, Republicans in Congress passed the American Health Care Act. The GOP-controlled House refused to wait for the CBO's analysis when they passed the bill on May 4; the Senate has not voted on its version. The bill would also repeal almost all the taxes imposed in the ACA to pay for the new benefits, including taxes on wealthy individuals and much of the health industry. Read More »

Iranian president's reform agenda is no easy feat

Ultimate power in Iran rests not with the president but with the supreme leader, who is chosen by a clerical panel and has the final say over all matters of state. While he did not give the specific names of terrorists or groups that Washington has helped, it is likely that he was referring to groups in Syria opposed to President Bashar al-Assad, as well as the grievances created throughout the region by USA airstrikes, which many point to as a recruiting sergeant for terrorist groups. Read More »

Trump to meet with anxious NATO and EU leaders


In recent months, member nations have strained to show they are ramping up defense spending as Mr. Trump has demanded, even though they have been doing so for a few years in response to an aggressive Russian Federation. For Trump and Francis, however, their meeting was an icebreaker after their public spat during the 2016 presidential campaign, when Francis called Trump's proposed border fence "not Christian" and Trump dismissed the pope's put-down as "disgraceful". Read More »

Melania angrily slaps Trump's hand away in Israel


The White House has described as "wholly appropriate" Trump's decision to share sensitive information during his meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. Trump repeatedly has criticized Iran in speeches on his first foreign trip . Earlier, Trump took at tour of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. A reporter asked Netanyahu about the state of intelligence cooperation between the two countries in the wake of Trump's controversial sharing of secret ... Read More »

Donald Trump speaks with new South Korean president


This, in turn, could alarm a more conservative Washington . Moon took charge as the president of South Korea today, after the National Election Commission declared him victor yesterday. Chinese state media said China is willing to work hard with all parties for peace, with Beijing acting as Pyongyang's only ally. In January, a book by Moon was published where he wrote that South Korea should learn to "say no to America" and become self-reliant in the field of defense capabilities, ... Read More »

Trump to meet with anxious EU and NATO leaders

And after meeting United Kingdom prime minister Theresa May earlier this year the President said Brexit was going to be a "wonderful thing" for the UK. Ron Dermer, the Israeli ambassador to the US, can be seen in the video visibly reacting to the flub. "Mr Trump has a chance now, and at least in light of what's happened in Manchester that puts a lot of focus on worldwide fight against terrorism as well." he said. Read More »

CBO: Republicans' AHCA Would Leave 23 Million More Uninsured

House GOP leaders rushed the vote through without waiting for the CBO, which forecast that 24 million fewer Americans would get coverage through the original American Health Care Act or Obamacare. "The CBO was wrong when they analyzed Obamacare's effect on cost and coverage, and they are wrong again", the Republican said in a statement . The report says that is partly because insurance on average would cover less of people's health care costs. Read More »