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Full Speech: Present Trump Hopeful And Peaceful Final Speech In Israel

US -sponsored peace talks between the Israel and Palestinian had collapsed in 2014. "We can keep going through the charade of a peace process on and on". The state of the Trump's union has been the subject of scrutiny in recent weeks after the first lady's verified personal Twitter account liked a tweet about her dramatic change in facial expressions at the inauguration when she smiled, then scowled, after the president glanced in her direction. Read More »

Father of alleged Manchester bomber Salman Abedi says his son is innocent

The BBC said Manchester Police hoped to resume normal intelligence relationships soon but is now furious. The 22-year-old Manchester-born man, who was known to security services, killed 22 people and injured 64 others at Manchester Arena, which was packed with children and teenagers there to see USA singer Ariana Grande . Read More »

Trump brands killer 'a loser' as he stands in solidarity with UK

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Washington has added tens of millions of dollars in extra defence aid for Israel , a day after US President Donald Trump wound up a visit. Mimran said at his trial in June that he donated the money to the Israeli leader for the 2009 election campaign. Israel occupied the West Bank and East Jerusalem in 1967. Read More »

N. Korea calls S. Korea's border firing reckless provocation

The United States, which has condemned repeated North Korean missile launches, said Sunday's launch of what North Korea dubbed the Pukguksong-2 was of a "medium-range" missile, and USA -based experts doubted the reliability of the relatively new solid-fuel type after so few tests. Read More »

The UK Has Stopped Sharing Manchester Attack Information With The US

British officials are particularly angry that photos detailing evidence about the bomb used in the Manchester attack were published in The New York Times , although it is not clear that the paper obtained the photos from US officials. British law enforcement officials say they fear the leaks could impede their investigation. The claim could not be verified. A 23-year-old man - named in reports as Abedi's older brother, Ismail - was detained in Chorlton, south Manchester , on Tuesday. Read More »

Trump orders investigation after Manchester leaks

Armed police raided the flat on Wednesday but no arrests were made. Ariana Grande is set to re-enter the top 40 this week with One Last Time as fans have flocked to listen to the track in the wake of the Manchester attack. The bombing, targeting as it did children and teenagers, has caused revulsion across the world. Hashem Abedi is believed to have known about his elder brother's plot to detonate the nail bomb, and is also suspected of planning to carry out an attack in Tripoli . Read More »

Penguins vs. Senators: Game 7 prediction


The Penguins are looking to become the first team to win two straight Stanley Cups since the 1998 Detroit Red Wings . Game 7 is scheduled to start at 8 p.m. Early on, the Pens get caught up ice and Ottawa goes on a 3-on-2. "We can't ask for anything better but we just have to have fun with that". That's not ideal. Read More »

Cavs coach says Irving is feeling 'good' after Game 4 ankle injury

With 40 more points, James could also become the first player in National Basketball Association history to score 6,000 points in the playoffs. Cleveland is expecting another unflinching effort in Game 5 from a Celtics team that isn't backing down despite facing a 3-1 deficit in the series. Read More »

Report says bill leaves 51m uninsured in 2026

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said Wednesday that the GOP bill would "gut Medicaid " and force higher out-of-pocket costs on older people and others. "This bill is going to be about compromise, and a down payment on change", Issa said. "There are a lot of sticking points". Oklahomans buying vehicles will now have to pay a 1.25% sales tax on these purchases. Read More »

Worries Grew Of Trump Campaign Contacts To Russia — Ex-CIA Chief

Cummings made his points in a letter asking Chaffetz to subpoena the White House for documents related to Flynn. "If the Russians want to get into the (Democratic National Committee) again they will be able to get in, or the RNC or just about any other private institution and a lot of public ones". Read More »

British police arrest another man after Manchester attack

Rudd said the "element of surprise" in the police and security service measures could be compromised by information being released too quickly. An initial deployment of 984 had been ordered, initially in London , then elsewhere. As of Wednesday morning, police say, they've identified all victims who lost their lives and contacted all of the families involved. "That incident stirred up a sense of anger among young Libyans in Manchester and especially Salman, who clearly expressed his ... Read More »

Melania Trump praises Saudi Arabia for 'empowerment' of women

The shift also suggests at least a temporary victory for those in Trump's administration who've advocated toning down his campaign rhetoric such as McMaster, amid reports that Trump is less than fully pleased with the former general. They have borne the brunt of the killings and the worst of the destruction in this wave of fanatical violence. The second part of Trump's strategy entails building a coalition against Iran and its Shiite proxies with Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states. Read More »

Britain starts sharing intelligence with the USA again

She said he had been known to security forces "up to a point". Britain was also angry that United States media identified Abedi before they were ready to release his name publicly. French Interior Minister Gerard Collomb said British investigators had told French authorities Abedi had probably travelled to Syria as well. The investigation into the attack is ongoing and the Greater Manchester Police confirmed on Wednesday that it is probing a wider "network" linked to Abedi. Read More »

USA congressional candidate charged with assaulting Guardian reporter

House candidate Greg Gianforte ", the Independent Record wrote, citing other incidents when Gianforte has criticized the media. "Try to have some level of dignity as to how to treat people and the behavior we expect from our own families and to see this person who wants to be the one representative into the house of Representatives from Montana be sort of a wanna be Trump ". Read More »

Another bad budget from Trump targets the poor

Jan Schakowsky, D-Ill., citing Medicaid's extensive reach. The president's plan pushes to increase economic growth to 3 percent, and balance the budget within a 10-year window. . Although the budget doesn't specify the proposal's cost, the Tax Policy Center (TPC) estimated that a very similar proposal would cost $1.9 trillion over ten years. Read More »

CBO: 23M fewer Americans insured under House GOP bill

While eliminating a legal mandate for Americans to have health care, the Republican plan appears to undercut the party's claim that people with pre-existing conditions would still be able to get coverage. Congress' top two Republicans chose to ignore the report's troublesome findings in their public comments Thursday. Besides premiums, other critical components of the value of health insurance are out-of-pocket costs and benefits. Read More »

Evangelicals Give Hosannas to Trump Mideast Trip

There was Trump, saying the possibilities of peace remain good, and deeming Abbas a force for peace in the process. As many as 400 police were deployed overnight, Chief Constable Ian Hopkins said early Tuesday. After news of the Manchester Islamic terror attack at an Ariana Grande concert broke, President Trump spoke from Bethlehem , Israel while standing next to master terrorist Mahmoud Abbas . Read More »

Trump 'didn't cite Israel' as source of Isis intelligence

Security Council, records show". Thousands of Israelis marched through east Jerusalem's Old City on Wednesday to commemorate 50 years since the Jewish state seized control of it in the Six-Day War. Abbas had sought to convince the unpredictable USA president to remain committed to an independent Palestinian state. Abbas, who has been politically weakened at home because of the continuing stalemate in peace efforts , appeared to be basking in the attention from an American president ... Read More »

8-year-old, 'loved by everyone' among victims in Manchester bombing

Twenty-two people were killed and dozens more seriously injured when Abedi, 22, detonated a device as fans left Manchester Arena, where United States star Ariana Grande was performing on Monday night. The manhunt is taking place amid heightened security. The plans - which have never before been used - allow for up to 5,000 troops to be deployed to protect critical infrastructure and high-value targets such as parliament and royal palaces, to free up resources of the police and ... Read More »

Trump wants Mideast peace 'compromise' but admits won't be easy

Also on Monday, Trump became the first sitting USA president to visit the Western Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem , land that was seized from the Palestinians by the Israeli military during the Six-Day War in 1967. Trump said the US stands in "absolute solidarity" with the people of the United Kingdom and that young, innocent people were murdered by "evil losers". Read More »

Opec extends 1.8m barrel daily cut in oil production

OPEC's cuts have helped to push oil back above $50 a barrel this year, giving a fiscal boost to producers, many of whom rely heavily on energy revenues. OPEC has for weeks been laying the groundwork to extend production cuts. "All options are open", an OPEC source said, adding that a deeper cut in output was an option depending on estimated growth in supply from non-OPEC producers, mainly US shale oil firms, among other scenarios. Read More »

Senate Intelligence Committee Subpoenas Mike Flynn's Businesses


The US department of justice has appointed former Federal Bureau of Investigation director Robert Mueller as special counsel to investigate alleged links between Trump's campaign and Russian operatives. The committee leaders are directing the two new subpoenas at Flynn's Virginia-based businesses because businesses don't have a right to plead the Fifth, Warner said. Read More »

Jared Kushner now the focus in Russia, Trump investigation


One of the reasons why John Brennan , then CIA Director, alerted the Federal Bureau of Investigation counter-intelligence folks about possible collusion is because the CIA intercepted phone calls from Russian officials talking openly about influencing Trump as a candidate and potentially as president. Read More »

Palestinians, Israel police clash at Jerusalem Old City gate


The addition comes on the heels of a weekend announcement of a massive US-Saudi arms deal. But just months after his speech, the Obama administration became remarkably quiet on democracy promotion and was reluctant to criticise USA allies like Egypt and Saudi Arabia . Read More »

The 7 most awkward moments from Trump's Israel trip

DONALD Trump left Israel on Tuesday after a whirlwind trip in which he made history as the first sitting US President to visit the Kotel - and appearing optimistic that he can go down in history as the man who will make peace. In introductory remarks, Netanyahu voiced hope that Trump's efforts would help forge peace with Arab states, which, he said, shared with Israel a common concern about Iran . Read More »

Trump pushes aside Montenegro leader _ who calls it natural


It's a reminder of NATO's commitment to its collective defence clause - so-called Article 5 - which commits allies to defend any of the 28 members that come under attack. "We agreed on many areas, first and foremost on counterterrorism", Tusk said after the one-hour meeting. "It isn't about defense spending, it's about solidarity and security, which the defense spending enables", Daalder said. Read More »

Appeals court deals blow to Trump administration travel ban

Trump's administration argued the 4th Circuit should not look beyond the text of the executive order, which doesn't mention religion. The court said it likely violates the Constitution. Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Thursday his department will appeal to the Supreme Court. They also criticized the use of campaign material as evidence: "If a court, dredging through the myriad remarks of a campaign, fails to find material to produce the desired outcome, what stops it from probing ... Read More »

US President calls out NATO countries for reneging on spending pledges

Trump said "2 percent was the bare minimum" countries should be contributing, referring to the 2 percent of GDP NATO advises its members to spend on defense. But the threat of Islamic extremism remained a uniting theme as the specter of Monday's Manchester concert bombing loomed over the summit at the alliance's new headquarters in Brussels . Read More »

Maine senator presents alternative health care bill


The Senate is unlikely to be able to adopt much of the House version because of the report's finding that it would result in massive coverage losses. Despite the forecast of many uninsured, House Speaker Paul Ryan hailed the report as "another positive step toward keeping our promise to repeal and replace Obamacare ". Read More »

Philippines using helicopters to clear militants

If Hapilon does escape, it would be a huge blow for the Philippine authorities in their efforts to stamp out what Duterte has said is a fast-rising threat from the Islamic State group. He said he would consider some security measures in the central Visayas region next to Mindanao to facilitate arrests, and could even declare martial law nationwide. Read More »

Ex-CIA director says he warned Russia


He declined to comment specifically on what financial information the committee was obtaining, but speaking in general terms, he noted that one tactic Russians use to influence foreign nationals is financial entanglement. Manafort submitted these documents in response to letters the congressional panels had sent to a handful of Trump campaign associates with potential ties to Moscow in recent weeks. Read More »

Trump's Middle East Reset


American news outlets agree that, given that human rights, democracy and related issues such as freedom of the press are hardly Trump's calling card in America, it makes flawless sense that he's knocking many of these nettlesome issues off the table in favor of more "effectively" fighting the war on terror. Read More »

Ramadan 2017: Everything You Need To Know About Muslim's Holiest Month

According to the holy book of Muslims, The Qur'an was first revealed to the Prophet Muhammad during Ramadan. "This year, the fast will last up to 18 hours a day in Luton and with hot weather expected, it is important that people in the region look after their health and think about what they eat and drink as they observe the holy month". Read More »

Montana's absentee vote turnout in the spotlight after Gianforte 'body slam'


Gianforte won Montana's only U.S. House seat on Thursday despite being charged a day earlier with assault after witnesses said he grabbed a reporter by the neck and threw him to the ground. There's been plenty of action in the Big Sky State before Wednesday's bombshell revelation that one of the candidates allegedly body slammed a reporter, but if you're wondering about the basics of the race, CNN is here for you. Read More »