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Trump believes he can make an Israel-Palestine peace deal

Clashes broke out between Palestinian protesters and Israeli security forces on Wednesday as Israeli demonstrators marched through the Old City of Jerusalem to mark the 50th anniversary of Israel's capture of the city's eastern half. After his "fantastic" meeting with the pope on Wednesday, the United States president vowed to pursue peace around the world. Not only is Mahmoud Abbas not popular at home, but he is widely considered to be unable to agree to almost any peace deal with ... Read More »

Kulbhushan Jadav: Pak Army to jointly fight case with govt at ICJ


Pakistan can not execute Indian national Jadhav until it makes a final decision in the proceedings of the case, the ICJ said. The retired Indian Navy officer has been in Pakistan custody for more than a year. She is said to have closely monitored the developments at The Hague-based ICJ when lawyers from India and Pakistan appeared before the court on Monday and when it delivered the verdict Thursday. Read More »

Iran slams U.S. for urging policy shift in second Rouhani term


He reiterated President Trump's message that the fight against terrorism is one of good versus evil. Here's part of what he said today. The United States and other critics in the West accuse Tehran of sponsoring worldwide terrorism and destabilizing the region, and Iran is still targeted by USA sanctions over its weapons programs and perceived rights violations. Read More »

Trump sides with French victor, at least now

US President Donald Trump and French leader Emmanuel Macron . Maybe Macron's "resentment" was due to the fact that Trump had expressed his support for the Frenchman's rival Marine Le Pen - deeming her the "strongest" candidate for the presidency - as she too clearly looks up to him regarding Trump's election campaign inspired her political efforts in France . Read More »

Philippine military bomb Islamist militants in urban battle

A damaged Armoured Personnel Carrier is transported for fix as a queue of vehicles with fleeing residents that stretches for kilometres following the siege in Marawi . The two main rebel groups have signed peace accords with the government in exchange for autonomy, although this has yet to be finalised. Links between some of these groups and those from Indonesia and Malaysia go back many years, predating the formation of IS. Read More »

President Trump Shoves Montenegro Prime Minister Dusko Markovic At NATO Summit

Cohn told reporters that Trump was struck by "how important it is for the United States to show leadership" and how even in massive global agreements, there's "a big gap when you take the biggest economy out". "I don't want to comment, but I have to", said Juncker. Put it all together, though, and the sense emerges of a president aggressively, if somewhat awkwardly, trying to assert himself on the world stage - with mixed success depending on his audience. Read More »

Under martial law, Duterte tells troops 'you can arrest any person'

Philippine security forces bombed residential areas of a southern city on Thursday as they battled ISIL-linked militants who were holding hostages and were reported to have murdered at least 11 civilians. The southern Philippines has been troubled by decades-long Muslim separatist uprisings in the predominantly Catholic nation. Clashes between the government troops and the Maute and Abu Sayyaf terror groups erupted Tuesday afternoon in Marawi . Read More »

Donald Trump Increases Rhetoric Against NATO Allies at Brussels Summit


European leaders have expressed concern about the United States' dedication to the bylaw and some had been hoping to hear support of it from Trump. When Mr Trump greeted new French President Emmanuel Macron , they grabbed each other's hands, jaws clenched, in an extended grip that turned Mr Trump's knuckles white. Read More »

Microsoft renovates Windows 10 at Build 2017


Microsoft on Thursday took the wraps off its new Fluent Design System for Windows during day two of the Microsoft Build Conference . Consider the Fall Creators Update: while a fairly underwhelming update overall, three of the features Belfiore highlighted were squarely aimed at helping Windows users get more from Microsoft apps on their iOS and Android devices. Read More »

BELGIUM: Trump: NATO allies need 'to pay their fair share'

Only five of the 28 alliance states meet that spending target, with Canada in a three-way tie for 20th place. He stood in front of the new North Atlantic Treaty Organisation headquarters and berated our allies for supposedly not paying their fair share on defense. Read More »

Gunmen attack Christians in Egypt, unknown number of fatalities


About 70 have been killed since December in bomb attacks on churches in the cities of Cairo , Alexandria and Tanta. In April, at least 37 people were killed and more than 100 injured in two separate bombings at Christian Coptic churches packed with worshippers in northern Egypt one week before Coptic Easter. Read More »

Beauty of Taormina having 'positive' impact on G7 talks, says Italian PM

Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni acknowledged there had been no breakthrough on climate change, describing the future of the Paris pact as "still hanging", as Trump reviews the arguments for and against the U.S. "What the president means by free and open trade is, we will treat you the way you treat us, meaning if you don't have barriers to trade or you don't have tariffs, we won't have tariffs", Mr. Read More »

In Europe, World Leaders Try To Change Trump's Mind On Climate Change

He came here to get smarter. But Gentolini and other world leaders weren't just waiting for internal reflection. Cohn stressed that Trump's decision will ultimately be based on " what's best for the United States ". Cajoled on issues like climate change and NATO's defense pact, he's responded by scolding some of the United States' most loyal allies for not paying their fair share. Read More »

Trump pushes aside Montenegro leader - who calls it natural


And improve coordination within the Coalition. Instead, he highlighted NATO's decision to invoke the article for the only time after 9/11 and said the US would "never forsake the friends that stood by our side". "There was only a little hope of US-Russia normalization and constructive dialogue after his election", Bychkov noted. And at home , one Democratic leader called the remarks "condescending" and an "embarrassment", while Republican Sen. Read More »

Iran President Hassan Rouhani Blasts Trump's Saudi Summit

It is said that Trump has been studying the idea of establishing a new security union with Middle East countries, centering on Saudi Arabia, as part of anti-terror measures while putting pressure on Iran . Rouhani increases Iran's legitimacy globally so hard-liners can pursue their ideological agenda more freely. In a separate comment reflecting heated rhetoric between Tehran and Riyadh , former commander of the Revolutionary Guard, Mohsen Rezaei tweeted: "Terrorist explosion in ... Read More »

Ransomware cyber-attack threat escalating


The attack involved a malware called Wanna Decryptor, which encrypts files on a user's computer, blocking them from view and demanding a payment to release them. The Scottish Government confirmed there have been no further reported problems following the debilitating cyber attack which hit the NHS on Friday afternoon. Read More »

Coinbase Issues Make It More Difficult to Sustain Bitcoin Bull Run


Today, after hitting another all time high of $2760, Bitcoin's price dropped over 10% right after as investors took profits. The price of Bitcoin , the most popular the digital crytpo-currency, has skyrocketed this year. It's even noted that the number of Bitcoins in the market will never actually reached 21 million. Bitcoin has gained a high profile from events such as the global WannaCry ransomware attack, now famously demanding payment in the cryptocurrency in exchange for ... Read More »

FA Cup: Arsenal looks to end disappointing season on a high

Maybe not like this. It's not bad, but it can be better. They last met in the final in 2002, when terrific second half goals from Ray Parlour and Fredrik Ljungberg sealed victory for Arsenal . I played with Dennis Bergkamp up front against Manchester United , who had (Cristiano) Ronaldo, (Wayne) Rooney, (Ryan) Giggs, (Paul) Scholes. As a result, Mertesacker will arrive at Wembley having played just 37 minutes of first team football. Read More »

The deal Trump is cooking

Like Obama and many previous USA presidents, Trump has pressed Israel to curtail settlement construction in the West Bank. Rather than doom and gloom, he has given the Arab world and Palestinians a vision of hope and promise. "Three days ago, the USA added another $75 million to the aid package", Netanyahu said on Wednesday, without giving a timeframe for the money's arrival. Read More »

Rouhani takes on Trump

He also used his series of tweets to accuse Trump of "milking" the Saudis with the new weapons deal. Trump selected Saudi Arabia as his first destination in a move to rebuild bilateral ties which became strained during Obama's presidency. Read More »

31 militants killed in besieged Philippine city

Chito Suganob and more than a dozen churchgoers and staff as fighting raged between government troops and Muslim militants. The sources said that Indonesian Shei Ayman Marjuki and Saudi Arabian Sheikh Ahmad Belfaki were also among those killed so far in skirmishes at various villages in the city which is widely seen as the first city taken by IS in South East Asia. Read More »

Meeting with Abbas, Trump calls Manchester attackers 'evil losers'

Nathan Thrall from the International Crisis Group and author of a new book on past Israeli-Palestinian peace talks agreed that "there was nothing substantive in Trump's public comments". After his meeting with Abbas, Trump will return to Jerusalem to visit the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial and give a speech at the Israel Museum , bringing an end to his two-day stay in the country. Read More »

Rex Tillerson Declines to Host Ramadan Celebration at State Department


The holiday's fasting is the fourth of the five pillars of Islam, which is known as Sawm , or fasting. "Eid, or this holiday would please Allah and thank him for [the] opportunity to worship him", said Imam Hosny Ibrahim. Charity givings also increase during the month, religious experts say. What other rituals do Muslims perform during Ramadan? The beginning of Ramadan has traditionally been based on "hilal" sightings, which is the traditional method mentioned in the Quran and ... Read More »

Israeli defence minister says uneasy over US-Saudi arms deal

The administration naively believes that the solving Israeli-Palestinian conflict, not stopping Islamic supremacism, is the key to peace in the Middle East . In spite of winning numerous wars, in spite of developing some of the greatest high-tech breakthroughs, Israel as a nation, not Israelis, is ever seeking to receive public recognition. Read More »

Iran Accuses US of 'Iranophobia', 'Warmongering' After Trump's Visit to Saudi Arabia

He said he was "waiting for this government to become stable intellectually" before making a judgment. In New York City last Saturday-Sunday, I followed President Donald Trump's visit to Saudi Arabia while simultaneously scanning assorted Saturday and Sunday cartoon shows on television - and at times it was very hard to tell the difference between the two. Read More »

Climate-change pact isn't ruled out as trip ends


Donald Trump's views on the Paris climate accord are "evolving", according to his top economic adviser, who signaled the president may be willing to bow to pressure from European leaders and stay in the agreement if the USA wins assurances it can scale back its carbon-cutting commitment. Read More »

Rouhani slams US after Trump's barbs


He further reiterated that the presence of Rouhani at the head of the government would guarantee that Tehran's relations with Western states, Washington in particular, would not deteriorate in the next four years. sanctions. "All nations of conscience must work together to isolate Iran", Trump said. The reproduction of the story/photograph in any form will be liable for legal action. Read More »

Decoding Donald Trump's body language at the G7 Summit


So, there is no real - honest - dispute that President Trump's words were true. The comments came as the USA president was visiting the Belgium capital. "For example I really think that by being vague about Article 5 Trump essentially killed the nuclear deterrent that the USA provides for Europe". The opposite seems to have happened towards Europe. Read More »