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Trump's budget means deep cuts for health care safety net

Mulvaney's comments, which came during a House Budget Committee hearing, resurrected an issue that Congress has mostly ignored in recent months but will soon trigger tough political decisions. Saying the economy will grow 3 percent every year for the next 10 years doesn't make that happen, either. That advantage no longer exists. The House and Senate budget committees will bring forward their own proposals in June, and a compromise budget will eventually be agreed before the fiscal year ... Read More »

Korea welcomes Iran president's re-election, expects better ties


France's stance is contradictory to comments made by US President Donald Trump , who accused Tehran of funding terrorism and stoking the fires of sectarian conflict in the region, and called on all nations to work towards isolating Iran. They also fear more a confrontational policy with the U.S. and Saudi Arabia. The Sunni kingdom and Shiite power Iran haven't had diplomatic relations since early 2016. Read More »

G7 summit talks open amid rising global crises

Trump spent much of the day in meetings in Italy , demanding that the world's wealthiest nations to do more to fight terror while listening to their urgings about the need to stay in the Paris climate agreement. Ahead of his meeting with G7 leaders Friday morning, Trump met with Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to discuss North Korea , among other issues. Read More »

Duterte warns of 'contamination' by Islamic State group

The violence is the latest in four decades of conflict across the southern third of the mostly Catholic Philippines , where a Muslim separatist rebellion has claimed more than 120,000 lives. "It has transmogrified into invasion by foreign terrorists, who heeded the call of the ISIS to go to the Philippines if they find difficulty in going to Iraq and Syria". Read More »

G7 deadlocked on climate, but USA position "evolving"

And then there was the chat between the G-7 leaders. During Friday's gathering of the Group of 7 wealthy democracies - as well as at earlier stops on Trump's first worldwide trip - leaders have implored him to stick with the 2015 accord aimed at reducing carbon emissions and slowing potentially disastrous global warming. Read More »

Trump shoves fellow Nato leader aside on his first summit


But to European leaders, it fell far short of an explicit affirmation of Nato's Article 5 clause, the "one-for- all, all-for-one" principle that has been the foundation of the alliance since its establishment 68 years ago. Article 5 has been invoked only once in NATO's six-decade history - after September 11, 2001, attacks on NY and Washington. Tension over USA support for Article 5 began during Trump's campaign for president, when he repeatedly threatened to militarily support only ... Read More »

India a victim of terror: US President Trump

Social media users mused that the image, in which Trump touches a globe with Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz , and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, resembled a scene where villains enact their master plan. Zarif also criticised Trump's arms deal and other investments with Saudi Arabia worth hundreds of billions of dollars. But Rohani said stability in the Middle East without Iran's help was impossible and accused the United States of "lacking knowledge" of the region. Read More »

Senate GOP Wants Even Deeper Medicaid Cuts

A majority of US voters in a Quinnipiac University poll released last week, 56 percent, opposed the Republican health care bill, while just more than 1 in 5 voters, 21 percent, supported it. for the vote on the AHCA", Newhouse said. If the AHCA passes the Senate in its revised form, the House and the Senate will need to come up with a way to reconcile the two different forms of the AHCA bill in order to officially pass it and send it to President Trump for his approval. Read More »

Philippines president jokes about rape in speech to soldiers

Malaysians, Singaporeans in the fight that has been ongoing in Marawi . The local groups have transformed". Teachers who were trapped in the siege by Muslim militants of Marawi city wait for their transport back to their hometowns in southern Philippines Thursday, May 25, 2017. Read More »

Trump's North Atlantic Treaty Organisation shove 'didn't really register,' says leader he pushed


However, Slovak Foreign Minister Miroslav Lajcak said he would have liked to hear Article V mentioned . Now, as president, his remarks didn't explicitly reaffirm America's commitment to it. Trump and his aides have long complained about "leakers" they think are trying to undermine his presidency. "This idea that countries owe money is flat-out wrong", said Rathke. Read More »

G7 leaders meet in Italy for 'challenging' summit

Leaders from the world's biggest powerhouses have already arrived on the Island with President Donald Trump tweeting: "Just arrived in Italy for the G7". The Washington Times said Mr Trump "neared the end of his first foreign trip Thursday by largely fulfilling a transformative agenda that was more ambitious than anything Mr Obama tried overseas during his first year in office". Read More »

S. Korea fires shots at N. Korea after object crosses border


The military said it had sent a warning to Pyongyang and increased its air surveillance in response to the incident. South Korean reports said only 90 rounds were fired on Tuesday, and a military spokesman told AFP Thursday that it stood by its conclusion that balloons were involved. Read More »

G7 to acknowledge climate deadlock with US

They could steer the talks on the issues that both sides of the Atlantic are more likely to agree on. The bloc meets annually to discuss a wide range of issues; including global economy, security and energy - and this year will be no exception. Read More »

Sara Netanyahu caught on hot mic with Trumps


Their talks came with hundreds of Palestinians in Israeli jails on hunger strike since April 17, which Abbas referred to in his remarks after meeting Trump . It's between us and occupation . The New York Times reported yesterday that Israel "announced the establishment of a committee to retroactively push for legalization of settler outposts and homes in the West Bank built without government authorization". Read More »

Protesters oppose martial law in Philippines


Duterte appealed to Islamist militants yesterday to abandon hostilities and start dialogue in an effort to end their bloody occupation of the city, reported Reuters . Padilla said that this will be part of the Martial Law guidelines being crafted which will now be on the part of the administrator to exercise. Marawi is located in Lanao del Sur province, a stronghold of the Maute , a fierce, but little-known group that has been a tricky opponent for the military. Read More »

Trump's New Middle East Strategy May Be Based on Shaky Assumptions

There was much justified talk about the length and depth of the partnership between the United States and Saudi Arabia . "It was a wise move and a positive thing that had a strategic element to it - understanding that there are limits to how far you can go without addressing the Israeli-Palestinian relationship". Read More »

Angela Merkel's party wins vote in heartland of rivals in Germany

They lost three out of three. German Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservative Christian Democrats (CDU) won 33 percent of the vote in North Rhine-Westphalia's state election on Sunday, official projections showed. And earlier this month, she used a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin to urge him to investigate reports of persecution of gay men in Chechnya. Read More »

Trump's budget too tough on poor


However, it also claims those same tax cuts will help the USA economy achieve three per cent growth - effectively counting them twice. In an op-ed published yesterday, he wrote that the budget represents a reversal from prioritizing the interests of the poor to "putting taxpayers first". Read More »

Iran's Zarif suggests US 'milking' Saudis of $480 bln

Urging Muslim leaders to do more to fight extremism, the US President said, "The nations of the Middle East can not wait for American power to crush this enemy for them". In a stopover lasting 28 hours, he is to meet separately with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. Trump brought with him a $110 billion arms package for his hosts, aimed at bolstering Saudi security and a slew of business agreements. Read More »

Trump denounces Manchester attackers as 'evil losers'

In his meetings with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Reuven Rivlin on Monday, Trump also discussed the peace process without mentioning a two-state solution. Many observers, perhaps naively, had expected some sign of increased pressure on Israel to make compromises, but Mr Trump gave no hint of that. The two men had a clash of words previous year when Trump was running for president with a major pledge to build a wall along the U.S. Read More »

Trump pushes Montenegrin PM aside to make room for himself


Tusk said in a televised statement after the joint meeting with Trump that trade was one of the issues that remained "open". NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg defended Trump, saying that although he was "blunt" he had "a very plain and clear message on the expectations" of allies. Read More »

Manchester Bomber Called Mom Before Attack

British police have resumed intelligence-sharing ties with USA law enforcement after they were temporarily stopped in a row over leaks about the Manchester bombing investigation. "This is not their style". Frustration has been expressed at every level of British government. Abedi passed through Istanbul on his way to Europe, Turkish security officials told Reuters, but said they had no records of him entering Syria during his travels as had been suggested on Wednesday by the French ... Read More »

Britain resumes sharing bombing intel with US


A relative of the man suspected in the deadly Manchester concert attack says he was driven to extremism after seeing a friend fatally stabbed past year. British Prime Minister Theresa May , arriving at a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit in Brussels, said the countries' partnership on defense and security was built on trust, but "part of that trust is knowing that intelligence can be shared confidently". Read More »

Wisconsin senator reacts to healthcare CBO report

But that would be partly because policies would typically provide fewer benefits and sicker people would be priced out, it concluded. But Georges Benjamin , executive director of the American Public Health Association, called the bill "dangerous, deadly and deeply flawed". Read More »

Macron was warned about Trump's awkwardly aggressive handshake before their meeting

Macron had to place his other hand on Trump's arm to help leverage himself from Trump's grip. But not even Emmanuel Macron , the new darling of the G-7, could charm the prime minister into softening her hard-line stance on Brexit. Former president Barack Obama endorsed Mr Macron. Cue laughs from leaders including German Chancellor Angela Merkel and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation chief Jens Stoltenberg as Macron found his arm wrenched about by a smiling Trump. Read More »

G7 makes 'substantial progress' on trade talks - French source


Gentiloni spoke of a good compromise: "The global approach to the problem is recognized, also in the long term with the involvement of the origin countries, and shared responsibility". While Chancellor Merkel described the day's discussions with Trump as "intensive", and said the U.S. president had made clear that he had not yet made a decision about the climate agreement and would not do so in Sicily, but would rather continue to work on clarifying the USA position. Read More »

Two Malaysian militants killed in Mindanao battle

Their condition is unknown. At least 21 people - seven soldiers, 13 rebels and a civilian - have been killed and religious leaders say militants were using Christians taken hostage during the fighting as human shields. Gen. Restituto Padilla said. Mr Duterte told soldiers in Iligan, a city near Marawi , that he had long feared that "contamination by IS" loomed in the country's future. Read More »

Jared Kushner Reportedly Wanted Secret Line Of Communication To Russia


While the request, if legitimate, seems shady (especially considering the other instances of Trump officials attempting to obscure communications with Russia), those same officials proposed that it could have been made because of naïveté . Two congressional intelligence committees are conducting parallel investigations into Russian interference during the presidential campaign, and in recent weeks the committees have accelerated their efforts to obtain documents from Trump's campaign advisers, ... Read More »

Watch Greg Gianforte's full victory speech and apology


House election. This keeps Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke's former seat in the GOP column, and represents another close-but-no-cigar result for Democrats, who are mostly contesting special elections in strong Republican areas where seats are vacated by Trump appointees. Read More »

G7 communique acknowledges split with US on climate

After the G-7 summit of economically advanced countries, the president will address American troops on an Italian base before departing for home. The 2015 agreement brought together nearly 200 nations led by the USA and China in pledging to slash fossil fuel emissions and step up funding to hold back the impacts of global warming. Read More »

Android Go strips Android down for ultra-low-budget phones


This feature will let you call mobile phones and landline via Google Home, for free (neat!). Described by Google as its "comprehensive security services for Android", Play Protect will compare app behaviour across the more than 50 billion apps used daily by all Android devices worldwide. Read More »

Australia's 'Ganja Queen' set to leave Bali


Schapelle Corby is due back in Australia in the early hours of tomorrow morning. With TV cameras outside her home in Bali , photographers snapping her every move and round-the-clock coverage from the media, many are comparing Schapelle's treatment to that of a "celebrity". Read More »

Philippine forces hit militants; civilians wave white flags

A police chief in the southern Philippines says he's safe after Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte announced earlier that the chief had been beheaded . "The situation is very fluid and movements are dynamic because we wanted to out-step and out-maneuver them". The military says Maute has yet to be endorsed by Islamic State, or ISIS, as one of its affiliates. Read More »