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White House mum on new Kushner allegations in Russian Federation probe

Kushner spoke with Ambassador Sergey Kislyak about creating that line of communication to facilitate sensitive discussions aimed at exploring the incoming administration's options with Russian Federation as it was developing its Syria policy, according to a person familiar with the discussions who spoke with The Associated Press . Read More »

IRAN: Rouhani says regional stability impossible without Tehran


Rouhani , who fronted Tehran's deal with six major powers in 2015 to curb Iran's nuclear programme in return for the lifting of sanctions, said the United States administration lacked knowledge about the Middle East . Rezaian nonetheless ended up being tried by one of Iran's toughest judges and convicted of charges including espionage in a closed-door trial. In a meeting that resembled a weird initiation ritual, the entire summit was rife with symbolism that demonstrated the U.S.'s and ... Read More »

Trump scolds NATO leaders

Numerous nations, Trump said, owe "massive" amounts of money from previous years. The summit marks Trump's final stop on a maiden worldwide trip that began in Saudi Arabia and Israel, where the president was warmly embraced by the countries' leaders. Read More »

Jared Kushner ready to talk to FBI about Russian contacts

A man of few words who is never far from the president's side, Kushner boasts an enormous portfolio of domestic and global responsibilities underscoring his importance as Trump's chief aide-de-camp, despite having no experience in the world of politics before the 2016 race. Read More »

Manchester bombing: 'Forgive me' - attacker's final call to mum

Home searches across Manchester have uncovered important items for the investigation into the concert bombing that left 22 people dead, Manchester's police chief announced Thursday. Abedi died in the attack. Wednesday's Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace was cancelled to redeploy police officers, while all public tours and events in Parliament have been cancelled. Read More »

Trump's shove was 'inoffensive,' Montenegro prime minister says


According to PEW about 6 in ten Americans hold a favorable opinion of the security Alliance up from half in 2016. He already has, and will continue to do so. Or maybe she was providing the president with information on the summit's history and importance following his controversial remarks to NATO Thursday afternoon. Read More »

Singaporeans said to be among militants in Marawi


The Philippines is largely Catholic, but the southern third of the country is home to a sizable Muslim minority and the government has battled for decades with multiple rebel groups fighting for an separate Islamic state in the south. Maute terrorists beheaded the police chief of Marawi city, freed over 100 terrorists from local prisons, and have raised the Islamic State flag over Marawi . Read More »

Charles Krauthammer: Middle East Peace Starts In Saudi Arabia


He is a friend of Israel and is committed to its security, but he does not accept the right wing's ideological premise of Israel's biblical right to absolute ownership of the entire Land of Israel. Trump back home. These are all great signs on your historic visit. It is our capital, and has been the capital of the modern state of Israel since the country was established 69 years ago, just as it has been the capital of the Jewish people for more than 3,000 years. Read More »

President Trump Stands Up to G7 Leaders, Refuses to Ratify Climate Agreement


Diplomats from Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the United States worked late into the night to agree on the final communique , which was expected to be little more than six pages long, against 32 pages past year. During his election campaign a year ago, Trump threatened unilateral tariffs on Mexican and Chinese goods and said he would quit the North American Free Trade agreement unless it is renegotiated to his liking. Read More »

Trump Frustrates G7 Climate Agreement

The G7's meetings are hosted by one of the member countries in different cities every year. The US president is due to return to Washington later on Saturday at the end of a nine-day tour of the Middle East and Europe - his first foreign trip since taking office. Read More »

What we know about North Korea's latest missile test


North Korea has released launch video of what is believed to be a risky and new long range ballistic missile, which it claims is capable of carrying a "heavy nuclear warhead". While Russia and North Korea don't have strong trade ties, they are building on their economic relationship. "The secretary-general calls on the DPRK to ensure full compliance with its global obligations and return to the path of denuclearization", he said. Read More »

Tillerson says he hopes Rouhani ends Iran missile program in new term


Iran's economy was not in good shape when Rouhani came to power; even in 2015, the growth rate was -1.6 percent. Iran also accused the United States of arming "dangerous terrorists" a direct reference to the $110 billion arms deal Trump signed with Saudi Arabia's , King Salman, Saturday during his visit to the Kingdom. Read More »

Melania Trump Slaps Away The President's Hand In Israel


Palestinians regard Jerusalem as the capital of their future state. While public statements on the peace process and the status of Jerusalem may dominate headlines, behind the scenes Netanyahu will ask the USA president to impose new sanctions on Iran for threatening the Jewish state with ballistic missiles and sponsoring terrorism, Oren said. Read More »

Ryan Dzingel: Ryan Dzingel nets a goal in Game 7 of WCF

And we believe we have that with the chemistry of this team . Too easy, drill sergeant: It has not been easy for the Predators to get to this point. Kunitz, who had some of the lowest totals of his career, opened and closed the scoring for the Penguins, hadn't scored in 34 games (21 regular season and 13 playoff games). Read More »

Erdogan congratulates Iran's Rouhani over election win


The resolution replaced another that expressed the same expectations in even stronger language. The president stressed that missiles are one of Iran's needs, and Iran would manufacture whatever it needs without paying any attention to others' remarks. Read More »

Talk-Show Hosts Spoof Trump's Israel Visit


While Netanyahu and Abbas both hailed Trump -Netanyahu stating "working with you, I believe we can advance a durable peace", and Abbas envisaging that Trump "will go down in history" as the president who secured peace, the verdict elsewhere was mixed. Read More »

Trump scolds European leaders who react by snickering


The attack, he said , "demonstrates the depths of the evil we face with terrorism". According to U.S. government figures, Germany previous year boasted a $64 billion (57 billion euros) trade surplus with the US. US President Donald Trump on Saturday said that money has already started pouring in as many NATO countries have started stepping up their contributions to the organisation. Read More »

Ramazan in Saudi Arabia from today

Many Muslims also maintain that fasting allows them to get a feeling of poverty , and this may foster feelings of empathy . Fasting for Ramadan doesn't just involve food. In Saudi Arabia , the Institute of Astronomical & Geophysical Research of the King Abdul-Aziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) use technology to set the date of policies, events and other civic matters. Read More »

Trump satisfied with G7 defence of free trade agreement


It turns out a year is a long time in G-7 summitry. His stonewalling on climate change amounted to politically damaging rebuffs for new French president Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel . And she described the debate on climate change as "very unsatisfactory".Secretary of State Rex Tillerson had promised that the Sicily leg of the trip would showcase Trump's strengths as a communicator. Read More »

Trump 'Deeply Troubled' Over Leaked Information in Manchester Blast Probe


Rudd yesterday slammed United States leaks on the investigation into the deadly Manchester terror attack as "irritating" and said she had made it clear to Washington that it "should not happen again". SHAPIRO: There was also this report just yesterday that President Trump disclosed to the Filipino leader Duterte that the USA was sending submarines towards North Korea. Read More »

Trump Sparks War Of Words With Iran In Fiery Middle East Speeches

Speaking at Iran's parliament, Rouhani says dissidents against the new regime should be publicly hanged during Friday prayers as a message. Furthermore, he dismissed the labelling of Lebanon's Hezbollah Shiite group as "terrorists". "The people know. that without competition on the basis of quality, not on the basis of political or security power, that our economy can not progress", he said. Read More »

Victor Moses created FA Cup history with his red card at Wembley


The Chelsea manager just can't seem to lift a cup trophy. They'll have to settle now for just the Premier League title, on the back of a record 30 wins in a 38-game season. The Gunners were eliminated from the Champions League for the seventh consecutive season in the last 16. However, it was Mertesacker dancing and singing long after the final whistle, the cup in one hand and a winners' medal round his neck. Read More »

Duty of all countries to get rid of Terrorism


In recent years, we had driven a deep wedge with our friends in the region over the nuclear deal with Iran , the neglect of Syria , and general disinterest in our longstanding Arab friends. After leaving Israel , Trump headed to Rome for a meeting with Pope Francis. Trump has only been president for four months, yet the pretext - that America is "back" - clearly signals that under the previous administration America's presence and policy in the region were lacking. Read More »

Rouhani's hardest challenge may be Iran's hopes — AP Analysis

More than 50 percent of Iran's population is under the age of 35. No extension of the term is expected, as the Iranian constitution prohibits a president from serving three consecutive terms. Although this happened near the beginning of the revolution in Iran, it shows the kind of man Rouhani is. It's true that turnout for the vote was high. Read More »

Trump appears to shove world leader at North Atlantic Treaty Organisation

A day before in Brussels, President Trump already criticized the European nations for falling short of their spending obligations with the military alliance. At the two day G-7 summit in Sicily, Trump is meeting the heads of states from leading developing nations, including France, Germany, UK, Italy , Canada, Japan and the president of the European Union , Donald Tusk, to discuss security and economic growth . Read More »

Trump meets with Abbas in West Bank


Later in April, as she presided over the council, Haley set new rules for the forum's monthly Middle East debate and insisted that the countries discuss issues such as Iran's support for terrorism , the Syrian crisis, Hezbollah and Hamas, instead of exclusively focusing on what she called " Israel bashing". Read More »

Senate panel OKs new sanctions on Iran; nuclear deal remains


The ideology of Iran, coupled with allegedly supporting certain militant elements in the Middle East, has caused a rift between the two nations. However, Rouhani's achievements as president - Iran's economic growth and inflation, which stood at minus 5.4% and 44%, respectively, at the start of his presidency were 5.8% and 9% in 2016 and his decision to sign a nuclear agreement with world powers resulted in the lifting of crippling economic sanctions - drew in the votes. Read More »

Why Middle East peace starts in Saudi Arabia

Phased over a 10-year period, U.S. administration officials say it is the biggest single arms deal in American history. "We would like to reiterate our commitment to cooperate with you to make peace and achieve an historic peace agreement between us and the Israelis", he added, echoing similar pledges from Netanyahu. Read More »

Trump says Netanyahu, Abbas assured him they are ready for peace


Trump arrived in Bethlehem by motorcade, crossing a checkpoint at Israel's controversial separation wall, and was greeted by Abbas and other dignitaries outside the city's presidential palace. A senior White House official told reporters on Tuesday that President Donald Trump united the Muslim world in a way that " really hasn't been" done in "many years". Read More »