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This New iPhone Feature May Just Save Your Life

Regardless, let's take a closer look at the exact changes, and whether it's worth it to dive in now after passing on the previous generation - or upgrading from that model. Until now, anyone hoping to have lossless, uncompressed audio on an iOS device had to use Apple's own ALAC format, which - unlike FLAC - is supported by iTunes. Read More »

IPad Pro and iOS 11 - the dream team

The smart assistant can also quickly translate English into Chinese, French, German, Italian and Spanish, with more language combinations to come. The new iOS also features a new keyboard that gives access to punctuation features by flicking down on keys, allowing for faster typing. Read More »

IOS 11: Apple's Familiar Yet Wildly Futuristic OS


The speaker combines Apple-engineered audio tech and innovative software to produce hi-fi sound wherever it is playing. Soon after the announcement, Amazon tweeted, "You asked (a lot)". Further, Apple says , " iOS 11 lays ground work for the future, in that it "opens up to fantastic possibilities for augmented reality in games and apps ". Read More »

Apple Unveils Powerful New iMac Pro

Notoriously when Apple refreshed its laptop line last year, for the first time in two years, it skipped out on Kaby Lake. By way of contrast, HP Inc's Z2 Mini workstation starts at $694, a price that buys you a machine that can't match the Pro for RAM, storage or core count and doesn't include a screen. Read More »

Apple makes it tougher to text and drive

Apple announced a huge number of new features for iOS 11 during WWDC 2017 . With that in mind, lets take a quick look at some features that will ship with iOS 11 . It's never the final version of course, because iOS is updated regularly throughout the year. San Jose: After a marathon set of announcements this morning, Apple invited press into a hands-on area for a brief play with their new Macs, iPads and the much hyped HomePod , Apple's take on the multi-room speaker. Read More »

'Files' App for iOS 11 leaks before WWDC 2017

The Camera app will also offer improved compression for photos and videos so that storage space can be optimized even at the time they are taken. The 21.5-inch lower level model has received a major update with graphic processing, which makes it 80 percent faster than before. Read More »

Apple's HomePod speaker pumps up the volume on tech rivals


But it's also possible that the HomePod could expose Siri as less capable than Amazon's Alexa, Google's Assistant and Microsoft's Cortana, Blaber said . These devices will only keep the most recent messages in local storage. Person-to-Person payments, via Apple Pay, now gives users easier ways to use their money. Read More »

'Do Not Disturb While Driving' coming to iPhones

Some of the biggest were around Siri , which a few people pointed out didn't really get much direct attention and focus in the presentation . The speaker is similar to cheaper devices from Amazon and Google . But market observers wonder if Apple is relatively "slow" to unveil these features as they have already been developed and adopted by domestic companies including Tencent, 360 and Xiaomi. Read More »

Can't resist texting while driving? Apple wants to make you stop

Siri has will also become a "musicologist", learning users' music preferences and answering questions like "who is the drummer?". "It will reinvent home audio", boasted Apple CEO Tim Cook . Besides, the speaker is equipped with six microphones, through which you can trigger the Apple's own VA, calling "Hey Siri". Some of the new features aren't available in the beta version, such as the augmented reality experiences. Read More »

Apple's WWDC 2017 Keynote Address Has Begun

Our pre-installation guide is aimed at new iOS beta users but some of these tips might help veteran beta users prepare for Apple's new iOS 11 beta. Apple is porting its Apple File System to macOS . So far, the service has limited payments to purchases of products and services from companies and other organizations. Read More »

Tech: Apple introduces power-packed iOS 11, wireless home speaker

With the rumor of Apple launching new iOS, Siri Smart speaker , and Magic keyboard at the Word Wide Developers Conference 2017, speculations are high about the company to launch new iPad Pro and MacBook Pro . The presentation of a local file manager for iOS would answer the supplications of iPhone and iPad proprietors around the globe who are asking for such an element for a considerable length of time. Read More »

WWDC 2017: Apple Announces ARKit API for Augmented Reality Apps

A 15-inch MacBook Pro with 32GB RAM is also expected, in spite of Apple's repeated attempts to limit the RAM to 16GB, owing to battery life concerns. Cupertino-based Apple Inc AAPL will begin its annual Worldwide Developers Conference today at McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, CA. Read More »

Apple Takes On Distracted Driving With New Feature

Representatives of Wingnut AR, an augmented-reality studio from " Lord Of The Rings " director Peter Jackson, showed an ARKit-based experience, seen through an iPad , in which airships battled in a virtual town square that was digitally dropped on a real table on stage, with the audience visible in the background. Read More »

New, Improve and Exciting Features You Need to Know

But the best new addition for people using the iPad in a professional setting may be the operating system's new feature that allows users to mark up virtually documents that they can access on their iPads using the Apple Pencil. It will also be possible to exchange data between gym equipment and the watch . The update to Siri means it can now translate speech with a number of languages including English, Chinese, German, Italian, French and Spanish. Read More »

IMac Pro Is Apple's New Super-Powered Workhorse

As with the iMac range, MacBooks now run on faster Kaby Lake processors with up to 50 per cent faster SSD. If you're curious about what the 10th Anniversary iPhone might look like this autumn, then there might be some hints in the new iPad Pro . Read More »

Apple Announces New iMac Pro and Updated MacBook Pros at WWDC

MacOS High Sierra is the successor to Sierra, announced a year ago. Apple will soon be introducing a new iPhone feature in an effort to end the practice of texting while driving. Apple said that makes the Mac a great platform for developing virtual-reality "experiences", although the company didn't announce any consumer VR products. Read More »

"HomePod", révolutionne la musique à la maison


Cette enceinte intelligente de 20 cm réagit à la voix via l'assistant vocal d'Apple , Siri . Si elle permet d'accéder aux plus de 40 millions de titres du catalogue d'Apple Music par simples requêtes vocales, elle a également pour vocation de faciliter la connaissance des goûts musicaux de ses utilisateurs. Read More »

6 things you need to know about the Apple HomePod

Siri, meanwhile, is getting a new voice. However, by making it hard to integrate with non-Apple services, many consumers will be forced to stay away from this late addition to an increasingly crowded digital marketplace. Another Safari feature will stop video from automatically playing on websites. It's powered by Apple Music, Apple's subscription music service, and connects directly. Read More »

Apple launches 'do not disturb while driving' for iPhone

So yes, if you grab hold of the profile, as demonstrated in the video below, you can get in on the iOS 11 Beta action right away. Apple has installed its A10X processor into the new tablet, increasing its power by roughly 30 per cent; storage has also been upgraded. Read More »

IPad Pro : un modèle 10,5 pouces, et les nouveautés présentées en 2017


Apple s'est enfin attaqué à ses bordures puisque ce modèle arbore désormais une dalle de 10,5 pouces dans un écrin similaire, pour un poids total d'environ 450 grammes. Lors de la nouvelle édition du WWDC , la firme Apple a présenté ses nouveautés lors d'une conférence avec notamment sa nouvelle version iOS ( iOS 11 ), l'arrivée du HomePod mais aussi d'un nouvel iPad et d'un iMac Pro ... Read More »

Apple dévoile son enceinte intelligente HomePod


Une annonce inhabituelle. Alors que la conférence est généralement réservée pour les mises à jour, Apple a officialisé le lancement d'un nouveau produit: une enceinte connectée, baptisée Homepod . Pourtant, cette décision trahit aussi bien les faiblesses d'Apple en la matière que montre ses forces dans la musique. Selon une récente du cabinet eMarketer, Echo représente 70,6% du marché aux Etats-Unis contre 23,8% pour Google Home . Read More »

Même taille, écran plus grand — IPad Pro


La firme de Cupertino investit massivement dans le rachat de startups de ce secteur, et dans la R&D . Lundi soir, Apple faisait son show avec sa traditionnelle keynote de juin. La saisie à deux mains est donc simplifiée et plus rapide. iOS 11 introduit aussi le glisser-déposer qui permettra de copier et déplacer des éléments entre deux applications, ou encore un gestionnaire de fichiers baptisé Files qui se veut l'équivalent d'un Finder sur macOS . Read More »

Al Gore warns that Trump is ignoring weather apocalypse

A small part of that money would go to the U.N.Framework Convention on Climate Change , the Bonn-based office that coordinates global implementation of the Paris Agreement . Kerry, who threw his full weight behind the agreement when it was adopted in 2015, bitterly criticized Trump's unilateral decision to pull out of it. Read More »

Apple introduces HomePod smart-speaker and variety of upgrades

Users will also be available to control smart home products such as connected lighting by speaking to Siri through the HomePod . The HomePod is powered by Apple's A8 chip and will be available from December in Australia, the United Kingdom, and the USA, which will be getting the initial batch of speakers in White and Space Grey at $349 (roughly Rs. Read More »

Apple's new version of macOS is called High Sierra


Also announced was intelligent tracking prevention that uses machine learning to identify and block trackers that monitor user behaviour on the internet. The company announced that they are now going to ship Metal 2 - a new graphics API with 10x performance improvements. Now, the mac window server uses Metal 2 making opening new windows and challenging system animations buttery smooth. Read More »

Apple Announces new AR Kit at WWDC

At this early stage you will need to enrol in the Apple Developer Program, which requires a payment of $100 (about £69, AU$140). Apple is transplanting its digital assistant Siri into an internet-connected speaker that will become the company's first new product in more than two years. Read More »

" "Apple throws an iPad Hail Mary with 10.5" and 12.9" Pro tablets

Siri will check the calendar and calculate the time of arrival to your next appointment. HomePod will be available in December, and its price is $349. It's a lot sexier now, with big information cards which help you discover new apps. Apple is porting its Apple File System to macOS. Are you surprised that they were going to talk about iOS? "Together with our incredible developer community, we've made the App Store the best app platform in the world, and more than 500 million ... Read More »

IOS 11 will not support 32-bit apps

Apple "can't afford to yield valuable real-estate in the heart of people's homes to Amazon , Google and others", said Geoff Blaber, research analyst at CCS Insight. The cameras, processors and motion sensors in the devices can be harnessed to produce fun and compelling apps, which Apple hopes will help create something presumably longer lasting than Pokemon Go . Read More »

Apple adds new MacBooks, iMacs and the 'all-powerful' iMac Pro

The new iMac line has the "best Mac displays ever ", according to Apple, at 500 nits. It will have the same design as the current 27-inch model but with a new Space Gray finish. That's a new focus for Apple as it competes with Google and Amazon. It's also adding a feature to block notifications while the phone is in Car Play mode. Read More »

Warriors'firepower too much for Cavs

We've been here. The guys that were here previous year understand it's the hardest thing to do is to try to close out a series and we've got two more games to go. Lebron James finished with 29 points 11 rebounds , and 14 assists . Oh, we haven't even mentioned the likely Defensive Player of the Year in Draymond Green . Read More »

Apple announces iOS 11 with updates Control Center, App Store, and more

This means if you have an Apple Developer Program membership at hand, you can install the software on your iPhone or iPad. Apple spent a lot of time talking about iOS, its flagship operating system. Apple also announced updates to its iPad Pro tablets , which were last updated in March 2016. As rumored previously, Apple has added support for drag and drop to the iPad's multi-window mode. Read More »