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Apple reveals price of new products in India


Today, Apple leads the world in innovation with iPhone , iPad , Mac , Apple Watch and Apple TV. The Mac Mini hasn't been updated in years and isn't really worth your consideration now. Add $500 for the Touch Bar model . The word "Pro" features heavily, so consumers looking for a "value" product may find little of relevance among the latest additions to the Apple stable. Read More »

Watch five minutes of Assassin's Creed Origins gameplay, set in ancient Egypt

However, Ubisoft will return to the franchise with Assassin's Creed: Origins and needless to say, most gamers have high hopes from the title. It was only last month when we saw our first glimpse of the next Assassin's Creed game . As the hearsay and supposedly leaked promotional material suggested, Origins will, in fact, take place in ancient Egypt, full to the brim with pyramids to plunder and, as always, people to assassinate. Read More »

Forza Motorsport 7 To Be Enhanced For Xbox One X

It will cost $499 (or approx Rs. 32,192). The box is smaller even than the Xbox One S , even though it is vastly more powerful. The Xbox One X is Microsoft's first console that's capable of 4K gaming, and features a powerful six-teraflop GPU . Read More »

Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Extended To Original Xbox Games

More to the point, if you can't afford an Xbox One X , you can simply buy a much cheaper Xbox One S and play the exact same games. The new console has a name, it is small, and it is expensive. Find out what the Xbox One X is all about. The new device is "something different", he said. It's launching on November 7 for $499. Before this, analyst Michael Pachter claimed the Xbox One X could cost $399 (around Rs. Read More »

Xbox One X to Debut at $499


When Xbox One X was announced at E3 a year ago - then codenamed Project Scorpio - it seemed Microsoft was gearing up to tackle the biggest new area in gaming, virtual reality. So that leaves Forza for September, and Crackdown for November, and... what else? The big software Company who have struggled to grow share in the console gaming market resulting in the Company refusing to release sales numbers, claims that their new console packs in more power , speed and graphical ... Read More »

Apple NFC support for iOS may be coming


But as with every latest iteration of the iOS , there are some devices that Apple has chose to no longer support. So what is the difference between Offloading apps in iOS 11 and deleting app in iOS 10? This stops apps from constantly tracking where a person is, even when not in use. Read More »

Xbox to unveil 'most powerful' console


Put simply, it sports roughly 4.5 times the power of a standard Xbox One . This includes the much anticipated " Last of Us " sequel, " Last of Us : Part II ", and the newest installment in the "Uncharted" series. This will also be the first E3 since the launch of Sony's PlayStation VR in October 2016. Xbox will unveil the most powerful home videos games console ever made on Sunday night, as the tech giant seeks to challenge rival PlayStation. Read More »

IOS 11 allows one device to easily share WiFi with others


Among the other software announcements, the entry of Amazon Prime - which Cook called a creator of great original content - into Apple TV was significant. You will now have a dock for all your apps (just like a Mac does), a new Files app (similar to what a Mac has), and the ability to drag and drop apps anywhere on your screen. Read More »

E3 2017: Star Wars Battlefront 2 Gameplay Revealed


The publishing giants have a full schedule ahead, but, and I am sure I am being a bit biased here, the most anticipated release they will be covering on Saturday has to be Star Wars: Battlefront II. That downloadable content will be free , as well the rest of the "Season" of content, all focused on The Last Jedi . The game lacked content and with a season pass pushed in the players face, it just felt wrong. Read More »

Ben Affleck and Val Kilmer lead tributes to Adam West


The actor died Friday night after a "short but fearless battle with leukemia ", his family said in a statement posted Saturday to West's Facebook page. In time, West came to appreciate having played Batman . Comedian and WGN TV contributor Mike Toomey joins Dean Richards to talk about the life and legacy of Adam West , and his iconic role as Batman . Read More »

Apple Unveils New 13 Inch MacBook Pro At WWDC 2017

The only downside is that this won't be available until much later this year, probably December. The company takes pride in iMac Pro as it is entirely made of high-end and ground-breaking components-from the display down to the processor. Read More »

Star Wars: Battlefront II Is Getting A Multiplayer Beta

A reason to play every day . EA promised "30 minute of pure, unadulterated Star Wars " fun, and the publisher cranked the hype up to the nth degree when it rolled pre-recorded footage of Star Wars: The Force Awakens star John Boyega confirming his character, Finn, would be a playable hero in Battlefront 2 . Read More »

Every Apple Hardware Announcement at WWDC

We've all been subject to that First-World problem - and Apple has finally rolled out a simple workaround. According to Mic . who tried their hands at the new iOS 11 Beta, happened to screenshot snaps from few friends without the other person getting notified. Read More »

Pre-Ordering the iPad Pro? Best Buy Has the Best Deal

This model costs $2,399. Touch Bar: Strangely enough, unlike the 2016 MacBook Pro, the MacBook Pro now available in the stores does not have a touch bar. Both the iPad Pro 2 10.5 and Pro 2 12.9 feature the same 12MP camera, six-element lens that you find on the iPhone 7 . The MacBook Pro was redesigned less than a year ago. Read More »

WWDC 2017: With iOS 11, AirPods are even more customizable


Following Apple's WWDC keynote on Monday, we told you all about the most exciting new features coming to iPhones and iPads in iOS 11. New swimming sets of workouts, motion and heart rate algorithms for high intensity interval training have also been added with consumers also able to pair their Apple Watch to cardio equipment such as treadmills and bikes to sync the information on the machine with the watch. Read More »

May reaches 'outline' power deal after election fiasco

No, Dunt said, but May's vision of a so-called " hard Brexit " - in which the United Kingdom would most likely leave the single European Union market, take full control over its borders, strike new trade deals and apply laws within its own borders - has been rejected. Read More »

Taylor Swift's music is returning to Spotify, Pandora and other streaming services

Another account accused Taylor of stealing Katy's thunder by writing, " taylor swift's the kind of person who'd go into labor at someone else's baby shower or announce her engagement during someone else's wedding". Perry told late night TV host James Corden about the situation during the " Carpool Karaoke " segment. The album as a whole is definitely a new sound for the singer, with songs - as she promised - that are more about emotional connection and politics than anything else. Read More »

New Apple Operating System Will Include 'Do Not Disturb While Driving' Feature


The update to iOS 10.3 included a tool to detect apps that can not run in 64-bit mode. The company unveiled the next major versions of its various software platforms, and iOS 11 was one of the main highlights of the event. App Store is redesigned: Apple has also totally redesigned the App Store . Apps will have a different tab. Head on over to Apple's Beta Program page , where you can learn a bit more about the program and sign up. Read More »

Apple is finally fixing the iPhone's annoying volume box

Apple iPhone 8 renders reveal new iOS 11 features including Control Center , redesigned Apple Music tab, Lock Screen, and iMessage integration with Apple Pay. Known for their continuous innovation and desire to be the most advanced in the market, the tech giant has some major changes and improvements in store for iPad and iPhone users. Read More »

Warriors come back to win game three in Cleveland

The Cleveland Cavaliers continue the 2017 NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors on Friday. LeBron James is not one to shy away from a challenge. "I can't be disappointed with the effort and how we played, but they made the plays down the stretch that we didn't execute defensively or offensively, and they took advantage of it". Read More »

I'm Willing to Testify Under Oath about Comey Claims

This week, Forbes reported that the Donald J. Trump Foundation and the Eric Trump Foundation may have funneled donations into revenue for the Trump Organization. Ms Pelosi also criticised House Speaker Paul Ryan for appearing to excuse the President's behaviour because he is " new " to government and may not know the relationships between the various branches. Read More »

IOS 11 Files App Will Feature Dropbox Support


Meanwhile, you can also (re) discover HomePod , the home iPod that wants to revolutionize music listening. CoreML gives developers on-device machine learning capabilities so they can easily make apps that will predict, learn and become more intelligent. Read More »

IPad Pro 10.5-inch and 12.5-inch Debut


The new 10.5-inch iPad Pro is available in two variants - Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi+ Cellular (single nano-SIM) priced at $649 and $779 for 64GB storage in USA respectively. All-Flash storage is configurable at up to 4 TB, 2666 MHz DDR4 ECC RAM scales to 128 GB, and two Thunderbolt 3 controllers are built in for accessing external storage and other devices. Read More »

Apple Could Expand iPhone's NFC Capabilities Beyond Apple Pay


According to 9to5mac , this function does have range limits to keep neighbors or passersby from spamming your phone with prompts. Geskin also posted schematic images that purport to show the design of the new iPhone . Apple Inc's long-awaited launch of tap-to-pay technology in its new iPhones and smartwatch may be the seal of approval that near-field communication technology needs to become as common as WiFi, Bluetooth and Global Positioning System. Read More »

Apple HomePod Unveiling Could be Disastrously Premature: Advantage Amazon and Google?

It achieves that honor by running on the A8 processor, which Apple says will be able to respond to commands and buffer audio far more quickly than competing devices. AirPlay 2 also enables several HomePod units throughout a house to be paired together. Of course, just because the Cupertino brand focused on the HomePod's speaker qualities instead of its "smart" characteristics doesn't mean Siri didn't get some time in the spotlight. Read More »

Apple keeps budget-friendly laptop afloat despite thinner MacBook Pro 2017 models

MacBook Pro without Touch Bar? With attention on the HomePod , iOS 11 and other popular Apple devices, most failed to take notice of the MacBook Air . As far as the front-side of the chip-set is concerned, the AMD Radeon Vega comprises a total of 64 render output units. Watch a video , maybe. It's likely this standard but long-overdue update to the iMac line was motivated by the rise of virtual and augmented reality, two burgeoning technologies the Apple has been slow to ... Read More »

IOS 11 brings NFC smarts to more apps


So how much does this affect iPhone and iPad users, and is there a reason to panic? He's also shared a small video on how it works on the iPhone, and it seems that the feature works within apps only, and there's no "spring loading" as seen on macOS. Read More »

Developers Will Have Access To NFC On iPhone In iOS 11


The space-saving feature is available in a new optional setting that enables iOS 11 to automatically uninstall apps you haven't used recently. As of now, only developer account holders are able to use the iOS 11 . There's no other reason for normal folks like us to care about techie things like the WWDC - which stands for World Wide Developers Conference. Apple's Phil Schiller unveils the new look App Store for iOS 11 . Read More »

IOS 11 Lets You Stop Apps From Always Tracking Your Location


Meanwhile, you will still have the option to delete all your past ratings and start off with a clean slate if that is what you would like to do. First, of is, you'll need to check if your iPhone is compatible with iOS 11. Other updates specifically for iPad include drag-and-drop support and an updated Notes app that makes handwritten notes searchable. Not so any more. Read More »

U.S. planning lineup changes with short rest for Mexico match

Sunday, when the USA plays rival Mexico at Estadio Azteca in Mexico City . On Friday late at night or early in the morning the main contender for the trip to Russian Federation to meet with one of the outsiders of the final pellets. Honduras featured four MLS players making appearances against Mexico , three of which play for the Dynamo. That vulnerability may not be exposed in a home game against the last place team in the group, but facing a strong Mexican team at the Azteca bent on ... Read More »

1.5% of time on Xbox One spent on Xbox 360 games


It's a demanding enough game that Microsoft originally planned to have multiplayer physics enhanced through Azure, and there's a chance that Scorpio's beefier specs might bring that to the singleplayer modes as well , among other things. Read More »

Saudi Arabia bloc issues terror list of groups, people linked to Qatar

Regional tensions, already high following the diplomatic dispute, ratcheted up further after militants attacked targets in Tehran on Wednesday, killing at least 12 people. These regional neighbors after having been subject to what Saudi Arabia has called "serious and systematic violations committed by the authorities in Doha " have chosen to sever ties with Qatar in an effort to retaliate against supposed threats from the country. Read More »

Apple reinvents home audio with the HomePod

Apple has in several areas, including smartphones and music players, joined markets after entrenched rivals and ultimately dominated them. HomePod is controlled using Siri , the company's voice-activated personal assistant , which has, according to Apple , been trained to be better at answering questions about music such as "Hey Siri , who's the drummer in this?" HomePod will be available starting in December , initially in Australia, the United Kingdom and the US. Read More »

Apple's HomePod "reinventing" listening to music at home


Meant to be Apple's extension into your home, and working with your iPhone and iPad , the device brings Siri's voice-activation features to home automation. I wouldn't exactly say that right now Apple has the advantage with the HomePod . For the record, the others support Spotify , Pandora, and other popular music streams. Read More »