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Nissan plant hit by cyber-attack

NHS Digital , which manages the health service cyber security, said fewer than 5% of devices within the health service still use the old system Windows XP. USA software firm Symantec said the majority of organizations affected were in Europe. The ransomware is a type of malicious software that infects a computer and restricts users access to it until a ransom is paid to unlock it. Read More »

Slaven Bilic hoping West Ham can follow up Tottenham win against Liverpool

But an emphatic win ensured that victory over relegated Middlesbrough on the final day will take the Reds back to Europe's elite next season. Liverpool move up to third with 73 points from 37 games, but need Manchester City to slip up in their final two games to stay there as they bid to claim an automatic group spot in the Champions League for the first time since 2015. Read More »

French PM to be appointed on Monday, new government on Tuesday


Of course, the implications of the French election extend far beyond the country's borders. In a meeting with members of his campaign team on February 22, Macron told them that he was about to get an endorsement from Francois Bayrou, a centrist former three-time presidential candidate whose support helped boost Macron's campaign. Read More »

Melissa McCarthy Spotted Driving Spicer's Podium Through NYC

If the prospect of an entire video of Melissa-as-Spicey zooming around NYC on a motorized podium doesn't have you excited for this week's SNL, then nothing will. Spicer has mostly shrugged off the running gag, but Trump reportedly hated seeing his spokesman portrayed by a woman. He now takes a dim view of the show, which has also regularly featured an unflattering portrayal of him by Alec Baldwin wearing orange make-up. Read More »

'Perfect Storm' of Conditions Helped Cyberattack Succeed


There are now signs that the ransomware attack has subsided thanks to a kill switch , discovered by a 22-year-old in the UK . It remained unclear how many organizations had already lost control of their data to the malicious software - and researchers warned that copycat attacks could follow. Read More »

Former PM Manuel Valls offers to back Emmanuel Macron in elections

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has spoken with Emmanuel Macron to congratulate him on his election as the next president of France. The euro hit a six-month high against the dollar on Monday while Asian shares gained and USA stock futures briefly touched a record high, on investor relief after centrist Emmanuel Macron comfortably won the French presidential election. Read More »

Microsoft Adds New Protection for Ransomware Amid Global Cyber Attack

A cybersecurity expert says the biggest cyberextortion attack in history is going to be dwarfed by the next big ransomware attack. The malware worm taking over the computers goes by the names " WannaCry " or "Wanna Decryptor". It encrypts data on infected computers and demands payment before the information is unencrypted. Russia's health ministry said its attacks were "effectively repelled". Read More »

Europol: Ransomware attack is of unprecedented level

China's information security watchdog said "a portion" of Windows systems users in the country were infected, according to a notice posted on the official Weibo page of the Beijing branch of the Public Security Bureau on Saturday. But while FedEx Corp. reported that its Windows computers were "experiencing interference" from malware - it wouldn't say if it had been hit by the ransomware - other impacts in the USA were not readily apparent on Saturday. Read More »

Apple is bringing iTunes to the Windows Store

Material and Scale both concentrate on the Universal part of "Universal Windows Apps", describing how Fluent apps should work seamlessly across devices. the browser a customer chooses in the Store will ensure the protections and safeguards of our Windows platform". Story Remix is an improvement to the Photos app that makes it easy to create video stories from your photos and videos. Read More »

Italy, Portugal lead the pack as Kiev hosts Eurovision final


When Lucie Jones steps on stage in Tunbridge Wells later this month, she'll be fresh from another stage - after representing the United Kingdom in the Eurovision Song Contest final. Ireland has done best over the decades, winning seven times. He was tipped to win with a number, viewed almost 114 million times on YouTube, that mixes Buddhist imagery with a dancing ape, and that he explained as poking fun at the West's superficial embrace of eastern culture. Read More »

NHS 'robust' after cyber-attack

By Friday evening, the ministry said it had "contained" the attack and denied that any of its information had been stolen. When asked if patients' files had been backed up, Ms Rudd told the BBC: "I hope the answer is yes - those are the instructions that everybody has received in the past". Read More »

Countries Hit By a Global Ransomware

Capitalizing on spying tools believed to have been developed by the U.S. National Security Agency, the cyber assault has infected tens of thousands of computers in almost 100 countries, with Britain's health system suffering the worst disruptions. Read More »

Google Docs warns customers about spam with malicious links


It gradually gained control of their whole email histories and stretched itself to all of their contacts. According to Gizmodo , you're then asked to choose which account you'd like to use to view the Google Doc and taken to a page that invites you to grant access to your Google Account. Read More »

Microsoft begins showing off new features for Windows 10 Creators Update 2

It will give developers access to a single design language that works across devices. Microsoft knows you won't be using Windows all the time, heck it knows most people won't be using it most of the time. A few years ago Microsoft debuted its augmented reality headset, the HoloLens . The company announced a public preview of its Cortana Skills Kit that enables developers to create voice apps for Cortana, and more than 20 such apps made their debut at Build. Read More »

Semi Final 2 Eurovision 2017: Who's made it through to the finals?


Francesco will perform ninth in the Eurovision Song Contest grand final, which kicks off on BBC One on Saturday night at 8pm. This has then been compared to this year's contestants, to see who best matches up. Countries aren't allowed to vote for themselves and viewers can vote by phone, text and through the official Eurovision app. There is also a jury of professionals in each nation to award points. Read More »

At least 74 countries impacted in 'biggest ever' cyber attack

The cyberattacks wreaking havoc cross the globe is "at an unprecedented level", European Union's law enforcement agency Europol said Saturday. Microsoft says now it will make the fixes free for everyone. Hacking group Shadow Brokers reportedly released the malmare last month, after claiming to have discovered the flaw from the US National Security Agency. Read More »

Jakarta Guv found guilty of blasphemy, gets 2-yr jail


Security was tight as protesters and supporters gathered at the court in Jakarta and around 15,000 security personnel from the police and military are providing security at the scene, with riot police and armored vehicles separating rival groups. Read More »

Central Intelligence Agency forms special unit focused on North Korea threat

Moon is an advocate of diplomacy, who has promised a return to the Sunshine Policy which aimed to improve relations with North Korea. Pyongyang will seek the extradition of anyone involved in what it says was a CIA-backed plot to kill leader Kim Jung Un last month with a biochemical poison, a top North Korean foreign ministry official said Thursday. Read More »

Apple's iTunes Is Coming To The Windows 10 Store


What does Fall Creators Update include? It is the new design language from the Microsoft. But it's not just any app. Which isn't to say that Story Remix won't give you control over the videos you create with it. " All of you developers are looking at this and thinking critically, what if the right app isn't on the phone?" It essentially lets you rewind your system to a previous time. Read More »

Eurovision 2017: The lineup and running order of the Grand Final revealed


Wisely, the 26 year-old declined to speculate on the impact Brexit might have on the votes cast for the UK. Nevertheless, even without stalwart Russian Federation, prodigal son Turkey and upstart Bosnia & Herzegovina, as many as ten thousand fans are expected to pack into the International Exhibition Centre in Ukraine for the 62nd Annual Eurovision Song Contest. Read More »

N. Korea reports on South's presidential election


Both Moon and Xi agreed that denuclearising North Korea was a "common goal". Winning an election in a country deeply split following the impeachment of former president Park Geun-hye over an extensive corruption scandal, Moon Jae-in, a former human rights lawyer, needed only 40 percent of votes to defeat other conservative candidates in the election on Tuesday. Read More »

Microsoft Azure finally has an Android app


Globally distributed databases like Cosmos are an important part of the promise of the cloud. For the time being, AI development is only be accessible to developers with access to a private preview of Azure Batch AI Training. Microsoft also unveiled new tools meant to democratise artificial intelligence by enabling machine smarts to be built into software from smartphone games to factory floors. Read More »

Cyberattack Hits Dozen of Nations 'Using Leaked NSA Hacking Tool'

Health workers reported being locked out of their systems and seeing messages demanding ransom payment to regain access. "The National Cyber Security Centre is working closely with NHS Digital to ensure that they support the organisations concerned and that they protect patient safety". Read More »

NHS services across England and Scotland hit by cyber-attack

The ransomware encrypted data on the computers, demanding payments of $300 to $600 to restore access. The malicious software - called "ransomware" because it encrypts systems and threatens to destroy data if a ransom is not paid - is spreading among computers that have not been patched, experts said. Read More »

UCL: Real Madrid eliminate Atletico Madrid to reach Final


Ramos also hailed the influence of boss Zinedine Zidane. Atletico has had success against top clubs, including with triumphs over Barcelona and Bayern Munich in recent Champions Leagues , but it has come up short when having a chance to win the elusive trophy that could establish the club as one of the best in Europe. Read More »

Corbyn's car drives over BBC cameraman's foot

Despite numerous policies, including plans to nationalise mail, rail and energy, being revealed on Wednesday, Mr Corbyn said the amended draft manifesto would only be available in a few day's time. The party leader spoke out after a draft version of the manifesto was leaked on Wednesday. The leaked document, nevertheless, gives a clear indication of the type of campaign that Labour is likely to pursue. Read More »

Apple iPhone Will Cost $1000, Goldman Says


Recent reports have suggested the iPhone 8's availability may be extremely limited heading into 2018, so there's plenty of time to start saving. There are even reports of a total ban on iPhones shipping to the USA, imagine that! So the question is asked why does Apple want to include a dual front camera on iPhone 8? All in all, the iPhone 8 is shaping up to be the biggest leap forward in iPhone technology we've seen in years, and perhaps ever. Read More »

Microsoft's new cloud clipboard lets users copy and paste between devices

That's right, you will not be able to change your default web browser, nor will you be able to change the default search engine which has been set to Bing . Visual Studio remotely controls the Apple machine to do this work, so although developers can stay inside the Visual Studio environment they know and love, they still need a Mac on their local network. Read More »

Microsoft Unveils Newest Windows 10 Update


To use the new features in Windows 10, being shown Thursday at Microsoft's Build conference for developers in Seattle, users will need a Microsoft account to sign in on those devices and share information. The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update will give people a sense of what is possible, Myerson said. Yeah, Ubuntu, Fedora, and openSUSE side-by-side in Windows 10. Read More »

China calls Pakistan key partner in OBOR Initiative

Chinese loans to countries and regions along the Belt and Road will not add to local debt burden, while risks rising from such loans are under control, bank officials said Thursday. While the BRF will host 29 Heads of State and over 100 ministerial-level officials to increase worldwide cooperation, the OBOR policy itself is aimed at boosting domestic growth in China which has slipped in recent years. Read More »