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Two Charged in String of Armed Winnipeg Robberies


Modesto police said Simpson is suspected of killing his wife, Shannon Simpson, Tuesday afternoon in their home and then fleeing in the Hyundai. Before the attack, one woman who was cut several times and left nearly dead received leaflets reading "today is yours expect us anytime", but she didn't alert the authorities. Read More »

Facebook Deleted Zuckerberg's Personal Messages Retroactively. No One Else Can Do That

Sandberg explained that Facebook controls data on users at all times, creating tools so that advertisers can reach consumers most likely to want their product or service. This could cost Facebook £625 billion, which is double the £317b it is worth, law professor Maureen Mapp argued. Verification of those page operators "will make it much harder for people to run pages using fake accounts, or to grow virally and spread misinformation or divisive content that way", he said. Read More »

Mark Zuckerberg Is the Only Facebook User Who Can Unsend Messages

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will testify before Congress next week, while an European Union official plans to speak with Facebook's No. 2 executive, Sheryl Sandberg , over the company's data practices. Facebook could have announced plans for the Unsend feature at any time. But questions remain over why Facebook never publicly disclosed these measures. Read More »

Facebook scans your private messages

Earlier this week, the Menlo Park, California-based company revealed that 87 million people, a lot of them in the US, may have gotten their data compromised in the Cambridge Analytica scandal . It recently emerged that Cambridge Analytica used Facebook users' personal information without permission. Mr Zuckerberg said on Wednesday he accepted blame for the data leak and should have done more to audit and oversee third-party app developers like the one that Cambridge Analytica hired in ... Read More »

Facebook says it hasn't found other Cambridge Analyticas -- yet

Before, users could grant an app permission to get information about events they host or attend, including private events . As many as 87 million people may have had their information improperly shared with political consulting firm, Cambridge Analytica - that's more than the 50 million first thought. Read More »

Samsung Galaxy S9 Mini with Snapdragon 660 surfaces on Geekbench


The Galaxy S9 + is packed with a ton of new features including a variable aperture lens. You can see the outline of the phone above, confirming specs like the home button embedded with a fingerprint sensor and a 3.5mm headphone jack. The Galaxy S9 0.10% bit more display but to the naked eye no one will notice the difference. On the front, it has an 8MP selfie shooter. If you have an aversion to O2, need even more data or just want to get an idea of what other Galaxy S9 deals are ... Read More »

Google's former head of search and AI is joining Apple


Even with the hiring of Giannandrea, who worked at Google for about eight years, Apple appears to be sticking with its privacy stance. John Giannandrea will report directly to Tim Cook , the CEO of Apple , which is a big high level position at Apple . Read More »

Apple Hires Away Google Chief of Search and Artificial Intelligence

Apple , hoping to play a larger role in artificial intelligence , has been playing catch up. Giannandrea has a long history in the artificial intelligence market. Siri's problems came to a head in February, when the HomePod - Apple's attempt to compete with Amazon's Echo and Google's Home smart speakers - received reviews which praised it for its audio quality even as they damned it for its poor AI. Read More »

This Nokia smartphone will soon go off the shelves


The smartphone will be open for pre-booking on April 20 and goes on sale on April 30. The new Nokia 6 is crafted out of 6000 series aluminium into a unibody design . Other highlights of the new Nokia 6 are 5.5-inch Full HD display with 1920 x 1080 resolution and 16:9 aspect ratio, 16MP camera at the rear, 8MP front camera and 3000mAh battery life. Read More »

Apple will stop using Intel chips in Macs; INTC shares -8.7%


Over the last quarter, insiders have sold 123,914 shares of company stock valued at $6,011,490. A comparatively weak yen as compared to the US dollar sent exporter issues higher in early trade, which had a bearing on the broader market, brokers said, with gains extended through the morning session. Read More »

China's Tiangong-1 reenters Earth's atmosphere


The Chinese space module Tiangong-1 was launched on October 1, 2011, aboard a Long March rocket from the Gobi Desert, to carry out docking and orbit experiments in space. China plans to start the construction of a space station in 2019 consisting of several modules, which is scheduled to conclude in 2022. The European Space Agency predicted the space station's demise would occur within four hours of midnight on April 2; The Aerospace Corporation suggested a 4-hour window centered at ... Read More »

Surprise! Google May Make Its Own Smart Display

It will precede the Pixel 3, and will arrive in time for a summer launch in those regions. Since the Google Pixel 2 starts at Rs 40K in India, it won't be wrong to assume the price of mid-range Pixel to be around Rs 25-30K. Google Assistant now supports more than 30 languages including Hindi . These so-called smart displays would compete with Amazon's Echo Show , and deliver information such as news, weather, and directions on tablet-like devices. Read More »

Masters of the Universe Infighting: Zuckerberg Calls Apple CEO's Arguments 'Glib'


Meanwhile in New Zealand privacy commissioner John Edwards has taken Facebook to task for refusing to comply with this country's privacy laws. Since users have put up an astronomical amount of data on Facebook . If you think this is all going to go away soon and does not have far-reaching consequences down the line, think again. Facebook declined to comment on how the new ban on Custom Audience sharing would work. Read More »

China's space station expected to fall to Earth on … Easter Sunday


But on March 16, 2016, China reported to the United Nations that telemetry services with Tiangong-1 had "ceased functioning" which caused the space station to become space junk. China's Tiangong 2 space lab is launched on a Long March-2F rocket from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in the Gobi Desert. Tiangong-1 orbits Earth in a band between 43 degrees north and 43 degrees south latitudes. Read More »

Google announces new features for Play Books


Is this dedication "to make its services better for end users" just a powerful marketing strategy? "OK Google, play Rick and Morty on Netflix" is actually a phrase you can control your TV with, provided you have the right parts. This fix is not guaranteed to work, but there is a process by which you can address the "This Device Is Not Certified By Google " error and get back to using your phone or tablet as you were before. Read More »

Apple : un nouvel iPad de 9,7 pouces pour l'enseignement


La nouvelle offensive de charme visant les écoles n'est pas le fruit du hasard, car Apple espère pouvoir y offrir une meilleure résistance à ses concurrents Microsoft et Google notamment. L'autre nouveauté de cet iPad dédié à l'éducation , c'est la prise en charge du stylet Apple Pencil . Il permet de prendre des notes, dessiner ou encore remplir des formulaires. Read More »

China's Tiangong-1 Space Station Could Hit Earth On April Fool's Day


In 2016 , China announced it had lost contact with Tiangong-1 and could therefore no longer control its direction, making predicting where it will end up hard. The Tiangong , or Heavenly Palace , is orbiting at an average height of about 216.2 kilometers, the announcement noted, but did not disclose any reentry location. Read More »

" "Un nouvel iPad à " seulement " 379 euros — Apple


Avec cette nouvelle mouture plus abordable mais dont le look est totalement identique au modèle de l'an dernier, Apple veut avant tout mettre l'accent sur l'éducation . Bien décidé à conquérir le secteur éducatif, Apple montre un nouveau visage à la communauté estudiantine. Toutes ces améliorations pourraient aider les étudiants et les enseignants à adopter l'iPad plus largement. Read More »

Apple unveils new privacy feature


When Apple issued an apology late a year ago for slowing down iPhones with older batteries , the company not only said it would drop the price of out-of-warranty replacement batteries to $29 from $79 but would also through this 11.3 update, let you monitor the health of your battery, and also turn off a feature that would let Apple intentionally slow down your phone. Read More »

Samsung Galaxy S9 with Exynos chipset has a bad battery life


The Oppo R11s puts their own spin on Android 7.1.1 (AKA Nougat) via their own ColorOS skin. There are 13MP front and rear cameras with f/1.9 aperture in both sensors. In addition, the S9 has a useful guide that explains how to ensure your pictures are straight. "Also because I've always used a Samsung Galaxy phone". Read More »

Les nouvelles mesures de Facebook — Données personnelles


Des mises à jour et des modifications seront effectuées, mais le principal argument du réseau basé à Menlo Park reste que les outils pour protéger nos données ont toujours existé mais qu'il faut les maitriser. Dans un communiqué , le géant des réseaux sociaux détaille l'ensemble des nouvelles mesures qu'il prévoit d'implémenter au cours des prochaines semaines pour permettre aux utilisateurs de contrôler leurs "données en toute simplicité sur Facebook ". Read More »

Apple releases iOS 11.3 with new Animojis


With 11.3, owners of iPhone 6 devices or newer can check on their battery's health from the Settings app. The update roughly weighs around 600-700MB and is advised to be downloaded only on Wi-Fi networks. Apple also released the first software update for its smart speaker, the HomePod. The company previously did so by default and offered no opt-out option. Read More »

Vos questions sur l'instruction obligatoire dès 3 ans — Ecole maternelle


Cette réforme va lui permettre de bénéficier de fonds publics, tant pour payer des enseignants de maternelles que pour l'entretien des locaux. Alain Bentolila, linguiste qui participera aux Assises, a indiqué au Figaro que pour si l'on ne souhaite pas que "le sort des enfants ne soit pas scellé à 6 ans, il faut remettre la maternelle au cœur de l'Éducation nationale". Read More »

Space station obliteration: Follow China's Tiangong-1 as it crashes to Earth


CORDS has zeroed in on early April 1 , while the United States military's Joint Space Operations Center predicts an earlier re-entry at 5:52 p.m. PT Saturday, March 31, with a margin of error of 14 hours. Tiangong-1 is roughly 9.4 tons (8.5 metric tons), which is nearly the same size as the Ukrainian Zenit rocket stage that re-entered our atmosphere over the Peru/Brazil border in January, McDowell said. Read More »

Apple's unveils its iPad with stylus support


In addition to boosted connectivity and a more powerful processor chip, the iPad will see a number of specially made educational apps. First, it confirms that the tablet market is not dead , contrary to what some analysts want to say, and second, that Apple still believes in it and backs it to the hilt. Read More »

US, China trade measures to threaten global economy


In response to Trump's announcement, China's embassy in the USA said , "China does not want a trade war with anyone". The move on tariffs is only the latest case of Trump undermining the WTO. Retaliation is standard protocol in a trade dispute. That leaves Beijing room to take more drastic steps. On intellectual property , China repeatedly failed to act on U.S. Read More »

Facebook eases access to privacy tools after criticism


From the new page, users can control the personal information the social network keeps on them , such as their political preferences or interests, and download and review a file of data Facebook has collected about them . The changes fall into three categories: "making data settings and tools easier to find", introducing a "new privacy shortcuts menu," and providing "tools to find, download, and delete your Facebook data". Read More »

China Urges US to 'Cease and Desist' Attacks on Trade Relations


For example, Chinese suppliers are important to the Open Compute Project that internet companies such as Facebook , Google, and Microsoft support to make servers and other data center equipment cheaper. economy, provoking retaliation; stifling United States agriculture, goods, and services exports; and raising costs for businesses and consumers". Retailers reacted swiftly to the news, saying that, ultimately, it's the American consumer who will bear the brunt of any trade war with China. Read More »

Uber Doesn't Plan To Renew Self-Driving Permit In California


But Ducey, in the 2016 event, sidestepped a question of whether he should be held personally responsible if someone is injured or killed in Arizona as a result of problems with one of these vehicles. Daisuke Wakabayashi has reported extensively on Uber and the self-driving vehicle industry for the The New York Times and he joined The Show to talk about the impact of Arizona's decision. Read More »

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S vs Mi Mix 2


Mi Mix 2S sports the metal frame and ceramic body design with slim bezels on the side and the top. Up front, the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S looks very similar to the Mi Mix 2 . Xiaomi also a wireless charger priced at just 99 RMB. Chinese tech giant Xiaomi has launched three new gadgets today at an event in its home country. Read More »

Huawei dévoile le P20 Pro, le P20 et le P20 Lite


Le géant chinois des télécoms Huawei espère renforcer en 2018 sa position de principal challenger sur le marché européen face au sud-coréen Samsung et à l'Américain Apple avec un tout nouveau smartphone haut de gamme résolument axé sur l'image et l'intelligence artificielle . Read More »

Cricket Australia Sends Smith, Warner and Bancroft Home, 'Significant Sanctions' Expected


Cameron Bancroft was caught attempting to tamper the ball during the Cape Town Test against South Africa but denied when questioned by the umpires. There has, as yet, been no talk of coach Lehmann being party to the ball-tampering plans, and he has not spoken publicly about the scandal. CA's integrity chief Iain Roy and team performance manager Pat Howard have arrived in South Africa and started their formal review of skipper Steve Smith's cheating confession that rocked world ... Read More »