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Trump budget to cut Medicaid, food stamps - put 'taxpayer first'

Harold Rogers, R-Ky. "America is over $20 trillion in debt, and I'm glad we now have a President who understands that we can't keep spending money we don't have". President Trump is calling for major cuts to Medicaid and food stamps - alongside increases for national and border security - as part of what administration officials call a "taxpayer-first budget" set to be released Tuesday. Read More »

Trump's $4.1T budget

Congress will weigh in on the budget in coming months and is likely to change it significantly as with past administrations. "I thought Mexico was going to pay for the wall, why is this in our budget?" People familiar with the plan were not authorized to discuss it by name and requested anonymity. Read More »

'Windows 10 is only OS safe from WannaCry', says Microsoft


Seoul internet security firm Hauri, known for its vast troves of data on Pyongyang's hacking activities, has been warning of ransomware attacks since past year. In the WannaCry attack, the hackers spread ransomware by using a stolen piece of malware, reportedly developed by the National Security Agency, to penetrate a vulnerability in the Microsoft Windows operating system , according to the Los Angeles Times. Read More »

Iraq says achieved OPEC oil cut share, ready to meet new demand

After a meeting with Mr. Khalid al-Falih in Baghdad, Iraqi oil minister Jabar Ali al-Luaibi said he supports the Saudi-Russia joint proposal to support the deal extension of another 9 months. WTI crude futures, on the other hand, rose above the $50 level to reach $50.65 having increased by 0.6% or 32 cents as well. At 0145 GMT futures of Brent crude had risen by 0.6%. Read More »

Wanakiwi tool decrypts WannaCry files across all Windows versions

Kaspersky Lab , a well-regarded cybersecurity firm, has released a new report which shows that WannaCry victims were mostly running Windows 7 . Encryption keys - including the one used by WannaCry to forcibly encrypt a victim's PC - are created by multiplying together two incredibly large prime numbers. Read More »

Blast at Ariana Grande concert in England kills 19 people


Bomb disposal units and emergency services are also reportedly responding to the 21,000-seat venue where the American singer was performing. A suicide bomber has killed 22 people, including children, as an explosion tore through fans leaving a pop concert in Manchester . Read More »

Destiny 2: See The First 4K PC Screenshots

For example, the Crucible is now 4v4 for all modes. Also new is Clan support offering features such as in-game rosters and custom banners. Players will fight aboard and against the Red Legion's fleet of ships and its seemingly innumerous armies, but they're not alone. Read More »

'Destiny 2′ on PC can be played at 4K and 60 fps


There were disappointed players for Destiny. Above: I'm gonna call my clan "Jeff Grubb is Stupid". No matter your feelings on the game, Destiny made a dent in the gaming landscape. well, the Moon. Blizzard released a FAQ on its website where they noted that the company is excited to work with Bungie to bring the PC version of Destiny 2 and that Bungie is actively working through the global details. Read More »

Here's The First Destiny 2 Gameplay Trailer

Destiny had a ton of hype in 2014. Destiny 2 makes a positive first impression on its big reveal. Unfortunately, it didn't really live up to its potential, at least at launch. Players will answer this call, embarking on a fresh story filled with new destinations around our solar system to explore, and an expansive amount of activities to discover. Read More »

Trump says he fired Comey because of Clinton investigation


But according to a person close to the White House, Rosenstein was upset about the narrative that emerged from the White House the evening of May 9. Lawmakers of both parties sought to question him about Trump's firing last week of FBI Director James Comey, which was followed by news that Trump had shared secrets with the Russians and tried to stop Comey from investigating former presidential adviser Michael Flynn. Read More »

Seoul, US willing to engage N. Korea in 'right conditions'


While we are not sure how, exactly, the South used THAAD to track the north's missile test, the accompanying X-band AN/TPY-2 radar may have played a role. If accurate, it would be the highest of any of North Korea's recent missile launches. The council expectedly may ask the North not to conduct any more nuclear tests and thus get more sanctions in return. Read More »

Is this Trump's Watergate?

One Republican lawmaker privately told a CNN reporter on Tuesday night that the reaction among his colleagues to the Comey news is "Wide-eyed". Traders expected Democrats to blast Trump for this latest revelation , Cashin said. Then came the Comey memo leak which has dragged him deeper into Russiagate. "It goes to his credibility", former Federal Bureau of Investigation official Lauren Anderson said of Comey's notetaking. Read More »

Destiny 2's Multiplayer Will Not Have Dedicated Servers

The company says this is all about getting Destiny 2 out to the world as quickly as possible. Other outlets also confirmed the news this morning. Meaning, there will be more to do in each map than Destiny . I really like this move, it shows Bungie is listening. Now many might say that this is typical for Blizzard since none of their games are on Steam either, but Destiny 2 isn't being developed by Blizzard... Read More »

Destiny 2 PC Launch Coming After Consoles


With the Traveller being ensnared and the Guardians losing their light, players will have to start from scratch and level up their classes once again. As announced at the end of the livestream, Destiny 2 will also be exclusive to Blizzard's platform, meaning it won't be available to buy through Steam or other marketplaces. Read More »

Destiny 2 delayed for PC

The first game had 3v3 and 6v6 PvP modes, but it comes as no big surprise to see the Halo creators go back to familiar grounds with the 4v4 battles. Do you think the extra features on PC are worth waiting for? We've already learned that the PC version of Destiny 2 won't launch at the same time the console version does in September, and now we've learned a bit more, including some good news. Read More »

Destiny 2 hasn't actually got a PC launch date yet

Prior to the event, Blizzard has already announced the game's release date which is scheduled on September 8. What's up with the story? In Destiny 2 , the Last City is attacked and occupied by the Cabal's Red Legion, led by Dominus Ghaul. Read More »

Destiny 2 Will Be Available on Battle.Net


The EDZ is where humanity chose to set up camp after the Cabal booted them out of the Tower. Update: The livestream has concluded, see below for a full summary. "In Destiny 2 her leadership will be needed more than ever in humanity's fight against Lord Ghaul and his Red Legion". None of those were on display today , though, so I can't speak to how they might change the experience. Read More »

Klopp primed to spend to bolster Liverpool


In an interview with The Times of London at Anfield on Thursday, Klopp spoke about his "privilege" in overseeing Liverpool's footballing fortunes, and his sense of responsibility for his legacy. "There is no other way to describe what is the most important Premier League fixture Liverpool have contested since challenging for the title in April 2014", he told the Daily Mail . Read More »

Major Worldwide Cyber Attack Spreads

South Korea: Only nine ransomware cases. Universities, with older systems, particularly badly hit. However, the fact that Indian banks are widely assumed to be running on less sophisticated systems than their global counterparts, makes it hard to believe. Read More »

Trump willing to try engagement with North Korea, on conditions: Seoul


The threat posed by North Korea's large military forces close to the border with South Korea, and the military's ability to bomb the nearby South Korean capital of Seoul , have been effective tools in convincing some past South Korean governments to provide economic and agricultural assistance to Pyongyang. Read More »

Conte Backs Cahill To Succeed Terry As Chelsea Captain


Clement said last month that he plans to see if Terry wants to continue playing, saying Swansea would be interested in signing the 36-year-old were they to stay in the Premier League. John Terry also scored in a rare start but two defensive lapses from the 22-year Chelsea man nearly allowed Watford to salvage a draw before Fabregas' late victor. Read More »

Microsoft to make security fixes available for older Windows systems

WannaCry and its variants like Wana-Crypt and Wanna Decryptor target computers that use Microsoft's Windows operating system. On Monday, Hitachi said an attack using the same type of ransomware caused a problem in its in-house system that hampered email communications, while the municipal government of Osaka said it was looking into the possibility of such an attack after its website was rendered inaccessible. Read More »

New Android emoji: how and where to get them now

It's clear from this that Google is yet again targeting developing markets with its new initiative. Google has come up with Google Assistant , Google Home, Google photos. It can't post to social networks like Twitter , and it can't take a selfie, or even send messages through third-party messaging apps. I use Siri hands-free, like checking a sports score, the weather, and maybe setting a timer or alarm. Read More »

Android O Developer Preview 2 Launched


To continue its growth in areas of poor connectivity, Android Go is a lightweight operating system aimed at low-priced devices in data-restricted environments. This new TPU chip effectively makes building AI on Google's platform incredibly fast and efficient, more so than with hardware and machine learning platforms used by competitors. Read More »

HTC officially unveils the U11 flagship smartphone


Further, HTC U 11 will feature a 5.5-inch display WQHD display with a resolution of 2560×1440 pixel. Its body comes with what the company calls a "liquid glass" design that's been refined from the HTC U Ultra and the HTC U Play. Also, in China HTC will be offering Baidu's DuerOS digital assistant. Interestingly, the U11 comes with a preinstalled Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa as well as the new HTC Sense Companion that debuted with the HTC U Ultra. Read More »

S'pore useful to Silk Road plan


What is clear is that we may be on the verge of a new world order with China as the global leader, although the success of the OBOR initiative and associated global economic agendas will be critical to the nation's ambitions to end USA hegemony in the 21st century. Read More »

Google I/O 2017: All Exciting Things You Need To Know


Android Go is destined for people who have access to limited data connectivity - something which has already been targeted with apps such as Facebook Lite. It can also recognize things like flower species and other objects. There are a couple of new additions rolling out with Google Play Protect in the coming weeks, however. Read More »

Microsoft Says Fighting Cyber Attacks Is A Team Effort

The hacking group that helped enable last week's global ransomware attack is threatening to make public even more computer vulnerabilities in the coming weeks - including "compromised network data" pertaining to the nuclear missile programs of China, Iran, Russia and North Korea, as well as secret exploits affecting Windows 10, which is run by millions of computers around the world. Read More »

Frenchman claims cure for WannaCry-infected computers

Still, he said, "Microsoft needs to admit that the 20th century is over, it's a much more hostile environment, and that hobbling the NSA won't make us any safer". Yet tens of thousands of computers weren't updated, allowing the malware to spread. In a statement, the central bank said the consequences of the hacking attack - which it did not detail - had been dealt with quickly. Read More »